Monday, 10 December 2007

BNP officials hit back after expulsions

Does the BNP really exist tonight as a functioning organisation?

The answer can only be no after the resignation of the most senior officials in five of the parties 13 regions. There are more in the pipeline too, but as it stands Scotland and Ulster have been left without leadership as have three of the most effective regions in England.

4 Councillors have so far become independent nationalist councillors, the Web Editor, the Leader of the YBNP, the no.2 in Security, the head of merchandise and 2 of the most senior departmental heads (despite Simon Darby & Co's lie that they were junior officials) have been forced out.

No less than 5 of the party's Advisory Council (AC) members have resigned so far and another 2 former AC members have also come out in support of Sadie and Kenny, including the former Deputy Chairman of the party, Scott McLean, who was set to return as Scottish Regional Organiser at the Scottish Regional Council meeting held on Sunday before the region's officials agreed unanimously to resign their posts.

There are many more to come from all over England, Scotland and Wales and from national, regional and local levels.

Had Griffin sacked Collett and Hannam on Sunday instead there wouldn't have been a single resignation, bar maybe that of John Walker, but then again he has no principles so he probably won't have backed his comrades.


Anonymous said...

Holy smoke no wonder Griffin is frantically phoning round the country losing his cool with people. The most surprising people are now coming out in support of Kenny and Sadie.

Anonymous said...

Yes even people they have not always seen eye to eye with are supporting them, because they know they are honest dedicated nationalists and not useless egotists like Collett and co.

Anonymous said...

I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has phoned, text and emailed me over the past two days to give me their full support. I have been overwhelmed by the enormous and sincere response that I have received from people all over the country. It has given me tremendous strength and hope. I am thankful that so many of you saw through the lies and know my true beliefs and morals, which would never stand in the way for my fight for the freedom of this country. I truly believe that together we can save this party. After all, this is what we have all worked so hard for over many years. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure people that I am not stepping out of nationalist politics. The truth will prevail despite malicious lies that are being spread by Nick Griffin.

I am not a liar.

I have never stolen money from this party.

I have never claimed expenses for anything other than direct party costs.

I am not a red and have never leaked any information to reds.

I have not planned a coup.

I have never sought to take power or control of this party.

All those of you who know me or met me will know that this is nothing but the truth.
Thank you for standing by our side.

Cllr Sadie Graham

Anonymous said...

Look at that list, these are top quality people downing tools.

BNPJack said...

" This site is not meant as attack on the BNP "

Is this still the case, as this blog and the events has caused more damage, bad feeling and so much division in such a short space of time. It must be the most negative thing to happen to The BNP in years

Anonymous said...

in the last 2 days i,ve had phone call after phone call from people in my region nottinghamshire/ derbyshire and almost to a man, if sadie is not reinstated and collet expelled, they will leave the party.this is so sad as this area has been built up over the last 6 or 7 years to where it is now .we now have hundreds of members and many more supporters . many good activist has braved all sorts of weather intimidation and other deprivations and if this is all going to be lost because our chairman cant see (or darent)just what collet is to the party then this is (in our area) the saddest thing ever to happen to the nationalist cause. has the last 7 years really been worth it?????

Anonymous said...

Notes From The Borderland Issue 5 page 62.

Assets come in many shapes and sizes. Such as the charming Sadie Graham. Hailing originally from Brighton, she surfaced in the mid-1990's hunt-sabbing and anarcho-punk scene. Sadie worked for three years at a local law firm (Des Murphys) specialising in animal rights cases and even briefly took up (as reportedly did she) the Gandalf conspiracy case. Now a student at Nottingham University, Ms Graham apparently underwent a Damascene political conversion in 2000, and is a fervent BNP member and local election candidate. Indeed, her (Broxtowe) result in May 2003 was a creditable 43.36%, by far the best BNP East Midlands showing. A valued member of the partys crack by-election canvassing team, Ms Graham may well be just another former Leftist who has crossed over to the enemy camp, even though this switch of allegiance was not mentioned in a recent positive Daily Express profile when surely relevant. Set against this is a disturbing claim that Ms Graham not only gets on very well with the local constabulary (as she did in Brighton) but is also spoken of in glowing terms deep inside the Searchlight organisation, though never featuring in their tawdry magazine. Indeed, this would seem to be borne out both by the Express article (given the BNP series came largely from Searchlight) and the absence of any Nottingham University (or Anti-Nazi League) campaign against Ms Graham, unlike other prominent BNP students such as Lawrence Rustem, Mark Collett and Tony Wentworth. Ms Grahams affiliations are no secret - her candidature was announced on the Nottingham University website. One for Ross Bradshaw perhaps?

