Monday, 31 December 2007

Expelled for exercising his right to free speech!

Mick Simpson (Leeds Branch) has asked me to pass on the following message. As you read it bear in mind that Mick is not only a nationalist of twenty years standing but he was also a member of BNP Security team protecting Nick Griffin and others for some time.

Having spoken out verbally against the top table at the recent ‘Griffin gang road show’ meeting in Leeds he has now received a letter stating that he has been 'expelled' from the party.

Mick told me that he would gladly have taken a bullet for
Nick Griffin, as he was proud to be part of the team looking after him. However, he is now angry and disappointed at the way he has been treated. He has been expelled just for exercising his right to 'free speech' within the party at a meeting that was supposed to be about being honest. His expulsion stinks, as surely this party, if no other, is supposed to defend 'free speech' not expel those who practice it.

There are rumours others who have spoken up for the BNP loyalists at meetings have also received letters expelling them too. If that is the case, please let Kenny or Sadie know about your ill treatment.

It now appears that if you speak against 'any' party official or party decision at internal party
meetings you are to be expelled for daring to do so. This is totally wrong. The BNP should be better than that, should we not? We are different to the other parties, we have nothing to fear from debate or have we?

To cap it all, Mick has this morning received a begging letter for cash for party funds, which
really rubbed salt into the wounds.

Tom Linden


Final Conflict said...

Are Freedom and Democracy two of the BNP's slogans?

Anonymous said...

Being expelled from the party is a very different matter to being excluded from holding a position within the party. Mick Simpson can now run rings around the party if he gets some fair legal advice - or he has a good legal brain himself. First - put in an appeal as allowed for in the party constitution. I don't know the constitution - but if, amazingly, an appeal is not allowed for then the party would be already in deep trouble and had better allow one anyway. Alongside that - get them to put in writing what the reasons are for the dismissal - asking them to quote the constitutional or rule book references and how any behaviour by the expellee (is that the right word??) breached that rule(s). If they don't say very much keep asking for "further and better particulars". Get a date for a hearing. Make sure the Constitutional processes for the appeal are followed completely. In some ways it doesn't matter if these rules are not adequate because a court of law would demand that the rules be reasonable. I'm not a lawyer but to me it already seems the party have breached the rules of "reasonableness" by not first initiating a hearing at which the accused member was "reasonably" able to defend himself against any allegation. Maybe I don't have a full grasp of what has gone on so far?

I could go on - ie, about who will be sitting on the Appeals committee, etc. - but I'm sure you get the picture!

Is this Lee Barnes guy still advising the party? He'd better brush up on the law around this!

tonydj said...

The BNP chairman is making an issue of the fact that "someone" has provided membership details to Simon Shepherd so that he can send his propaganda to BNP members.

I received a package today (31st December). How did Nick know about this in sufficient time to post his comments on the web today? He must have known about the mailing BEFORE some (all) were delivered.

FACT Simon Shepherd was prosecuted in 2000 for distribution of literature judged illegal under The Race Laws.

David Hannam was prosecuted with him.

Now, who DID provide the addresses?

Anonymous said...

Rubbish, total rubbish, everyone in Yorkshire knows Simpson was dodgy from the word go. Not a Red but a sleazy git.

Whats more you scumbags who do not know the meaning of the words "loyalty", "honour" and "obedience" have no hope of getting your jobs back, traitors will be sniffed out and expelled and publicaly ridiculed for being traitors. That is what justice means, dealing with scum, scum who dont know a thing about morality and the rule of law, just think they can win by rule of the mob. There is no place for the mob in the BNP, just the unquestionable loyalty to the elected Leader.

The fact that you are not happy with the brilliant Nick Griffin as Leader then come on down you festering pustules of left wing, neo nazi filth, yes come on down...which one of you will dare challenge the divine right of Nick Griffin to rule. You Shady Graham and your pretend mother to be? You Matt Single and your fake firearms raid? You Schemy Blake and your hacks into the BNP server? You Fatty, Irn Brue Smith and your Highland Warriors? You Dawson and your thieving cattle stealing ancestors?

You are all muelling scum, isolated and weak. You are nothing without the rule of law and the obedience to the Party constitution and the Leader.

I know every one of you scum traitors and when I tell everyone the Vancouver connection you will be hung, drawn and quartered. When you worms are living in Salvation Army hostels im going to be dining on free range organic vegetables content that you muelling scum will be forced to eat whatever the screws serve up.

