Monday, 31 December 2007

Confusion reigns about membership status

We have been contacted by a number of Organisers and Fundholders who have publicly stated their support for the expelled officials asking where they now stand with regards to BNP membership.

An astonishing notice was posted on the BNP website on the afternoon of December 22nd, incredibly demanding that any official who had made a posting on the EiE blog or declared their support on this blog must phone Nick Griffin and pledge their allegiance by the evening of Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Whoever is advising Mr. Griffin these days clearly doesn't live in the real world. The poster failed to take into consideration the time of year. Most officials would have been preoccupied with preparing for the festivities, not glued to their screens for the latest diktats and threats to be posted by the increasingly irrational coterie of advisers. Furthermore the threat of expulsion has not been followed through which is a disaster for the leadership team.

To date no one has been contacted by the Party Leader or his cabal of advisers by post, phone, email or text confirming their status. Has the deadline been extended? What are the new terms and conditions? Will officials who posted their support on the EiE site but who have had a change of heart, have to bend one knee and kiss the back of Nick Griffin's extended hand, the cringing humiliation all to be captured on BNPtv? Perhaps the threat of expulsion has been completely rescinded as the cabal realise the gaping hole that would leave across almost every region of the country at a time when the Party is desperarlty needed by our kinfolk and our communities.

Hallmark confusion

It is yet another example of the confusion, muddled thinking and disastrous decision making that is the hallmark of the current administration who have made mistake after mistake in this whole sorry and totally avoidable debacle since day one. Starting with the unlawful removal of personal property from the home of Sadie Graham; the expulsions of other officials by email and text; fabricating evidence allegedly taken from the stolen computer which was posted on the BNP web site and blogs of Griffin's advisers; the rolling road show of the cabal which ended in chaos and scuffles at Leeds; the folly of the Party’s very own Press Officer announcing to 4 million BBC viewers that the BNP had quashed a rebellion of "hardline neo-nazis"; the attempted framing of Matt Single by getting the Police to raid his homes. It has been three weeks of utter confusion and mayhem and reinforces the growing view of many in the Party that there is a lack of leadership at the very top. Nick Griffin has been personally badly wounded by this debacle and the Party has suffered as a consequence, but there is still an opening for him to demonstrate his integrity and honour by acknowledging the mistakes made with a view to reinstating the memberships of those wrongly expelled, a commitment to overhauling the Party structure and dealing with the underlying internal issues. There is still a hope and furthermore a universal desire by the entire membership that the Party can survive this mess, draw a line and move on.

A Party dogged by uncertainty, Police investigations, expensive legal cases being drawn up, senior Party managers and officials expelled merely for trying to make sure the Party thrives and prospers; this is not how single sincere BNP member expected to see 2007 come to a close.

2008 promises to be an excellent year for our Cause with plenty of opportunities to show the British electorate that there really is a choice at the ballot box and that their votes should go to the BNP. However that promise can only be fulfilled by each and every card carrying member demanding answers from their “up-line”; their branch, unit and regional organisers, to the pressing questions of just what on earth is going on, why has the current leadership acted in a wholly tyrannical manner, expelled the very people who have helped build this Party to its current level of professionalism and acted completely against the ethos of the Party which, after all stands for democracy, freedom of speech and is opposed to tyranny.


Why has the current leadership refused to deal with the underlying key issues of Party (mis)management and constantly tried to defend the indefensible actions of individuals who have brought the Party into disrepute on repeated occasions?

What hidden secrets lie behind the relationship between these notorious individuals and the Party leader?

Do not the generous and trusting donors to the Party deserve to be told the truth?

Do not the hard working foot soldiers, those courageous and dedicated souls who knock on doors, leaflet in all weathers and suffer the brickbats as well as the bouquets selling the Party message at every opportunity deserve to be told the truth?

