Thursday, 27 December 2007

A Boxing Day surprise!

Nicholla and Kenny are delighted to announce the arrival of Mhairi Jean at 7.30pm on Boxing Day weighing in at 8Ib 6oz.

Beautiful Mhairi surprised us all by arriving fourteen days early, but everything went well with the birth and mother and baby are doing well today.

Thank you to all those who have already sent in their love and good wishes. Nicholla, Kenny and Mhairi very much appreciate the fantastic support you are giving them.


Britain The Trash Can of Europe said...

A Dad at last!!!
Now the hard work begins :)

Best wishes


Glasgow activist and candidate said...

Well done the pair of you. Lots of love from us all in Glasgow.

Souwester said...

With congratulations, love and best wishes to Nicholla, Kenny and Mhairi.

After much research, discussion and pondering, I and everyone I know are now fully behind your honourable fight during the coming few weeks.

fjc said...


I was unfamiliar with the name and had to check. For others of non Scottish descent this is how it is pronounced:

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Scottish
Pronounced: VA-ree

Vocative form of MÀIRI

Gender: Feminine
Usage: Scottish
Pronounced: MA-ree

Scottish form of MARY

Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to you both.

Aberdeen Candidate said...

Brill news pass best wishes onto Nicolla, glad I caught you on the phone. Hope you enjoyed your last nights decent sleep,

Usual shopping list

Beer, Food, some more beer, some more food.

Shopping now,

Sudocream, Nappies, Cotton Wool, No more tears shampoo, Nappy sacks, Vests,Anything pink, teddies,baby food, Milk,

Oh box of chocs/flowers for the missus.

Good to have some happy news, will be in touch again.

Patriot said...

Mhairi is the Gaelic for Mary. Quite apt for the time of year and Kenny's Western Isles roots. His mum is also called Mary and it runs in his family. Even in the name of their child Kenny and Nicholla show their loyalty to our people, heritage and culture.
Griffin and Darby have the cheek to call them reds!

Angie. said...

Congratulation's Kenny & Nicholla The baby looks beautiful! Lot's of sleepless nights ahead!!

St Edmundson said...

Congratulations to two people who are not just first class nationalists but first class individuals - proud to have them as friends as well as comrades and colleagues.

Baby Mhairi will have the love and protection of two wonderful parents in a loving home environment.

A great piece of news to end an "interesting" year.


Forseti said...

Congratulations to you both. Get as much rest as you can whenever you can.

Anonymous said...


Best wishes to all.

Bald Old Geezer said...

Well done you two. Mhairi will no doubt be brought up a proud Scottish Lass, with a bit of BNP thrown in, British National PRIDE that is.

Start saving Kenny, cos 'Mhairi's Wedding' will one day be more than just a tune for the Great Highland Bagpipe. That day will come quicker than you think!

Teutonic Knights said...


Final Conflict said...

fantastic news! Here's to many more!

Paleo said...

Joy to the World!

Deepest congratulations to the proud parents and little Mhairi

Danny Lake said...

Congratulations and all the best for the future.

tonydj said...

Congratulations to all three of you.

Anonymous said...

All the best.

When is Sadie's due?

Anti-gag said...


Chris Hill

A Borders Highlander said...

Has done another Pro free speech & Honesty posting

Its worth having a look at

Well done Kenny, Brill news about the Baby. You will have to have ten more, lets breed the Muslims out of Britain,,,Now where is the "Bird"

Baz said...

Thank you for this perfect contribution to our future.

Anti-gag said...

I have just sent my resiganation letter into the party's manager, Tony Brewer, could you please now include my name on your list.

Chris Hill
(Organiser Preston & Lancaster group, and Chorley contact)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. It's the best thing nationalists can do for our people. Two better parents I cannot imagine.
John fae Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Well done to your both!

Robert Baggs said...

Fantastic news! Many, many congratulations to you both. I know Mhairi will bring you so much joy. Hope you are all well. Whisky will be on me the next time our paths cross.

