Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Danny's Story

I have, over the past week, been asked why I chose to become involved in an argument that did not directly effect me. My only answer to this can be that I have, and always will do what I believe to be the right thing. The moment I found out what had happened to Sadie, Kenny and Matt I knew that all was not as it at first seemed. After speaking to Sadie and reading the so called “evidence” on the BNP site, I came to the conclusion that the expulsions had nothing to do with alleged “treasonous acts” but rather an attempt by the current leadership to cling onto power at all costs.

Now as the YBNP Leader it was my job to look out for the welfare of the YBNP. Granted, I could have sought to stay in Griffin’s good books and keep ‘control’ of the YBNP, but morality is a complicated concept that sometimes forces you to take the position you know to be right, rather than what is personally rewarding.

For me the many issues surrounding these events were not as important as the issue of freedom and democracy within the BNP. The bugging off and raid on Sadie Grahams home, for me, was the determining factor in my decision to speak out against the party leadership. So far I have been sacked as YBNP leader, by none other than John Walker in the most disgusting way imaginable – by text message with the use of the most disgusting language that as a nationalist I wouldn’t dream of using against a fellow patriot. After having been informed that I would receive a disciplinary tribunal, I received a letter from head office informing me of my expulsion without tribunal. As for my feelings towards all of this? I feel betrayed. The way in which the current leadership have treated me, as someone who worked tirelessly to make sure that the YBNP after I leave, would carry on and not fall apart, is disgusting.

In the past people have run the YBNP to inflate their own egos’ All I have ever done is sought to ensure that the structure I put in place would last and that the YBNP would continue regardless of my successors, successes or failures. At the heart of my YBNP was permanence and organisation; not the one man ego trip we have seen with past YBNP leaders. If this is something that the current leadership is willing to destroy in order to maintain their own inflated egos, then quite clearly they couldn’t give a damn about the people who keep them there, or the party itself; just in lining their own pockets and maintaining their own positions of power at all costs.

My decision to back Sadie, Kenny and Matt whilst knowing full well that I would be fired is a decision I stand by. I may have lost a great deal personally over this, but I would do it again without hesitation. He who stands by and allows evil to prevail when he knows he should speak out is a miserable coward, and not worthy of calling himself a patriot. This is a concept I live by, have stood by, and will die by. At least then when I come to the end of my days, I can rest peacefully knowing that I have always done the right thing, not just the rewarding thing.

Best Wishes,

Danny Lake.


E. N. Ronn said...

Great post. I've never met you (or Sadie or Kenny for that matter) but I have no difficulty seeing on which side of this dispute honour and right are to be found.

It helps, of course that I know NG, who has no concept of honour and right!

Anonymous said...

Well said Danny. I could never imagine Mr Collett making such a principled stand on any issue.

We have now taken the party too far in the fight for this nation, to allow Collett to destroy everything we have built up.

Anonymous said...

I found this on the CDA forum

Just reading through that concise article in the Guardian 18/12/07shows what these leaders really are. Anyone running an anti-establishment party does not give an enemy M.P. like Crudass this sort of amunition. I wonder how it would have read if they had emphasised that it was heavies who took the ecquipment and former South African intelligence officers who checked the computers when they had been taken. Comment on Griffin's mentality is superflous!

Anonymous said...

Great post Danny - made my eyes water when you consider the damage that Griffin and Collett are doing to this Party

Anonymous said...

Watched a bit of Mark Collett's RWB lecture re the importance of good corporate image.

I'd have to agree any group is only as good as its 'products' and if just fails the entire brand suffers as a result. Yes Mark that's right and you would do well to ponder your own words very carefully as the BNP 'brand' has been continually let down by one of its products as we all know. The one that sang Hilters praises on TV, the one that tried seducing an underage girl at conference and one that embarassed themselves and us when interviewed by Russell Brand etc.

In the speech Collett told how BMW too had been hampered by a poor performing product, Rover, The only solution to restore faith in the brand was to get shot of Rover to keep the rest of the umbrella safe.

So why SHOULd the BNP keep a faulty product under its umbrella?