Many questions, but will any answers, truthful answers of course and nothing less, be forthcoming and if those questions remain unanswered it further demonstrates a thorough contempt by the leader towards the rank and file activists, the very same key people who have backed the leader time after time to advance the appeal of the British National Party to the wider electorate and who are now the ones on the front line of the tyrannical purge of those souls who dare ask questions and bring issues which have been festering for far too long into the open.

The widespread support for change has been truly phenomenal, caught those of us who demand and rightfully expect change, off guard and we have been briefed that the calls for change have personally wounded the Party leader. Whether those personal wounds can be healed and the leader emerges with some integrity and honour intact or whether those wounds have been mortally inflicted, the next few days will tell.

One thing we all know for certain is that imminent change is inevitable and nothing will be the same ever again.


Bourne Patriot said...

Good Comment,

Personally, Griffins final ultimatum was the last straw for me. When i submitted my resignation, i did not do so on a temporary basis, yet the management seemed to consider it so. Consequently, a copy of the letter sent to our members is appended:

Dear Mr Griffin,

It seems that the letter of resignation that was sent to you on 13th December 2007 may in some way have been interpreted by the management as temporary. I would like to clarify that it was in no way temporary, and is a direct consequence of the actions of yourself.

Without going into too much detail, I am, as always, less concerned with the endless mud slinging that appears to be happening, but more concerned with the precedents being made, and the unlawful behaviour which is supposed to be warranted. I am also quite disappointed in the reactions of the BNP establishment in dishing out expulsions to all and sundry for daring to exercise free speech. It is the hypocrisy of the party in this respect which has driven me away, never to return.

The issues that seem to be flowing back and forth could easily have been dealt with quietly, and behind closed doors, but instead of putting a business head on and exercising basic damage control procedures, you knee-jerked into presenting questionable content on the BNP website, advertising the issue to everyone. What is more you have attempted to brand all that disagree with you as “Red” or “Neo Nazi”. This is more the action of a left wing screamer than a right wing nationalist! Quite frankly, it is difficult to measure my disappointment in your actions. They are certainly not those of a leader, or the man I welcomed into my home earlier this year, and I would question whether those that advise you are acting in the best interests of the party when giving their counsel.

The conclusion here is that it is simply not possible to trust the BNP any longer. I have fielded many calls from anxious members, and have explained my position, and suggested they come to their own conclusions. It is not my place to be influencing others, as the membership is intelligent enough to make up its own mind. The majority seem to be as uncomfortable as I am with the actions taken, and I cannot blame them. I shall now continue on my political path as an independent nationalist, and feel lighter from leaving the baggage of the BNP behind me. I think there are hundreds doing exactly the same.

The fund holder account has been balanced and paid into the eastern regions account, and all associated paperwork has been couriered back to Mr Hannam. This means that as of 24th December there is no official group/branch for Boston Holbeach & Spalding.

The Bourne Nationalist website will be operational shortly. I'll let you all know when, but would suggest to Bev, that this would be a good and cheap start to getting your independent campaign started.

Happy New Year to you ALL!


Anonymous said...

Great post. The way this affair has been handled shows there is no competent leadership. Mr. Griffin may have spun Jeremy Paxman in a twist but he is not capable of running a political party machine.

Get your act together everyone, Britain needs firm leadership now to save our country. Find a new leader and the BNP will make it to government.

Anonymous said...

I think we need a national meeting to discuss the way forward.

It just can't be done properly by blog posts and emails.

Anonymous said...

Rational comments but I am afraid Nick has damaged himself beyond repair and if he digs in and stays I, for one, will not. Alas, he will never ever be trusted again.

Salvation said...

