Friday, 21 December 2007

Excalibur statement from Nicholla

Many people have now contacted this blog to enquire about orders that they have placed with Excalibur and have not yet received.

I think it only fair to give them an answer and will do so via this blog:

Orders not dispatched

All orders that I received on or before the 6th December have been processed as long as payment was cleared. These orders are fully logged in Excalibur's electronic book-keeping system and backed up by paper work.

Once these orders were processed they were sent by e-mail to the dispatch department aka Arthur Kemp to be sent out.

I still have the e-mails I sent Arthur with the attached order lists as proof that this is the case. Further more, many customers will confirm that they have been cc’d into e-mails that I have sent Arthur, only for them to e-mail me back saying that they have still not received their orders or that Arthur has not even had the decency to respond to them. Customers can also vouch for the fact that I have been able to provide them with sales reference numbers, dates of processing and dates that I have e-mailed Arthur their order when they complain and I had difficulty following these complaints through as Arthur was not always responding to my emails or answering my telephone calls.

I had forwarded the Christmas card and St. George item orders onto the St. George Society as they were dispatching these items directly and I have since had calls from customers thanking me and saying that they have received this part of their order but nothing from Excalibur. A big thank you to the good people at the St. George's Society for their support on this.

I would also like to add that this has been ongoing for several months now with Arthur saying that he was too busy speaking at various locations around the country to get to the unit to do the dispatch on a regular basis. I now firmly believe that this has been a deliberate sabotage attempt on the Excalibur operation to blacken my name in order to help faciliate my sacking as the Griffin cabal went for Kenny and Sadie.

I would dearly love to be able to assist further in resolving this situation quickly for all Excalibur's customers, but I have been advised by my legal team not to access the Excalibur books at present.

I am of the understanding that since my illegal sacking Arthur Kemp has taken over the role of managing the Excalibur operation - as well as a few other roles - and I would advise people to contact the BNP enquiry line: 08707 515277 to find out what has happened to their orders and if Arthur Kemp will now honour these bought and paid for orders.

Nicholla Smith


Anonymous said...

The party accounts are now available to view on line.

Look at page 10...the sub-title is wrong ( I don't somehow think the security department is responsible for the membership side of stuff)..and we pay auditors to check this stuff???

seems it would be worth while looking at the EC pages to see if they have had the same thing submitted - what a gaffe!

Anonymous said...

Well said Nicholla. Your handling of my recent concern about items ordered and paid for but not received was professional and courteous. Now I know the facts and Im sorry I doubted you.

best of luck with the little one.

Mary G.

Anonymous said...

A full and complete explanation and, unlike the one put out by official BNP, both truthful and believable.

Anonymous said...

Notice in the Chairman's Introduction to the Statement of Accounts, Nick Griffin refers to the "Leadership Principle". For those unaware, this term was introduced into the English language as a translation of F├╝hrerprinzip used by the Nazis:

and they have the cheek to call you Nazis!

Anonymous said...

Well done Nicholla! take no notice of them trying to blacken your name.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens.

Kemp is very dodgy, so is his countryman.

Darby doesn't know the difference between a Red and a Nazi.

None of them have any idea of what honesty and truth

My money isn't going into their pension funds anymore.

One fine upstanding individual could sweep to power in this country with money and support.
One brings the other.

Griffin will never achieve that so another twenty years with a fresh start would be worthwhile.

Who will rise to the challenge?

Anonymous said...

Also the excalibur stock valuations have been lowered on the party site sure there are lots of changes and people will no doubt pick the bones out the changes over the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Brill post Nicholla, the liers will be shown up soon as the real evidence has yet to be used, look at how they fumble around like schoolboys and their first encounter with a Schoolgirls bra (Well maybe not Collet)trying to make up smears and lies. They are so thick they dont realise that it is making them look more and more stupid.
next day delivery from Aberdeen coming.

Anonymous said...