Since this is old news perhaps Sadie or someone in the know could say what her response to it was at the time which satisfied Griffin et al that she was not a state/searchlight asset.

Mark Wain said...

"Is this still the case, as this blog and the events has caused more damage, bad feeling and so much division in such a short space of time. It must be the most negative thing to happen to The BNP in years"

Would you prefered that everyone just hold their hands over their eyes and pretend everything is fine? Come on! The division has been there for ages, it just took Saide et al's action for people to act upon what they already know.

Remember one thing, the division was caused by Griffin's inaction, not Sadie et al's pro-action.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,
I have just read your post and, although I am not a big fish in the pond and I like and enjoy the company of NG, I also have principles. What has been done to Sadie, Kenny and Steve is outrageous. I have been party to discussions with NG with the above three most honest and honourable people you could ever meet and I found it beyond belief that NG could support Collett,Walker and Hannam. Please do not ignore the fact that NG is very intelligent, amazingly sharp witted and head and shoulders above any other politician which therefore makes it all the more extraordinary why he should put all that he has worked for in jeopardy. I find it incredibly sad that I, and many others, have been boxed into a corner like this. If only you knew how much we have all worked to avoid this denouement.
This is a watershed for the Party.
Good sense, honesty and British values will prevail, not hubris and South African imports.

Anonymous said...

It is with a genuinely sad heart that I will be submitting my resignation in the morning.
Sadie Graham convinced me that I should join this party, she persuaded me to stand as a candidate and she encouraged me to take on the role of Organiser. Along with Ian Dawson, Sadie has given me tremendous support in building the Ashfield Group.
I feel its time that debt is repaid.
Michael Clarke
Ashfield Organiser.

Briesach said...

Well from a very new BNP members prospective. I can't comprehend the logic of your thinking that by abandoning ship you will somehow endear you to the thousands of new members like myself.
I would have thought by sheer weight of numbers you had an excellent opportunity at conference to demand an emergency debate. But then are you heavy in numbers by way of officers rather than troops.

All you have done is hand a wonderful gift to the media.

Anonymous said...

The work Sadie and Kenny have done for this party is incredible. The hard work and dedication they have shown to making the BNP the force it is today is not seen by all the people, but believe me they have pounded more pavements, banged on more doors, driven untold miles at horrible hours of the day or night, just to spread the good word. Usually with little or no thanks. Nicer, more hard working people with a love of their country, you could not find. How are they repaid? Sacked for pointing out, and taking a stand on the issue everyone else is too shy / embarresed / afraid to approach - getting shut of the most hated man in nationalism. Not so long ago the security lads paid the price for asking too many questions. Others since have tried to find out what hold the reptile has on Nick - all to no avail. Well now it's time to reap what you sow. I have seen txt messages from the chairman making all sors of strange and erratic claims - reds, mi5, theives, informers - you know, the usual run of the mill lies, well people have seen through this, on this occasion, and it goes to prove you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
All of our people here are pulling away fron the party, and we know many more regions feel the same.
Bugging houses and conversations were the work of the stasi and KGB in the day. Shame on you Nick, especially after your Oxford Uni circus, debating FREE SPEECH !!

Money and power is corrupting - but these good people survive on a pittance, doing others bidding, and would never dream of taking a penny that was ear marked for the party. The only people who benefit are those at the top - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

A sad day, but the truth is out at last.


Libertas said...