All the best


Bill Henderson said...

Great News

Congratulations to you all

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Kenny a post from Libertas on my blog...Kinda says it all

While the majority of us are worried about the future of our country, as we see hordes of aliens being forced upon us, an enforced and increasingly centralised control from the impersonal EU jugernaut, and the erosion of our laws and constitution, there is a small cabal of people more interested in rewarding yes men with paid positions within the only political party whose policies favour the indigenous population. The modus operandi is quite simple, of course: anyone locally successful, who has some talent and credibility, is a threat to this cabal. And so, one by one, little by little, they must be forced out. Perhaps Griffin can use his neo-Nazi supporters over at C.U.N.T. to accuse people of being paedophiles based upon having the same name as a real paedophile. And if that person happens to be extremely intelligent, a great speaker, and a possible challenger, like Jonathan Bowden, even better. Or perhaps they are London barristers like Adrian Davies. Or perhaps just very dedicated and passionate councillors who put their area on the map - like Angela Clarke, who was criticised publicly by Mark Collett, who also is said to have given her a computer filled with porn. In the crazy world of Nick Griffin, incompetent liabilities and embarrassments stay - in un-needed paid positions. And so slowly, he gathers around him the kind of people he wants. Unfortunately, they are also the kind of people whose presence within a party dooms that party to failure. People like Tony Lecomber, whose name appeared on the latest accounts, despite the fact he isn't supposed to be involved anymore. Or perhaps Lee Barnes - you know, the man who said he will have people like Sharon Ebanks and any other nationalist who criticisies the BNP leadership cabal - executed as traitors. Once in a while the BNP gets lucky and attracts well-know and credible activists - people like Andrew Spence. They certainly can't be allowed to remain, can they? They might threaten the positions of people who would rather fight leadership elections against those who don't stand a chance. Griffin's Christmas came early this year when a number of Advisory Council members quit over his protection of Collett, including the press officer Doc Edwards, and the Deputy Chairman Scott McClean. Then he managed to take over Solidarity and label Clive Potter - a man of integrity and intelligence - as a red infiltrator. Meanwhile his old friend Pat Harrington (concerning whom much could be said, especially with respect to a certain website he is said to host) is given the job. But Griffin was getting ready for the creme de la creme of his political career - the removal of successful and respected activists (and a few more advisory council members to boot) in a final purge, by accusing them of a palace coup, for the unpardonable crime of setting up a blog documenting, with publicly obtainable information, what a liability Collett is. Now does it matter if he is a liability? Why should it matter? It matters because TIME IS RUNNING OUT, and we don't have time for Griffin to be playing his cabalolopy games - if we lose this, our children are DOOMED. There are countless people out there who don't trust us because of goons like him. They don't believe we are trustworty; they think we are really totalitarian Nazis who are lying about what we really believe in order to win the vote - and Griffin is continuing this state of affairs; no, he is himself directly responsible for it. He is killing nationalism, both by protecting millstones like Collett, and by destroying successful activists and their work. And those trying to save it are dividing nationalism, traitors etc. Funny, those considerations didn't stop Griffin doing his fair share of plotting, scheming and dividing on his way to the top, did it? This isn't just about the Edwards, or about Bowden, or about Sadie Graham - this is about the deliberate sabotage of the last hope of the British people! We deserve a party worthy of our noble heritage! We do not deserve rubbish, nonsense, excuses, and special-pleading. Wake up, Men of the West: the line has been drawn in the sand - stand up for the future of your children, and against corruption, lies, and filth. Lift up your flag, and be a party worthy of the name of Britain. No 'leader' can demand loyalty at the cost of our country, our history, our culture, and our children!

millie said...

All the best.
Love from MILLIE.

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia BNP entry mentions nothing about the rebellion, as it is edited by the likes of Mark Collett and Lee Barnes. We have been airbrushed from the history of the bnp, even though so many members have been sacked.

Talk about revisionism.

Angela Clarke. said...