Whoever chose Mark to give the lecture must have had some sort of sense of humour, fancy deciciding to let someone who has done so much harm to the BNPs image lecture all those who havent?

Anonymous said...

Well written article and exactly the reasons I gave when resigning.

Those in my group who pretend to hold moral and Christian beliefs but continue to serve the party are deluding themselves.

Pretending it is nothing to do with them and carrying on as normal for the benefit of the BNP is not the answer.

Griffin thinks he can win by exploiting that philosophy so if you sit back and allow it to happen, the BNP will perish.

Anonymous said...

A lot of BNP members are beiung taken in by the lies that Steve Blake, Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith stole emails from the BNP server.

Wasnt Steve Blake in charge of the BNP server anyway? Didnt he has unrestrcited access anyway?

There is no chance of a fair hearing internally and if the cops get involved, no chance of a fair trial with all the crap that the BNP and Lee barnes is putting out.

Anyway the underlying issue remains - that is Collett was not deal with by Nick Griffin when he should have been banged to rights when the CMT and others advised Nick Griffin to do so.

Keep up the good work guys and gals. There is much support out here.

Anonymous said...

I wish the 'Party' would expel me and save me the turmoil I'm going through.

All trust in the leadership has gone. Nothing they say can be believed. Barnes has shown himself to be an arrogant prat especially by the way he spoke to Tom.

The South African connections are just not what this party needs.

The Far Right is dead and Griffin gave up preaching it years ago even though he still believes in it.

Collett just can't keep his mouth shut.

Whoever said whiteman speaks with forked tongue must have had Griffin and Barnes in mind.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the News Bulletin. Members will now be able to find out and see for themselves the injustice given out by Griffin to experienced and loyal party officers. He is resorting to abuse now. A sure sign of someone struggling for credibility.

Extremist Malcontent.

Paul said...

Never met spoken to you mate but it all makes sense like everything on this blog.

I hop that one day very soon the status quo is restored and we can move forward. Until Nick gets it in his head to see sense and get rid of colletroach then there is no future for the party, which is a real shame.

Anonymous said...

Well said Danny.

In the midst of the despair engendered by Nick Griffin's gross misconduct, at least we can be assured that there are intelligent and courageous young nationalists out there who will contribute to taking our movement forward.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Nice to see someone with some Honour.

The problem is that all the actions and words spoken by Collett, Hannam, Lee Barnes, the South Africans etc are coming second hand from Griffin. Griffin is the problem, that is why he surrounds himself with yes men, because they don't argue and they obey blindly.

Anyone who remembers Griffin from the NF days will tell you he was just the same egotistical, money obssessed and denouncing anyone as a traitor who stood up to his actions. He has no loyalty to anyone except himself and his bank balance.

Get rid of Griffin and all his cliche will dissappear. The problem is will he ever give up his position as leader or even allow anyone to get close to challenging him??

Anonymous said...

Well done Danny! you have done the right thing.

Collett did a great job of NOT doing very much for the YBNP.

Anonymous said...

Well said Danny, you deserve a pat on the back for having the guts, to stand by your principles,AND SPEAKING THE TRUTH.
Good on you

Anonymous said...

Having read the arguments of both sides over the last week or so here, the BNP site, on SF and in the various blogs I have decided to cut my ties with the BNP and as the this is the only show in town for nationalists, effectively I turn my back on British nationalism. It has become clear to me that the calibre of person at the top and who I support with my donations lacks the moral fibre I would like to see.

Both parties are strutting their moral worth but I all I see is arrogance, stupidity, ego, lies, and foul-mouthed malice towards those who should be comrades.

I wish that I could see a spirit of self-criticism and compromise rather than anatgonism but there just aint any sign of it even though we are peering into the abyss. Perhaps we deserve the fate that our bought-and-paid-for elite intends for us.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised so many here can't see the obvious.

Nick Griffin is not going to give in.

It's over.

He'd rather destroy the party than do what you guys are asking.

If you go back, you're beaten, and worthless, and will be disposed of eventually anyway, so really you only have two choices.

1. Continue to sit here, bleating on the sidelines, hoping things will change, whilst smear after smear, after smear is thrown at you, with your only course of redress being this blog that 99% of the party don't read.