I do fear that if NG backs down, and simply repositions himself for the future, we will be going through all this again later on. Like many, I have great admiration for his abilities, but I do believe that he has consistently revealed very poor judgement and that that, as it is this day, has threatened to tear apart the party. Consequently I can no longer support him, irrespective of whether, faced with the meltdown of his party, he relents. Nor can I be confident that it wouldn't just be a ploy to gain time and a better position. Things should have been done long ago, and it's too late now, in my view. I have also been concerned recently about a post that appeared on Barne's blog, saying that Ebanks and any other nationalist who 'attack' the BNP will be executed for treason if the BNP gets into power. I am all for giving traitors who have sold our country down the river the punishment they deserve, but when leaders of a political party openly boast that they are going to even scores with people who criticise their party, I grow very concerned.

Anonymous said...

The very recent leadership election had the following result I believe. Griffin 91%, 3363; Jackson 9%, 337. Turnout 43%.

Why are no more than a couple of the 3363 of members who formally backed Nick Griffin so recently amongst the posters on this blog? Have they all abandoned Griffin or is the simple truth that this blog is full of bull?

Libertas said...

you'll probably find that most of people on here voted for NG. I certainly didn't want someone taking the party backwards. But nor do I want someone taking it forwards who's just going to make it self-destruct afterwards. This hasn't just come out of nowhere - I've been expecting something like this to happen, and hoping that it never would. What's wrong with setting up a blog with links to You Tube? If the man didn't make a fool of himself and the party, and give our enemies every reason to think the worst of us, there wouldn't have been anything to link to. They didn't create those videos you know? People are still going on about the channel four documentary. What are we supposed to say? 'Well he's not really represenative but he just happens to be one of our top leaders'? I don't believe we can win the country if we hold on to people like that. We will never be trusted. If I did think we could still win, I would bite my lip and keep going on, as Green Arrow and others say we must. We don't have the option of losing, but I do not believe we can't win the way we're going. It'll just be the familiar pattern of victory followed by defeat, discouragement, and infighting. Yes, these things happen, but not on the scale we seem to be used to. Our wounds are self-inflicted. Why aren't people voting for the party en masse, with things as bad as they are? Because we are not credible. That has to change or our children are finished. No, it's not the authors of this blog who are responsible - this has been in the works a long time.

Anonymous said...

Theyre fighting an election on Thursday

Anonymous said...

A question for Nick to judge how good a leader he is being, regarding the issues raised.

Who would the REDS love to see leave the BNP the most,

1. Sadie?
2. Mark Collett?

so Nick do you think you have backed the wrong horse?

who do you think has the most negative BNP wikipedia result

1. Sadie?
2. Mark Collect?

So again Nick do you think you have backed the wrong horse?

perhaps it is time to listen to the party Nick, not the sycophants.

Sadie you went about this the wrong way, you have been a complete fool who has damaged the party and most probably your political career.

who could ever trust you after this?

we can only hope that something good will come of this.

But Nick you brought this on yourself with many stupid paranoid decisions. You need to make ALL the changes the PARTY are calling for and fast or you will be history.

it was once said and you agreed Nick that you are our greatest asset and our greatest liability.
fix the liability side by listening to the members and we may just have a party that can win the country back.

now people back to the main issue to keep you focussed, what result would the reds hate the most from all of this?

1. Mark collett and crew gone, it could be put to a vote.

2. Sadie and Co reinstated though demoted and given a final warning.
again it could be put to a vote.

3. south africans etc pushed out of the party and only called upon as potential guest speakers. again it could be put to a vote.

4. a more democratic high post system.

now those 4 measures would scare the crap out of the left and turn this into a day of celebration.



Libertas said...

I still can't see that setting up a blog to try to have a very damaging element removed from the party - an element that could destroy us - can be seen as anything other than a legitimate last resort. Compared to what Collett has done, it pales into utter insignificance.

Libertas said...

