Sunday, 23 December 2007

Dubious receipts

Thanks to our friend who demonstrated yesterday how easy it would be for some South African flatfoot spook to alter the user identity and registration on a stolen personal computer, in an attempt to con people into believing that they were right to enter a home by deception and remove it while the owner was away, we now have another picture for you to mull over.

This picture shows the same jpg image as displayed on the BNP website, but in light of the date anomaly highlighted yesterday, our friend suggests there may have been an alternative end user!


Anonymous said...

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Nothing that the Griffin cabal has presented as evidence would stand up in a court of law. Tenner on its way to help get these crooks banged to rights. They cant go around falsifying evidence without serious consequences. The voters will not trust the BNP while Griffin and his liars, thugs and spooks are in charge.

Anonymous said...

Agree Bromleyboy. Nothing they have put up excuses the fact they bugged Sadie, entered her home by deception and stole the computer there. Even if it was a BNP computer (which it doesn't appear to be) they cannot just enter her house while she is away and take it without her consent.
There are proper ways to do things and Griffin's mob just don't think the law applies to them. I hope the Police arrest every one of the 5 thieves and Griffin himself for ordering it.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is using smoke and mirrors to mask their illegal bugging and raid at Sadie's. Anybody can produce fake jpeg images as your friend proves. Griffin must be desperate if that's the best they can do against you all.

Anonymous said...

I’m very afraid Martin Reynolds, and his team, will be left out in the cold to take the rap alone. Griffins line will be: I did send members of the security dept to retrieve BNP equipment from Ms Graham, but I did not authorise any illegal act. “I told Martin Reynolds to ascertain from Ms Graham exactly what equipment is owned by the party and ask for its return, but I did not tell anyone to break the law."

Let’s hope Martin sees this and turns Queens evidence against Nick.

Best of luck to you all, the party will be stronger for you victory.

Anonymous said...

A Video Christmas message, from Sadie, on this blog would be nice.

Why let the Collett camp get all the attention.

I will not rejoin until Collett is history. £10 cheque will be in the post tommorrow.

Anonymous said...

Queens Evidence! That's a Mark Collett phrase!

Anonymous said...

It’s becoming clear now that this is a straight forward fight for who controls the British National Party, Mark Collett or it’s grassroots party membership.

Anonymous said...

Practically everyone I've spoken to sees you're in the right here. You have to ask why can't Griffin see it.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Griffin is treating the rank and file members of this party as mugs. Any of us who have experienced what goes on behind he scenes knows exactly who is right and who is wrong in all of this. Griffin should do the honourable thing, this country and the BNP is more important than Griffin.

Those behind EIE are the good guys in all of this, Griffin is playing directly into the hands of the media's picture of what the BNP is about. Griffin needs to end this now or go down in history as the man who had the opportunity to save this country but put his own interests first and lost it all!

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire members who heckled Griffin at the recent Leeds meeting received expulsion notices in the post on Saturday morning " for behaviour unbecoming of a party member".

More may arrive Monday morning. They were signed by Tina Wingfield.

Anonymous said...

Please make this fast, we can’t afford a long power struggle. Most people now see that Griffin’s time as leader is coming to an end, his support for Mark Collett is unacceptable to most members of the modern BNP.

Griffin did a good job in modernising our party, but it’s now up to you to make it fully electable. Sadie may not want to be leader. Sadie may not have yet gained the experience she thinks she needs to be leader. Sadie may well, with some justification, have other things on her mind at the moment. But Sadie’s determination, not to let the party down, started this and she cannot now turn her back on the party when it needs her most.

Sadie you now have over two years experience in public office, at both parish & district level, which is two years more than Griffin has. Even with a competent staff around you, and goodwill from everyone, you will make mistakes during your baptism of fire, but in 7 years time we’ll have a leader ready to lead us as a major Parliamentary party. 5 years after that we will have a leader ready to be voted into No 10.