You have to ask yourself in the light of current revelations as to who is telling the truth, and in the absence of denial from the BNP leadership you will have to reach the conclusion that it is the 'rebels'. If that is your conclusion then you now have to ask yourself can you remain a member of a political party that appears to taking as its role model the regime that existed in mid thirties Germany before it came to power, regardless of the fact that the 'rebels' have advised you not to relinquish membership. If it is not resolved by the end of February then I for one will not be renewing. I am now of the opinion that I'm still in my knickers and nightythe only way to resolve this is by mass resignation. How can you lead a party, by dictatorial means or otherwise, if there is NO party to lead. I am currently in a position not to lose too much in the way of voting rights as by the time I am given the franchise I will be completely gaga. However it is something that must be borne in mind by any long serving members who do contemplate reliquishing membership for the short term in an effort to bring about a swift resolution to the whole debacle.

W McCarthy AKA Salvation in another place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think we need a national meeting to discuss the way forward.

It just can't be done properly by blog posts and emails.

I agree fully but this would be very difficult as many people would not be able to attend because of distance. Regional or joint regional meetings with the same agenda may give many more people a voice. I would add that Nick Griffin should NOT be offered a hearing nor invited in as much as none were offered before expulsions were served.

Anonymous said...

It is blatantly clear that Nick Griffin has held onto power over the years by using deceitful and bullying tactics behind the scenes, not a new thing in politics and business, but boy oh boy, has he cocked up. EiE is giving a voice to those who have been treated badly. You can only sack a person once, if you do it too often it tends to lose its threat and will come back to bite you where it hurts.
I only hope that the contents of the next BNP publications does not make scurrilous claims of treachery because they'll find it hard selling them, after all, it is these very members, that have been treated with contempt, whatever side of the fence they are standing, that handle the sales. I also think it is worth pointing out the obvious, WHO MAKES MONEY FROM THESE SALES. Is it Mark Collett by any chance. 'Treat a pain in the arse with a pain in the arse'

Warning. Re. the bugging. Tap into your Google search 'Cell-finity' or 'Roving bug'. Keep looking, keep reading and then worry. Get rid of the spy in your midst or mistrust will take over even further.

Good luck to all good Nationalists.

Anonymous said...

'I think we need a national meeting to discuss the way forward.'

Surely our Yorkshire colleagues could oblige.

We have 55 or more of the best brains in the BNP.
lets utilize them. ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I'm not confused.
My membership ceases at midnight and that's the way it will stay.

Independence here I come.

The ball is in Griffin's court.

S E Pearson said...

Interesting that Darby and the other "official" columnists have fallen silent these last few weeks. Maybe this is a result of the distraction of Christmas but it could also be indicative of belated recognition of the mortal extent of the damage.

We can only hope that reality has finally dawned on the Griffin clique that surrender is the only honourable course remaining open to them.

However members should be cautious of an attempt to retain control by the Welshpool faction. Probably by attempting to install Darby as regent until the return of the king, or the accession of the loathsome Collett.

Nothing less than a total revolution can clear the way for the necessary evolution of the BNP. Only the complete removal of Griffin and his cronies can allow the BNP to throw off the taint of the past and that brought on the Party by the recent crisis. Specifically Griffin, Darby and Collett. Secondary figures like Hannam and Barnes are probably not party to the machinations of Griffin's inner circle but have proved themselves unfit for prominent roles within the Party. Wingfield and Bean’s comments, as far as I am concerned, amount to tacit support for the rebels through the established political tradition of “damning with faint praise”. As the only competent officers of the Party within their respective spheres and being relatively untainted by previous gaffs (AFAIK) I would be inclined to retain their services. They could of course strengthen the case by prompt declaration for the Party rather than Griffin.

I will be publishing my recommendations, along with an exhaustive analysis of Griffin's performance as chairman (which I doubt he will enjoy)and an innovative explanation for the bizarre actions of Griffin lately (which I am absolutely certain he won't enjoy) shortly on the Brummie76 blog.

Spencer (East Birmingham BNP (until 31/1/08 at least))

Anonymous said...

It seems Nick Griffin has pressed the self distruct. Now the BNP has to re-invent itself after years of struggle. Our political opponents will relish this sorry affair.
Yours dissolutioned.