I would like to correct something that is not the truth! Many people assume it was Mark Collett that insulted me at a venue..

Infact it was Nick Griffin himself who made some pretty nasty comments about myself at a venue in Nottingham in front of members and the previous Security team. I will not repeat what he had said but it was enough to make my mind up to resign along with everything else that had happened at the Trial.

When I contacted Nick Griffin about his comments he admitted he had said what he had been accused of saying and stated he was being bullied and that the questions he was being asked at the meeting were too much pressure for him. Nick Griffin had the cheek to apologise to me by txt message via a mobile phone.

I then txt Nick Griffin and asked if he would apologise in front of the members which he insulted me, and as you can imagine I heard nothing further concerning the apology only to receive another txt msg from him saying that it was not him to blame it was the security team for raising awkward questions and that I would understand who was really to blame once the dust had settled!!(passing the buck again)Well the dust has settled and I still know who is to blame!

If this man can not hold his temper whilst under pressure at one of his own meetings what sort of leader would he really be?

So while Nick Griffin continues to blacken my name by insulting me, after all the hard work I had done whilst being in Council and helping the people who had elected me, I will continue to speak out what sort of a man the people had voted in to be the leader of the BNP.

Angela Clarke

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and healthy-looking baby. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your beautiful daughter. This wee miracle is now the single most important thing in your lives (until the next one comes along of course) The first three are the worst then it's like shelling peas. I don't know what all the complaining is about during childbirth..i never felt a thing! All the best.
Sammy Shaw

The Thunderbolt said...


Now how about another one? :-)

D Michael

Vivo said...

Goon Arrow says there are only ten rebels.

How can he peddle such childish lies?

Anonymous said...


BTW - what happened about the Christmas Eve deadline for retractions?

Sheffield Loyal said...

Congratulations both of you , Mhairi looks a little angel .
I know boring old politics seem irrelevent at times like this but please look into your daughters eyes and remind youself why we fight it's not for money or position it's to secure a future for our children .

All the best .


Anonymous said...

Well done all!

It's sick (and yet so typical) that saddo creeps like GA can't even offer congratulations at a time like this.

They claim to care about a future for white children but it's just all ****.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all concerned.

And a special 'well done' to Nicholla. I certainly don't envy women for giving birth!

Anti-gag said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, change the name of the group to the 'ElectableBNP'.

The name 'realBNP' has Connotations of the Real IRA, And will put off anyone who was around in the 1970's and 80's.

The name 'ElectableBNP' would also say more about what you are trying to achieve.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. New life is a wonderous thing and a life changing event. It's ironic that this has come at a time, amidst all the problems, when new life is so much needed in the party and especially at the top. With one man calling so many tunes I consider the party has grown stale and is not the party of openess honesty I thought it was. New blood and new ideas are cut from the party and it plods on. Voters are not being inspired enough by the figurehead to vote for the B.N.P. and, after these recent events, Nick Griffin has way too much baggage in tow, including Collett.

Angela Clarke. said...

How are Nicholla and Mhairi ? hope they are both well.

Anonymous said...

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , change the name of the group to the 'ElectableBNP'.

The name 'realBNP' has Connotations of the Real IRA, And will put off anyone who was around in the 1970's and 80's." - Anti-Gag.

I agree with your comments regarding the 'RealBNP' sounding familiar to the Real IRA and the negative connotations that go with it but 'ElectableBNP' sounds so poor and amateurish. What's wrong with 'The New British National Party' or NBNP instead? It's honest and too the point.

Once again, congratulations to Nicholla and family!

Guessedworker said...

Congratulations to you both. There is nothing finer or more beautiful in life than parenthood (and it's only really hard for the first 15 to 17 weeks).

Oh, and don't stop at one.

Anti-gag said...

Some thoughts on the current problems:

I am hoping for more leadership from Sadie/Kenny after the New Year, I also think that the EiE web site needs more regular updates. I know that it is Christmas, and Nicholla & Kenny have just had a baby, also of course Sadie is pregnant, so I guess it’s understandable if leadership has been a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but this must change quickly in the new year.