Remember the old saying about, some men being born great, some men achieving greatness, and some men having greatness thrust upon them, well sometimes Sadie the last bit applies to women as well.

There’s no going back now.

Anonymous said...

I've just read Lee Barnes blog and I have to say he needs councselling.
His anger spills out into every sentence he writes.
His mind is working overtime, linking anything and everything with spies, moles, traitors and saboteurs.
His investigative powers outshine Sherlock Holmes and Poirot put together.
Potty or what?

Anonymous said...

The BNP website has an article about the de Menezes Police shooting. It effectively is saying de Menezes was at least partly responsible because he was an illegal immigrant. First I look at all the proven lies and smears they put out about him when they shot him. Then I look at all the lies and smears being put out by the BNP website about Enough Is Enough. And then I look at what de Menezes was - a Brazilian, working usefully in the UK, who spoke excellent English with a proper visa which had run out (or not?) and had a fraudulent (or not?) extended stay stamp on it. Those old enough to remember the Police shooting of Stephen Waldorf (and quite a few others!) will recognise the disinformation and smear campaigns ... and no prosecutions. It doesn't just happen to Brazilians - illegal or not! After all the lies - how are we supposed to believe de Menezes was genuinely illegally in the country? I can see no reason why he should not have applied for an extended visa - and no reason why it should not have been given. Why should he have to forge anything? Something smells bad - with what the Government is saying about de Menezes - and with what the BNP is saying about EIE. So it doesn't surprise me now that the BNP is parroting the Government line on de Menezes. I would have hoped they would have been above that. Funny how after a while you get a nose for who is lying, whose is being truthful and those who just couldn't care less whether something was a lie or not just so long as it fits in with what they want to believe.

Anonymous said...

can we please have a list of names of people who have been expelled - is this possible?

Anonymous said...

has anyone been onto barnes blog ? the bloke is loosing the plot and is accusing everyone of being spies !! and traitors !! he is like a uaf internet warrior,dont be sad lee get out and get some air in your longs your becoming like ketlan tossofski in lancaster

Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to be a BNP supplied phone - it can be done to your own phone by anyone who has, or can obtain, your number. They don't need physical access to your phone - it can be done just by calling you (silently)- from the other side of the world if they like. The phone is made into a monitoring device by software alteration.

I think ex members of the S.African police might know how to do this.

Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Supper theatre, Red Rose Club, St George society. Griffins has lost them all for that slim ball Collett. He is clearly mad.

Good luck to Bev & everyone involved here.

Anonymous said...

Given Nick Griffin’s actions in expelling people who criticised him at the Leeds meeting last week, and his actions after the NW regional meeting the week before, it is now clear that he is prepared to expel the whole party to protect Mark Collett.

What is also just as clear is that he has gone MAD!

Anonymous said...

well even though i don't think he is fit to be leader, i still hope that there is a future for Griffin. I hope he severs his link with the cabal and helps to train up a new generation of nationalists, because his knowledge, intelligence, and debating skills are sorely needed. But he doesn't belong on the front line anymore, as part of the public face of the party.

Anonymous said...

A problem in my area is that most of the members of my own and neighbouring branches are not internet users - I have been trying to spread the word and am amazed at how few have heard of this matter.

One local branch had a meeting last Sunday, and this matter was not even discussed.(The Organiser is the only one who uses the internet
and he is a "Griffin fan" - I am told that it was not mentioned at all)

I hope the mail shot/members
/bulletin, wakes a few of these decent people up!

once everybody knows about this -
perhaps our movement will...move!!

ps- Thanks for getting the accounts published

Anonymous said...

The only thing in doubt now is whether Nick Griffin will finally be taken way by men in White or Blue suits.

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t Griffin know, unless Sadie drops the complaint, he could well end up doing time for this. He really does need to be more reasonable with you people if he wants to avoid going to jail.

If he does end up in jail it will be all his own fault, and I for one will not be shedding any tears for him, if it turns out he really is that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Let's have some serious talking now on where we go from here.