You bastards, you liars and you schemed to cut me out of the loop but how does it feel, when you arent in the loop anymore and I am and I get to read your personal files on your computer......

You are just pustles of teenage hormones, you are liars and insignificant just plain stupid idealistic reprobates. Shame on you all but 110% support, 120% support to the ONLY person to lead people to victory, that's Nick Griffin.

Support him or sod off you rebel scumbag....


Anonymous said...

Legal Chaffinch, you know NOTHING!

Mick Simpson is a TRUE Nationalist always has been always will be, This man has helped me a great deal whilst I was on Council, making sure I got there OK without RED'S attacking me on his own!!! where were you cowards eh?? so how dare you call him sleezy, this man WOULD have taken his OWN life for Griffin as he had proved while being his security.

This man has given 20 years service to the cause and I have known him for 4 years he has MANY MANY good friends in and out of Nationalism.

How long have you done? How red's have you faced?

People like you make me wanna VOMIT! crawl back under your rock you cretin.

Anonymous said...

Sadie & Kenny are totaly correct about the incompitence in the BNP, many menbers recieved a begging letter for funds before Christmas, this was followed by a 2nd letter, yellow one, & a 3rd one, surely one would have been enough? sending aditional letters to members is wasting valuble party funds, if everyone in the party got a 3rd letter, this alone with printing costs & postage will run into thousands of pounds of members money, while Nick is a good leader his henchmen need removing not the real natinonalists,

Anonymous said...

Angie, if you want to vomit stop drinking, it does your health & reputation no good :-)

Anonymous said...

I too have had these paper what a SET UP!!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Lee Barnes should be moderated off this forum in the same way he does to anyone who asks straight forward questions on the Forum or his own crap blog.

He has no idea how to talk without abusing and doesn't put up any argument.

Vancouver? if he has something to say, why not say it and show us some evidence then maybe the BNP wouldn't be losing members at a rate of knots.

Anonymous said...

Oh I did I took to Martial Arts so if you would like to knock on my door the invitation is there!


Anonymous said...

Legal Chaffinch you are one of the reasons why I am supporting Enough is Enough Nick. Your threatening , offensive and abusive post shows you to be a person who is unable to engage in mature debate. “ The only person to lead people to victory is Nick Griffin” is a misguided viewpoint. Nationalism has to move away from the cult of personality. It has shown to be a flawed policy.

Anonymous said...

I really have to say - thanks for not moderating LJB's (Legal Chaffinch) contribution. Wonderful!! Gave me the best laugh I've had in long while!! :-) :-)

I'm still smiling! I can't believe that man has been advising the Nation's forth largest political party. Duh!!

Anonymous said...

Griffin's put up a new article for the New Year on the main website - I think you'll do yourselves some damage if you don't respond to the lies point by point. He's obviously realised his appeal is to those in the party who don't know any better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but anyone who believes that rant really was from Lee Barns is seriously deluded. It is the work of some Red loser - believe me. Don't take the bait.

Incidentally, what on earth was NG thinking of when he wrote his new years message – crazy!

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Nazi, legal chaffinch - are you strutting around with your right arm at 45 degrees? " I must leek the arsch of ze boz, mein freund " - truly the writings of a demented one. In someone else's words - " The devil damn thee black, thou cream-faced loon! "

Anonymous said...

The comments on here are getting as abusive and silly as most of those on Lancaster UAF. This is going to get us nowhere. Was the legal chaffinch comment really from Lee Barnes? He hasn't posted on his own blog since 24 December and he is normally so prolific. Let's resolve to be more constructive in 2008 or we will lose everything and Nick Griffin will triumph.

A happy new year to all, especially Mhairi.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Barnes. You need to wash your mouth out. Your God, Nicholas Griffin is nothing more than an educated rambling MEGLOMANIAC. You have drunk in his desperate ramblings and conspiracy theories against good honest men and women who have done no more than to question his judgements. It has done you no good Mr.Barnes, you must cease your blind worship of him and not rampantly echo his idiotic obsessions in such a manic manner. Stop, smell the flowers, breathe deeply and try to get some pleasure in your life. You are going to get sicker and sicker if you don't.

Anonymous said...