I have been wrestling with my own thoughts recently. Not that I believe anything bad has been done by the authors of this blog - on the contrary the manner in which they have been demonised as 'treasonous', the way in which Steve Blake was sacked as web editor without any official action, the allegations about staging coups and working with searchlight, the bugging of phones, the burglary of homes (which actually I thought was way off - a silly rumour - at first) has left my respect for the current leadership in tatters. Is there any going back? If Nick sees sense, and reconciles with his old friends, agrees to become accountable to the advisory council and to not give special protection to anyone, or over-rule the disciplinary process - in short, if he becomes the person he should be, can we, for the sake of our short window of opportunity, move on? Or do we need to make sure this never happens again? What about Barne's boast to have Ebanks and others executed for treason (I kid you not)? Is this the kind of people we want in leadership? I have thought that Nick was the best thing that could happen to nationalism - so skilled, so articulate, so intelligent, and I thought sincere. I don't know what way everything will go; I only pray that there is a glorious future for nationalism, and that our fortunes will have changed for the better as a result of these past few days. If he reconciles, he risks losing control at the next leadership election; if he refuses, he risks tearing the party apart. If a balance of power agreement could be reached, whereby he has to submit to the party workings without interference - a more limited chairman role - but with an agreement that there would be no leadership elections within the next two years or something like that. I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud, and many of you have far better understanding of the inner working and feasibility of things then I am ever likely to have. Has he completely destroyed any trust and credibility by his lack of action in the past and over-reactions now, or is there a chance to rescue the Nick we have come to love and admire?

Anonymous said...

BNPJack said...

" This site is not meant as attack on the BNP "

Is this still the case, as this blog and the events has caused more damage, bad feeling and so much division in such a short space of time. It must be the most negative thing to happen to The BNP in years.

The 3 scumbags are not the BNP and neither is Griffin. Apart from his little clique (3 scumbags, Kemp and Darby) there is hardly a clamour of people jumping to Collett, Hannam and Walker's defence. Griffin has brought this situation on himself and it is time he sorted the situation or stood aside.

Anonymous said...

Briesach said...

Well from a very new BNP members prospective. I can't comprehend the logic of your thinking that by abandoning ship you will somehow endear you to the thousands of new members like myself.
I would have thought by sheer weight of numbers you had an excellent opportunity at conference to demand an emergency debate. But then are you heavy in numbers by way of officers rather than troops.

What a lot of rubbish. We are not abandoning ship we are doing tools until the captain at the helm sees sense. We will not help him drive the ship onto the rocks. Read the blog. We tell people not to abandon ship.

You are probably a troll if you think the BNP was top heavy. We are always crying out for more officials because we have so many members who want to be lead rather than become local organisers themselves.

If you are an ordinary member do some research before spouting your mouth off!

Anonymous said...

Some of us who have been involved with the BNP for some time know that those expelled or vilified have attempted to deal with their concerns in the correct way i.e. through party channels and not in the public eye. They have not been listened to and through sheer frustration have had to take the extra-ordinary steps they have. They are not anti-BNP but consider the current leadership to be tearing us apart. We need to unite behind Sadie and Kenny etc to show our support and by doing so perhaps, just perhaps, the leadership will listen and take note and do the honourable thing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves and should ask why Nick Griffin feels he needs to support those who are obviously such a liability to the BNP and the Nationalist movement? It certainly isn't a case of putting the cause first.

Bill Henderson said...

Very intelligent posts, Libertas

I agree wholeheartedly

Anonymous said...

Colleagues and former colleagues

The British National Party has had a brilliant five years and we have made massive progress. There can be no doubt we had a winning team and that came about because we were all working together towards the same goals.

And that is the key - working together. We don't choose our political colleagues, they are just people who feel the same way as we do and are working towards the same ends. During my thirty years in politics I have worked alongside some very good people and some that are not so good. You just have to get on with the job. In time, the not so good people tend to drop away and those who are good at their jobs progress further. But it has to be a natural process and not one that comes about because of the victimisation of individuals.

Sadie Graham and Ian Dawson were amongst the best I have worked with and I'm sorry to see them go. But you cannot behave as they have done and remain within the Party. You can't hold the membership of this Party to ransom by demanding other colleagues be sacked and then when this doesn't happen by working with our political opponents to try bring about their demise. You cannot try to hound colleagues out of office just because you don't like them or because, in your opinion, they don't do their job very well.

So there will have to be changes to our winning team which, although disappointing, does give other hard-working nationalist coming through the ranks a chance to show what they can do. And that might be a good thing. It shuffles the pack and new 'Sadie's' and 'Ian's' will emerge and continue to take the Party forward.