Nationalism is a must for me and many others and being expelled from the party that I've cherished for the last few years won't change that.

The enemy remains in power and still as incompetent as ever.

It must be defeated by those sworn to defend our identity and culture. Communism has evolved through the EU to destroy us and now we are divided, the battle just got more desperate.

How badly do we want to win and how much does being British matter to us?

I say it is all that matters and we must win however long it takes.

From January I will no longer be BNP but I will remain British and Nationalist, without a party.

Our lines have been broken but we must reform and show we are not beaten.

Anonymous said...

Please Nick don’t do this to the party you built up from almost nothing. You can’t win now, and prolonging the agony will not change the inevitable outcome which is: Mark Collett goes, Sadie Graham, Ian Dawson, and the Smiths return to the fold.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Across the Pond. In view of my somewhat pointed comments here, I won't take offense if you decide not to publish this.

I don't know if you guys are aware of this, but starting about three years ago our internet over here was flooded with an article by a guy named Martin Webster who made some allegations about your Main Man Griffin, the most serious kinds of allegations which can possibly be made about any man. I won't repeat them because if you know what I'm talking about there's no need to, and if you don't then I don't want to add fuel to the fire.

My point is this: I have several British friends who tell me that Griffin NEVER RESPONDED TO THESE ALLEGATIONS AT ALL, even with a pro forma denial. That strikes me as downright weird. I know that in America it's almost impossible to sue somebody successfully for libel, because over here the plaintiff has to prove in court that he suffered actual damage, usually monetary. In Britain you don't have that stipulation, and sometimes it seems that libel litigation is kind of a hobby for fun and profit with you guys. So why did Griffin never sue Webster?

If the allegations about Griffin's nature are true, I have to ask: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT when you elevated one of "those" to a position of authority? A Collett type character was inevitable. Was old man Tyndall (whom I met on several occasions when he visited the States) really that bad that you had to vote him out? He always struck me as kind of Colonel Blimp-ish, but basically a very sharp individual.

Like most Americans I have never understood why you guys seem to feel that particular "lifetsyle" is acceptable, at least in your upper classes, some kind of eccentricity among the toffs or whatever. Just like you seem to think there's nothing funnier on earth than a man dressing up in women's clothing. (Only Britain could have produced Benny Hill.)

At any rate. good luck with your Problem, but frankly--if you KNEW what Griffin was when you voted him in, you really have no one to blame but yourselves. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow Lee "Legal Blue Tit" Barnes will tell the world who really was Jack the Ripper. A million plus man hours over 150 years and the Met got it wrong everytime. Many of us are putting a few quid on Barnes pointing the accusative finger towards Matt Single.

Slight problem barmy Barnes, Matt was born in 1975 not 1865. "Fuck that" says Barnes, "Single is still guilty as hell, I can tell you he is a wrong un just by the font size of his emails, when can I have my recreation time? Please matron, I'm quite well now, you know that don't you matron, the little incident with Dr. Smith and the scissors, please, it wasnt my fault, honest, demons, yes demons spoke to me, tis true matron, demons everywhere, yes EVERYWHERE you lickspittle fucking whore of a whelp, I'm the only fucking sane person around here and you, you are all madddddddddd......

Transcript terminated as Patient LB2007 carted back to a secure unit after being sedated but with heavy backup just to make sure.

Dr. S.

No worries folks, he is back in care and won't be troubling you again in the near future!

Anonymous said...

I’ve come to the conclusion (regretfully) now that Nick must stand down as party leader. There must be more to his relationship with Mark Collett than we know about, ie business links or some other tie that we don’t know about, but he’s now so badly compromised that he must go. Two weeks ago I could never have imaged myself saying that in a million years.

Unknown said...

Hiya babe,
I am all for modernisation and I know exactly what the bnp need to do but if they wont see it that way so be it, Know this I agree I have my own ideas on the bnp and I don't like what is happening!
But a strong man would form their own party and set up a few web sites and if you need a web publisher I am you girl! think about it sweety!