I am a recently retired Headmistress and would class myself as a fairly well educated and well travelled lady. I have read the latest post by Lee Barnes and on the BNP site from Mr. Griffin. The contents of both these articles can only be described as desperate rambling rubbish. I felt so annoyed that I looked for a stronger word in my Collins thesaurus and there it was.
BOLLOCKS total BOLLOCKS. Please excuse my little outbust but I feel a lot better now. You may think most people in education are left wing. Don't be so sure.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Nick Giffin is still going on about everyone being reds, neo-nazis and infiltraters, what is this man on, he has surely lost it. And as for Lee Barnes 'The Legal Bluebottle' I wont say a word, we need some light hearted entertainment on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Lee, you have to earn loyalty and respect, you can't demand it. Over the last couple of years Nick has done neither. In this latest episode he has proved himself a despotic maniac of gigantic proportions. I've tried to remain loyal but now I'm switching camps because if I speak my mind I'll be expelled anyway.


Someone should have bought Lee a fluffy duster for Christmas, he's just hit the ceiling and he could have cleared the cobwebs while he was up there.

Anonymous said...

By Lee Barnes' reckoning Sadie is not pregnant and the police raid never took place Hmmm. I tell you what did happen, Martians came down and abducted Lee and they implanted a tiny device(it had to be tiny to get it into his brain) in his head which, from time to time give him cronic verbal diarrhoea. These bouts have become more freaquent of late and have come to a head like a big boil. The medical profession are afraid to lance it for fear of him losing what little brain he has got.

Anonymous said...

just read griffins contributions to a happy new year. clutching at straws comes to mind, can't he do better than that. one thing i did notice, he's is the only face at the top of the page. i'm in charge.

Anonymous said...

Before you get worked up over the comments of the Legal Chaffinch place your tongue firmly in your cheek and laugh at the clever word play as Mr. Barnes was the self-proclaimed Legal Eagle..yes now you get it !

Anonymous said...

Well said Pauline! I am a teacher, out of the government control for some time now, basically because of left wing controls! They wouldn't have me in mainstream anyway!
I am ex BNP security because of similar shinagines 2 years ago. My partner has recently been expelled exercising his right to freedom of speech! I support him 120% and all those that have been persecuted in recent and past times.
So all people please take note, not all teachers are left wing!

Anonymous said...

Calm down everyone. The post that you all thought came from Lee Barnes was almost certainly a spoof. Given Lee's ego do you really think that he would post under the name of 'legal chaffinch'. Come on --grow up. I don't know LB but he is probilly a plonker from what I read. The post was almost certainly an exercise in humour--enjoy it as such. It made me laugh. Seriously it is very important that while we can quietly enjoy the humour of postings such as those of 'legal chaffinch' we have a very real and serious problem that must be dealt with in a professional manor. This blog is being read by thousends of people and that makes each poster a prepresentative of the BNP. So please think before your type.

Anonymous said...

The lunatic Barnes has taken over what remains of the BNP asylum. His pseudo-intellectual rantings make him look and sound like a complete idiot. I don't want to be in a party with a "man" like that.

Meanwhile, confusion reigns where clarity is required. Firstly, are we realistically of the belief that we can "outfox" or outmaneuver the cunning Nick Griffin and his team? This is their career, their job, their nice little earner. They run the party for themselves and it worries me that Nationalists can't see that!

Talk of "legal challenges" to removals and bannings are, in my view, a lot of hot air and a complete waste of time BECAUSE THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE.

You cannot wrest control from the controllers within the BNP and it is quite likely that any state action will be used to maintain the Griffin faction's control!!! Because under the Griffin faction's control the BNP is, fundamentally and utterly, unelectable.

Is it realistic to presume that a rebellion can go much further beyond exposing serious misdoings, corruption and arguable criminality?

There is no pot of gold at the end of this BNP rainbow because Collett, Griffin et al aren't going anytime soon more's the pity.

SO....British Democratic Party? A new start, a new broom, a new model army? I think so. I really do. And the BDP Mark 1 was an East Midlands breakaway from the nutters within the movement back then. The party was temporarily successful but was targetted by Searchlight via Ray Hill. I do wish we could get our history correct!!

So, BDP...let's do it.....

Happy New Year friends.

Anonymous said...

One of these days the likes of barnes will regret having supported the likes of nick grifin when his loyalty is not repaid.

nick griffin cares only about nick griffin.

Anonymous said...

Barnes, Collett and Barnes all require emergency lobotomies to save the bnp from rapid anhilation.

Anonymous said...

If that Lee Barnes rant wasn't from Lee Barnes - as Tameside Observer says - then I owe Lee Barnes an apology which I unreservedly give.

If it was from Lee Barnes - then he's everything I and others are sayinghe is.