There will inevitably be a lull over Christmas, but you must keep things ticking over even during that period, with daily postings etc. Then go into the New Year at a gallop. Don’t give Nick time to recover.

Almost the whole party is with you.

Anonymous said...

I thought that I'd send an email to Nick telling him to sort this mess out, as a can't bear to see the party being split apart.
Whats his email address?

Anonymous said...

I have just talked to a friend who says she’s been told that a meeting in Leeds on Monday night came out firmly in your favour. Why then has there been no mention of it on this blog.

It does seem almost everyone is on your side, but for some reason you don’t want people to know this. Why for God sake!

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up Nicholla. I am one of those you talk about hear who has been ignored by Arthur Kemp despite e-mails and calls from you and me. It definitely seems like he was trying to do you down. The idiot didn't even stop to consider the damage he was doing to Excalibur's main customer base i.e. the BNP membership. I might not have got my order but I'll be sending you a donation for the Family Defence Appeal just to stick two fingers up to the rat Kemp.

Anonymous said...

don't worry Nicholla - people trust you. It's an old, tired and worn tactic to paint decent people as either thieves or inept.

Excalibur customers may find it more of a concern that their personal details are being passed through the hands of a [former?!] Spook.

I sure as hell won't touch Excalibur again.

Anonymous said...

Nicholla, I haven't had much opportunity to get to know you personally but, any time I have had contact with you, you have been friendly and professional.

I can remember when you first joined the party and the discrimination you suffered by losing your job simply for being a BNP member and speaking out about genuine community concerns.

I was also at a guy fawkes party along with Kenny and other BNP members where Nick Griffin had sung your praises for being such a brave lass and standing up for what was right in the face of adversity.

God only knows how you feel now that the same man who sang your praises has done exactly to you what your former employers had done a few years ago and sacked you for being outspoken.

Anonymous said...

That's the second time in three years Nicholla has been sacked just before Christmas. The first time for leading an anti-paedophile campaign in Bathgate. The Sunday Mail ran a story highlighting she was a BNP official and her work sacked her illegally. This year she's been sacked by the same BNP she worked so hard for because her husband spoke out against two scumbags (Hannam and Collett) who attempted to engage in paedophile activity.

Anonymous said...

Have a great Chistmas and I hope you'll all be back in your jobs very soon in the New Year.

The BNP can do without Griffin and his mate Collett, but we need people like Sadie Kenny and Ian.

Anonymous said...

Please don't listen to people who say you were sacked by the BNP, you weren't. Nick Griffin sacked you for his own personal reasons, support for you among BNP members is very strongly.

Anonymous said...

Great post Nicholla. Anybody who knows you and has worked with you knows you are a hardworking, honest person who has made huge personnel sacrifices for the BNP while many others would have given up long ago. The lies, accusations and mud slinging coming from mr griffins lackeys reeks of desperation. Neo-nazis, searchlight moles, left-wing infiltrators, state operatives. it is laughable. Nicholla, Kenny, Sadie, steve, matt, Ian etc great people who have worked tirelessly to promote and better OUR party, yes it is ours, not mr griffins personnel plaything. Stay strong, change is needed and things will get worse before they get better and we need you guys to be there to make it better.
Sammy Shaw

Anonymous said...

I ordered two packs of Christmas cards from you the week that this thing happened. Your successor has so far not sent them. As it is now the Saturday before Christmas, I wonder should they arrive soon, if there will be time to post them out? Hurry back Nicholla, we need you.

Happy Christmas to you and Kenny, and all the readers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Excalibur came to Arthur in days of old and he united the people!
Excalibur was taken by Arthur Kemp today and he divided the members!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your honest explanation of the current situation regarding excalibur orders not delivered. Much appreciated and the only explanation I have managed to find on the web. I placed an order almost 10 weeks ago and have not received the goods or any reply from excalibur or BNP to correspondence regarding it. Shame on the BNP leadership for allowing this mess to split and con money from proud patriots who placed orders in good faith.