I’ve been trying to get the modernising group’s name changed to the ElectableBNP, rather than the RealBNP which has connotations of the Real IRA I think.

I think at branch/group meeting, explaining that this is about whether the party can become fully electable without an effective management team, and with the Collett millstone around our necks, is the line to take. Mark Collett is not only a bad image for the party, but he has also destroyed any effective management structure, which he sees as a threat to what he perceives as his power base.

I think everyone who joins our modernising group, has different reasons for doing so. Or at least puts a slightly different priority on each the problems that we have been experiencing in recent years. But the one thing everyone seems to agree on is: Collett must go, and then we must develop a more effective middle management team. We have lost too many good people at that level for it to be just down to incompetent leadership by Griffin.

Far from destroying our party I’m convinced this current crisis will put an end to any remaining stigma of BNP membership, and will make us truly electable. This is a fight we must win.

Chris Hill

a man from brum said...

Congratulations Nicholla and Kenny on the birth of your daughter Mhairi Jean.
I have now come to the conclusion that the leadership despots will not recognise the serious shortcomings of the party. Real/Electable BNP have to take the initiative. It would appear there are enough ‘rebels’ to form a credible modern democratic nationalist political party which will be able to achieve wider support and success.

Anonymous said...

Surely a better name would be DBNP-Democratic BNP.
Isn't this what we are largely fighting for.
SDbnp is a bit long but I think many of us are Social democrats - we are there for the bottom 70% not the 'fat cats'.
We are the real representatives of the middle and working classes.
And proud to be so.

Cllr Chris said...

Mhaire is a most beautiful name.

RealBNP or ElectableBNP are most certainly not!

A party name needs some thought. You have to understand the psychology of the electorate. You have a chance to break free here. Any name with a nationalist sound will have a limited value. Be nationalist by all means (or, as I would rather say, prefering small government to one world super-powers). But be clever. No point in making sticks for your opponents to beat you with. After 27 years in active politics - and with detailed and specific experience in party names and constitutions - if anybody wants my input any time I'm sure you'll find me surprisingly useful if you do decide to go down this path. Do with it as you will. The offer's there.

Couldn't have thought of a better name for the new baby though. :-) I'm very pleased for you.

SW official said...

"Vivo said... Goon Arrow says there are only ten rebels. How can he peddle such childish lies?"

Green Arrow is an otherwise completely non-active individual who has only just joined the BNP.

He's had a lot to say about what BNP members should do ever since he began his narcissistic blog, while making damned sure that he was nowhere near the frontline himself.

He's a complete nonentity, always fishing for something complimentary from Uncle Nick. He reminds me of Gollum in Lord of the Rings, fawning over a sickened Frodo.

I don't take him seriously and neither should any other person with a record of real world activism.

Stop quoting him or mentioning him, and let him dribble his nonsense to himself and his invented posters.

But that's not the reason I'm here. There are a number of us in the south-west aching for you to show some leadership and start bringing things together. Please start asap, or this thing is going to disappear like clearing fog.

Anonymous said...

As time goes by, I'm beginning to feel as though I'm the only one who will actually walk away from the burglar party.
Having confronted the perpetrators myself and been expelled for it, the cheeky fraudsters had the nerve to send me a begging letter today.
Do they seriously think I want to fund criminals and liars who use our money for holiday homes and personal pensions.
A rubber cheque would be fitting but I'm better than that.

Forseti said...

All this talk about new names for a new party is all wrong. New parties face an incredibly steep uphill struggle. After the National Front disintegrated in the early 1980s it took years for the public to stop referring to the NF as Britain's nationalist party and become familiar with the name of the BNP.

Names such as New BNP and Democratic BNP sound good but will only confuse voters. What if BNP and DBNP candidates appear on the same ballot paper? No one will understand the difference and either the vote will be split or voters will give up and not bother.

There can only be one BNP and decent nationalists have to regain control and get rid of the incompetents and liabilities.