Perhaps he'd find some way of letting me know?

Whiteknight said...

Angie you are right, Mick I have known you for some years and count you as a true friend and a true nationalist, you can hold you head high mate

Anonymous said...

Today is the start of a new beginning.
No longer a member of the Griffin fan club, I can do as I please and say what I like.
Only one problem, what do I tell the electorate who voted me onto council?
Shall I tell them I was expelled for resigning by organisers post or that I resigned for not agreeing with the way the party is run?
Shall I tell them that the money we raise in our noble cause has a habit of disappearing into thin (Welsh) air or that certain people in the party see Hitler worship as either funny or controversial enough to get them the publicity they crave?
Shall I tell them I don't like the way loyal members are bullied and threatened or have their names tarnished by unsubstantiated lies and slander?
Shall I not say anything and just carry on being a nationalist independent?
But what about the voters who thought the BNP was worth backing and now appears to be just as bad and corrupt as the other parties?

Nobody told me there'd be days like these!

Anonymous said...

The BNP is dead. Long live British Nationalism! Time to move forward with a new venture and leave the rotten BNP flesh to feed the maggots!

Anonymous said...

'British Democratic Party?''

Err, no. Any name with British in immediatley costs you votes in the so called 'Celtic fringe' And 'British' is not so popular these days in England either.

And any name that can be abreviated into initials just becomes easy graffiti for the brain dead.

Anonymous said...

Although Griffin is trying to make out that we're the "hardliners" it's his mate Green Arrow who has the 14 words plastered over his blog.

Dr Chris Hill said...

There is no option now, if we to save our nation from extinction, other than a victory by the modernisers. I’m also now sure that the party that emerges will be: stronger, more democratic, and more electable than any of us ever thought possible. If to achieve that victory Nick Griffin has to be brought to the negotiating table in handcuffs, that will be his chose. Sadie has the power and must use it if it becomes necessary.

Removing mark Collett will rid us, once and for all, of the Collett millstone, which has hug around the neck of every BNP candidate in the last 5 years. It will also remove the last remaining stigma to membership, allowing many more good people to join our struggle.

Win we must, and win we will.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

The whole point about these mailings, allegedly from S Shepherd, is very simple. Not only did NG know about them at a very early stage, when he was putting together his New Year message but the recipients appear to have been very carefully targeted. So far, as far as I know, most members in Bradford have not received these hatemails. Dr J Lewthwaite (who has signed the five points on this site) received one as did an ordinary member who I will not name. The ordinary member is a friend of Jim Lewthwaite and both have been regularly targetted by a local Councillor who is a friend of NG and M Collett. Even more interestingly Angela Clarke also recieved one of these mailings along with Mick Simpson. It is not a case of a nutter in Hull getting hold of a party membership list because Angela has not been on a list and has not received any Party mailings for some months. Angela has been targeted as she is also loathed by the same councillor along with Griffin (who attacked her on his website the other week) and Collett who stayed in her house for some weeks the other year, insulted her and didn't even make a donation towards the housekeeping costs he caused her. Either S Shepherd has been given a list of targets to mail too or someone has just copied some of his leaflets and is posting them out. He might be as baffled about this as we are

Ivan The Terrible from Bradford

Anonymous said...

The majority of those that post on EIE are informed enough to know what is going on and that those wronged against are Kenny, Sadie etc.

The question to be asked is what proportion of the party actually know what is going on. I suspect there is a majority that do not know and still consider NG to be the messiah and that is why he appears so confident.

The more I see what is happening here and on the main web-site the more unhappy I become with the BNP "leadership". The positions of NG, Collett, Hannam, Walker and Lee Barnes are untenable. The only way this party is going to move forward, rather than cruising along as it has for the last couple of years, is for a complete change at the top.

What are the rules for a leadership challenge and will there be any worthies left who are in a position to make a challenge?

Such a proposition would be extremely interesting to say the least!

Anonymous said...