Of course our opponents are rubbing their hands at our current difficulties but that is to be expected. They have known that with our success with the electorate at the moment the only way that our progress can be stopped is by internal division . . and that is what they now have. Whether this set-back is serious or not is down to the membership of the BNP.

A lady from the East Midlands called me yesterday, she was very depressed about the turn of events and asked me for advice. I told her that I get through such difficult times by just concentrating on my job - winning over new recruits to the British National Party. My political history is littered with former colleagues, but that is the nature of nationalist politics. It happens because to be a nationalist you have to have a strong personality to buck the political trend of joining one of the establishment parties, and strong personalities tend to clash.

To leave on a positive note I can say that many of my colleagues who became former colleagues are now back as colleagues again because what we are working for, a Nationalist Britain, is a cause that is so close to all our hearts that in the end personal disagreements have to be put aside.

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow
Stop trying to be an important factor in this

You not.

You have only just joined the BNP
You are also unknown by most and will run to Griffin and co the first opportunity you get.

You are not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see the growing list of names supporting this action on our behalf, those with the courage to say what we have all been thinking.

This also gives an insight into the qualities of those who are keeping quiet and have said nothing....

Which list are you in?

Barry Taylor - Milton Keynes

The Green Arrow said...

anon 11:16

You know nothing of my service to the cause of Nationalism or why I have been out of the mainstream or who I am.

I act only to bring about a peaceful solution. There are those out there who try to prevent a reconciliation taking place for their own ends.

A reconciliation is more than a possibility if both sides are prepared to trust me on this.

I give all of you my word of honour on that.

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow

I know you have only been in the BNP for 5 mins refusing to join until recently.

So how can you show any loyalty or impartiality?

Nobody knows who you are.

And what they do know is that you are firmly lodged up the back passage of Nick Griffin

Anonymous said...

Enough is Enough haven't worked with the Reds!

The Green Arrow said...

It is true that I support Nick Griffin 100% but that does not mean I support him unconditionally.

I can assure you that in this matter I am completely impartial and act only in the interests of the party.

Only our enemies benefit from this business. It must end now.

Have you checked out the BNP website header lately?

Anonymous said...

GA has never been a regional official, never sat on the AC hwo the fuck does he know what any of these officials have been through trying to sort this out internally over the last few years. Kenny and Sadie were being forced out because they spoke out at these meetings. I asked and they don't even know who you are so stop trying to play the big shot.

Anonymous said...

GA is an internet warrior in my book.
GA are you a local official?

The Green Arrow said...

All valid concerns guys. But all I want is peace. I do not know Sadie or Kenny or Collett.

I have worked alone for decades.

However what harm is there in Sadie emailing me at or getting my other email from Chris Hill or the Aberdeen Organiser who at least know a bit of my history.

I assure you I can help resolve this matter.

I know that trust is in short supply at the moment but believe me I am different. I give you my word of honour. That is the only thing of value I have in my life other than my country.

Anonymous said...

If you are so trustworthy why not post your other email address on here for all to see?

It seems the general feeling about you is mistrust

Anonymous said...


Do NOT open any emais from Green Arrow

Delete them immediately UNREAD

They potentiallc contain virii, trojans or other malware

If yoy do want to read whatever he has to say, have him email the message through a trusted third party who can relay the contents of the email

Anonymous said...

Great to see Chris Beverley on the list.

His name adds some real substance to this

I presume his wife who is also a cllr has followed suit?

EnoughIsEnough said...

Bill, we have removed your advertisement of your forum because we don't know you and because this blog already exists for people to air their dissent. We don't need another forum.

Anonymous said...

I am neither an official nor a councillor although I did stand for council in May.
Have recruited people, canvassed leafletted, helped in other area's elections, and for a long time now have been disgusted with the whole mess at the top of the pile.
I signed Chris Jackson's nomination papers and have spoken a few times with Mike Easter.
A lovely, courteous gentleman who has spent many years in nationalism only to be booted out on some trumped up charge.

I have had a few 'issues' with Kenny Smith a good while ago and he was not on my Christmas card list. But and that is a big but...I never doubted his honesty and integrity and his commitment.
Although I have a huge respect for my local branch and we are a great bunch of hardworking people, those at the top have been, are, and will be if not checked the total ruination of the BNP.
So I have nothing to resign, (although I would if I could), but I have for a while thought of resigning from the party, but cannot be sure as I still cling on to the idea that changes could be possible, but a serious break away group, could maybe a Phoenix rising from the ashes.
To Britain's Future.