Anonymous said...

Forseti you are quite right.
I only posted the 'democratic' as a better alternative to the other choices.
This is a battle for the heart and soul of the party and one we must not lose for the sake of this country.

Anonymous said...

Just a small reminder to all still loyal to Nick Griffin.

He always laughed and suggested they were absurd when people refered to him as a nazi.

Look at the last couple of weeks. Bugging, criminal entry to someones property, using police to raid property.

Do you think he is still electable? His actions and stubborness will come back to haunt you. He has done so much damage, a crying shame.

stgeorge said...

I agree with FORSETI. But it was never about starting a new party, it was all about making Nick listen. The trouble now is that he has made such serious errors I don't know what comes next. We should all give Sadie, Kenny and co a little time to sort things out. Just remember, up until Christmas eve the ball was in Griffins court. Things have to move but 'Act in haste repent at leisure.

Anonymous said...

Having confronted the perpetrators myself and been expelled for it, the cheeky fraudsters had the nerve to send me a begging letter today.
Do they seriously think I want to fund criminals and liars who use our money for holiday homes and personal pensions.
A rubber cheque would be fitting but I'm better than that.


What did you think of the quality of it, a bit naff don't you think. I wonder who slung that together in an 'Emergency' The one I saw looked like some kid had been scribbling on the bottom of it.

Anti-gag said...

I’m sorry I think people have misunderstood my intention when I suggested the name ElectableBNP, I was not advocating the formation of a new party!

At least as far as I’m concerned that’s a none starter. The name was suggested as an alternative for the present pressure group’s name ie RealBNP.

I for one am not going to let the BNP, with its many thousands of decent members, fall into mark Collett’s hands. Not in 10 years, not in 15, not never! (OK a double negative I know, but you get my point.)

Griffin can be brought to the negotiation table even if it has to be in handcuffs. Sadie I hope will have that power very soon. Let’s us it for the good of our nation.


Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

"I agree with FORSETI. But it was never about starting a new party, it was all about making Nick listen. The trouble now is that he has made such serious errors I don't know what comes next. We should all give Sadie, Kenny and co a little time to sort things out. Just remember, up until Christmas eve the ball was in Griffins court. Things have to move but 'Act in haste repent at leisure."

Or don't act at all, repent permanently.

A lot of people have thrown their weight behind you. Show them some loyalty and ABOVE ALL some leadership.

Great, you've had a baby, congraultations, but let's get back to the real world of politics please.

Remember you're dealing with one of the most ruthless men ever to disgrace British Nationalism. If you or anybody else expects fairness or honour, forget it. Give into the urge to compromise and yuo will be destroyed, and deservedly so.

Griffin has to go and you know it.

So stop pussyfooting around and do it!

Pissed off South-East fundholer.

Anonymous said...

anonimous said

Griffin has to go and you know it.

So stop pussyfooting around and do it!

Pissed off South-East fundholer.


Are you under the impression that you can just say 'Oi Griffin piss off' We would all like too I know but unfortunately there's a thing called procedure and you can't go against it, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Nick Griffin has dug himself in so deep he may not be shifted until next June as I understand it and anyway I don't know who you think you are addressing but I am not EiE I'm simply posting a comment.

Anonymous said...


What did you think of the quality of it, a bit naff don't you think. I wonder who slung that together in an 'Emergency' The one I saw looked like some kid had been scribbling on the bottom of it.

The reality of losing many subscriptions has struck Herr Griffin.

The poor quality of the letter shows it was rushed through.

Sorry Griff but you chose to expel me and shut me up so it's your problem now.

Like The Roman said...

Many congratulations and a Happy New Year to you both!

Martin said...

congratulations kenny and nicholla,the hard work is over now you have the joy of parenthood

Happy New Year too you all

Martin from Glasgow

John D. said...

Congratulations, two more deserving people I could not think of. Bringing new life into the world is the most amazing thing and into a nationalist household is even better.
I hope Mhairi doesn't keep you up too much through the night.