Now is time for reflection, taking stock of the current situation and moving forward in a concise and controlled way to the benefit of the Party.
Firstly, a bit about myself. I am 61 years of age, married with 2 grown up children and own a small telecomms business. I have been a party member for several years and was the South East Regional Organiser until I recently resigned this post.
When I joined the BNP I made no secret of this to my friends and colleagues. Many threw their hands up in horror as if I had taken leave of my senses and there were even mutterings in my Lodge that I should resign. However, people that knew me realised that I do not make rash judgements and were quite willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. Over the years, and with what has happened politically, my friends have come to realise that I made the correct decision and a few have joined the Party. Many others give their tacit support but cannot join because they consider it a step too far and are reluctant to face any opprobrium. They realise that the vast majority of the BNP are ordinary people and have the same concerns as themselves but on a professional basis they simply consider that we have too much baggage to become a member and that we are not well enough organised.( This I fear is what is holding us back from taking Middle England votes) I have done my best to counter these arguements but was finding myself increasingly frustrated by several factors. Firstly, although we promote freedom of speech, I found that whenever I spoke to Nick about party business or strategy he always replied in the first person singular! Secondly I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the incompetence of the Treasury Department plus a lack of transparency with our funds. I also had concerns over Mark Collett and found the Advisory Council Meetings nothing more than a talking shop.(No doubt the "Central Management Team" will find themselves equally ineffectual)
To my delight, I found others, more senior, within the Party who had had the same concerns for considerably longer than myself, which they had also conveyed to Nick but to no avail.
These are all well documented and thus I need not recount them again. However, my awakening came at the Blackpool Conference when, in conjunction with Sadie, Kenny and Steve we had a "private" meeting with Nick to resolve the situation of Ian Dawson being barred from the Conference plus the aforementioned issues.
In my business and social life I have been in some involved and highly charged meetings but this was the first time where I have ever seen such truculence and a total disregard of the opposing viewpoint despite our protestations of loyalty.
I knew then that there were going to be major problems!
Moving forward, where are we?
Firstly it is quite clear that there is now no room for compromise.
The Party is in disarray at the top.
It is effectively bankrupt and yet we have had these appeal letters being sent out at a huge cost. We have Nick Griffin telling us on the BNP web site that we are neo Nazis, (as did his poodle, Simon Darby, on News Night) and that there is now a "mopping up" operation going on as the "revolt" is over. We have had any number of well documented illegal acts perpetrated by the hierarchy and, with this South African "Security Department" in a position of power the whole ethos of an open and responsible political party has been lost.( This had already been lost to a degree by Nick Griffin calling those who voted against him "vermin" - what epithets are comming our way I wonder?)
All of this can be firmly laid at the door of one person - Nick Griffin.
What then is the way forward?
Firstly, we have to communicate,via mail, in a factual and non judgemental manner, the precise happenings and how and why they have come about to all our members. (This is of major importance as I know some of the Organisers in the South East are deliberately witholding information from members)
We then need to promulgate our proposals for moving the Party forward and making it electable.
Firstly we get rid of the baggage.
This will then generate donations from those presently holding back, which will enable us to build an infrastructure which is fair, democratic and, above all open and accountable to its members. (I have a close personal friend who, being a Chartered Accountant, offered his services to the Party for a nominal remuneration which was rejected out of hand.)
There are many more of these able and Professionally qualified people who will willingly work to promote a Party dedicated to preserving the culture and heritage of this land for their children, grandchildren and generations yet to come.
We seperate the Political from the Executive and, without going into detail, we set up an infrastructure capable of winning us seats. We have "shadow spoksmen/women", experts in their subjects, who are quoted in and by the press and we move away from one person speaking on every subject.
We are also unique in that we have Members from every part of the political spectrum and if we can build on this we will be in a position to influence decisions made at the highest level and, take power before time runs out and this Island, our homeland, is reduced to a lawless, third world wasteland where Sharia Law, the gun and the bomb takes precedence over all that we hold dear and our decendants are strangers in their own land.

Anonymous said...

Did Martin Reynold's leave behind the membership list not so long ago in someone's house? Im sure he did!

Anonymous said...

Forget Sharia law. If Griffin was prime minister, it would be backs to the wall for the so-called plotters, and a swift firing squad.

Anonymous said...

Well said Roger (Robertson).

When he said:
" ...We (should) have "shadow spoksmen/women", experts in their subjects, who are quoted in and by the press and we move away from one person speaking on every subject...", I totally agree. Indeed I wrote to Nick Griffin privately a few months ago making this very point. However it should be clear that any such spokesmen or spokeswomen should always speak on behalf of the party, ie. the party's 'cabinet', otherwise there is a danger that personal views would prevail. One of the most significant factors in the decline of our country is what I believe is the undue influence of tiny, self-appointed and unrepresentative pressure groups today. With so many intellectual Pigmys for politicians these days, who are easily influenced, that influence is all the more powerful.