2. You can accept that the party is faulty, that the leadership has no desire to fix it, and move on, to bigger and better things.

All I would say is the longer you wait to make your choice the more likely it is that any good you could do will have been severely undermined.

Griffin is relying on you guys sitting here dewy eyed until it's to late, and then fading into insignificance.

How do I know?

Ask all the people who stood where you stood, before you stood there.

That would be my other piece of advice, network, in my opinion, with no disrespect to the good members who do remain in the BNP, there are more good, hard working, and capable workers now outside the party, than within.

Talk to them, work with them, together you can make a future, apart all you will do is sit here fading away.

It's time to accept it's over guys, and start working for tomorrow, instead of looking back at yesterday.

stgeorge said...

Danny, So pleased to hear from you as I was a little concerned there were no up-dates on your own blog. You are an honourable man and though it would have appeared to have cost you dearly you are who you are and haven't sold your soul. Sometimes you just have to go by gut instincts and I know yours are spot on with Sadie who is a true patriot and a gutsy lady. NG is really stupid to dismiss you all with such contempt. You are strong individuals otherwise you wouldn't be so brave as to stick you heads over the parapit and stand up for what you believe in. Who would have guessed NG would be the one with the gun. Personally I think the idiot has a water pistol. Stay positive and stay true to yourself. The very best of luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

there dont seem to be a lot of people posting on darby's blog ? them stray cats must be lurking

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have gone Danny as i don't think you were fit for the job,although you claim to have no ego in regards of your ybnp position i believe the opposite.You stated that you thought Blacks and asians should be allowed to join the party even though this is not party policy, you don't go about spouting off against party policy even if you don't agree with it.You put forward a motion and attend the conference but then you openly admitted that you felt no need to attend conferences,training camps,etc as you have your own mind blah blah.Finally you then called for the resignation of fellow members and the party leaders.You fell on your own sword good riddance.

S E Pearson said...

Thank God for people of honour like Danny in the BNP. The reaction of many members and officials to Griffin's tyranny in this matter is the only pride the BNP can draw from the sorry affair. The fact is that if Griffin is not removed the BNP will have gotten exactly what it deserves. Stupidity is a fatal mistake in politics.

Anonymous said...

Danny's detailed views on party policy are hardly the point.

Once we have a party whose leadership is respected and trusted, we can move on to honest discussions of policy, strategy and tactics with a minimum of personal acrimony.

But while Griffin remains there is no hope.

Anonymous said...

In view of the stance the BNP has on immigration and it's controls can anyone enlighten me as to wether or not the SA security personel are immigrants or not. I should hate to think that NG had turned his back on what he preaches by allowing the employment of such persons.
I certainly do not want my membership fee spent on immigrants.

William Mccarthy AKA SALVATION

Anonymous said...

1. griffin won;t give in.

2. even if he wanted to, Collett [like Lecomber] has dirt on him.

3. Griffin will break the BNP before he gives it up.

4. Wayne Ashcroft, Mark Collett - these supposed "successors" show that NG is as useless in his choices as he is corrupt, nepotistic and needful of yes-men and cronies.

After so many scandals - how much more can people take?

And those who thought the rot stopped with MC, DH and JW must now see that Darby, Griffin etc. are JUST as bad with the lies they put out in their official statements.


The BNP will either corrupt and drag on as their profit-machine, or it will die as they rip it apart before relinquishing their fiefdom.

Sad but true.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see the bnp break up but this was not the intention of the original blog. I have to side with Sadie, Kenny and co. because the accusations by NG I know are not true and are getting wilder to a point of stupidity with all the world looking on. All what has happened will be in the media soon and it will make the party a laughing stock. Hang your head in shame Nick.

Anonymous said...

Why is there so many anon posts on here if you relly mean what you say you should not be scared to put your name to it

Anonymous said...

All whom have reisined/walked away remember this!

Each and everyone of us have held our dignity and still have burning passion within for Nationalism, that is something that The Griffin sucklers DON'T have!

Keep your heads up Lads and Lasses the truth as come out how Griffin only thinks of No1 and No2!

Thanks to Councillor Chris Beverley for the apology at the leeds meeting.