There's nothing wrong with trying to influence party policy, within the party, openly and democratically, but we must avoid personal views being expressed as if they were party policy, however important the positions of the individuals concerned. That should apply to the BNP, or its replacement it it sadly proves necessary.

Peter Phillips

Anonymous said...

good post from roger robertson.many groups and branches have seen poor organisers over the last few years and when good hardworking idealistic new members come on board they seem to see them as a threat.i have seen many people come and go because of bad organisation from the organiser,many of these people were good enough to stand for MP'S let alone friend had a letter to an address he left 18 months ago but his membership bulletin goes to his new address ?(obviously the organiser hadn't sent out any local news for that long and he was just using an old mailing list)in one case our organiser rang about a meeting at quite short notice,those that did turn up were told by staff at the venue it was booked for the week before ? Incompetance has been setting in for a while and i thought mr griffin should have by now noticed this.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Dear Roger,

I have copied your excellent posting onto my Lancaster blog. I hope you don't mind.

I think it puts the current situation in a very clear prospective, and the solutions you suggest are spot on.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Great post Roger. This confirms something I was told by Sadie and I now know who's telling the truth, Sadie, without doubt.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

The opponents of our movement have really done a number on us this time. It would be prudent to remind some of the younger and newer people to our cause of the lessons of the past.

I am old enough to remember the 1970’s, a labour Government & economy in ruins, a weak opposition and a growing support for the seeming unstoppable National Front. I also remember the infiltration by the state apparatus of the NF and subsequent decimation of the Front leading to its decline and virtual irrelevance today.

The documented use of state security services namely MI5 to infiltrate and destroy a legal & lawful party from within was; apart from exposing the sham of the democratic process in Britain was also a demonstration of the lengths the state would go to to protect their grip on the country. To those in the movement at the time that it obvious it was happening but we as ordinary members were incapable of doing anything about it, people were being manipulated to act against the greater good, for their own self interest. We were being set up for a fall by covert forces and all we could do as a movement was walk over the cliff like Lemmings.

The most effective weapon our opponents used against us was not the left our traditional enemies, they had lost the argument; it was ourselves. Our enemies laid traps to set members against each other, against their fellow Patriots, accusations, misinformation, recriminations; the deliberate fermentation of factional infighting and division soon ensued, others took advantage of the situation for the own gain, members lists were copied and eventually lead to the formation of small break away albeit short lived parties being formed.

This inevitably lead to implosion and a 20-year hibernation for us as nationalists throughout the Thatcher and Nu labour years until the emergence of the Nu BNP under the stewardship of the present leader.

And does this have any resonances today? Is it any coincidence do you think that with the Labour party now in some disarray, the economy forecasted to go belly up this year, the Tories are a non entity, that several crucial elections are imminent, that Britain is suffering with all it’s present woes and all just at the time when there’s a real prospect of the BNP making serious breakthroughs into mainstream politics, (a prospect that we could up until now have only have dreamed about) that we seem to have seemingly identical events happening in the BNP as happened to the NF in the 70’s history repeating it’s self, or just coincidence? I don’t think so.

A few years ago this whole episode was parodied in the BBC drama programme ‘Spooks’ with the obvious allusion to the present day BNP, Art mirroring Fact or the other way round, “in order to preserve democracy we have to subvert it” was their justification.

Today those people that cannot see the mistakes of the past and so obviously can’t see the bigger picture are distained to repeat the same mistakes; only this time round the cost isn’t going to be just 20 years in the wilderness it’s going to be much bigger than they can ever comprehend.

Anonymous said...

You make some good points 'Anon' but do remember that it was N. Griffin who set this one off! Should be N. Griffin who could stop it too?

Anonymous said...

It must be remebered how this all started. A blog with the intention of ousting Collett. Then all hell breaks loose thanks to Griffin. So who's been planted where, by who, to do what? All I can see is Griffin messing up years of hard work.

Anonymous said...

I think N. Griffin works for the state this is the second party that he has split in this way NF in 1986

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think N. Griffin works for the state this is the second party that he has split in this way NF in 1986

I'll ask that question again. 'WHAT HAS COLLETT GOT ON GRIFFIN'

Anonymous said...

I've just come across the most hypocritical nick griffin photo ever:)

Haven't stopped laughing!

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes is a very sick individual. He should be treated as the freak he is. No surprise that he is one of Griffin's best mates. What a pair of total ba***rds.

Anonymous said...

Like The Roman why are all the links on your blog from the pro-Griffin side?