And a rousing hurrah for those who are standing up to be counted.

Very best wishes to Sadie and Kenny

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow

Why are you so pushy?

Why are you so eager to promote yourself as peacemaker?

We do not need your help or your offer to sort things out.

Nobody is interested leave it alone

Anonymous said...

Green Arrow has his head so far up Griffins ass, you'd be hard pushed to see where he ends and Griffin starts...
Trust him at your peril

Chris Hill, what a shithouse...

Regards to Kenny and Sadie and thank God there are so many decent people in nationalism who are supporting them

Anonymous said...

What a mess. Hard to know what to do. Sad thing is that we 'were' starting to make real progress. Regardless of the issues involved, this can only set us back. We need someone to resolve this now! Give us some direction and the foot soldiers like myself will follow. At the moment we are all at sea. Please, for the sake of the cause.

Albion1983 said...

Sadie and Kenny were wrong to set up a blog attacking fellow party officials but they did not deserve to be sacked because of it.

The party website alleges other things too, I'll like to see the proof.

Anonymous said...

Phew...after reading so many opinions my head is spinning.

Like a fellow poster I to signed Chris Jackson's nomination paper, not becuase I think he could do the job any better than NG but because I thought our present Chairman needed pulling up. Unfortunately, a majority of members gave NG a free hand once again.

Anyway, I have recently resigned as a branch fund holder so I've nothing to resign,however, I would if I could. I don't know any thing about Mark Collett apart from the fact he's a spiv, however, from day to day dealings with Dave Hannan I can honestly say that the man is unable to do his job to the standard that is required.

Anonymous said...

I was the Party's online payments officer for over a year and worked in very close contact with Kenny Smith. Take it from one who knows, he is a stickler for financial propriety and is no thief.

Anonymous said...

What has happened may seem a tragedy, but it could prevent a far worse situation.

Consider the following scenario:

1.) The BNP spends £500,000 and succeeds in getting Nick Griffin elected to the European Parliament;

2.) After his election, Nick Griffin then decides he can dispense with the party, or at least a large part of it.

Griffin has a track record of wrecking nationalist parties - look at the split in the National Front in 1985/6 from which it never really recovered. The document, "Attempted Murder: the state/reactionary plot..." written by NG and available online provides an important insight into his character.

All local units should sit tight, but refuse to send money to Regional Accounting and, if necessary, run candidates as Independent Nationalists in May.

If even half of what has been reported is true, the criminal law should deal with Griffin in due course.

On an entirely separate subject, I know little about Sadie Graham, but I recall a former Regional Organiser of the National Front attempting to join the hunt saboteurs. It is not my cause, but it certainly is not incompatible with being a nationalist and former membership is hardly evidence of being a secret red or MI5.

Anonymous said...

After being at the recent Kimberley meeting in Nottinghamshire i saw first hand the arrogance of Griffin. It was quite obvious that Nick had no regard for members within the meeting and after the stunts him and his bum boys have performed then it is also obvious that he shits on some of the harder working people within the party. I will not re new my membership.

Libertas said...

Another split. Many will not go back now. Perhaps this'll just slow down the BNP for a time. I hope something worthwhile comes out of this. But I can't follow Griffin and Co after this. Why are people still condemning others for setting up a website using public information, but not either his behaviour (which they didn't make up) or the paramilitary response from the leadership, with people being fired via text messages and people's houses getting burgled? Griffin should have led us to victory. There's no going back for me. I hope something new and worthy of the name of nationalism emerges - something that can win the hearts of the people without the stigma of the past.

Anonymous said...

Well said West Mids.

The whole hunt sab business is typical of Larry O'Hara's paranoia, because of his links to the extreme end of the animal rights movement.

Of course there's no contradiction between hunt sabbing and nationalist politics. I can think of a longstanding nationalist in the North West, and another in the Milton Keynes area who have been hunt sabbers.

Apart from anything else, if there was thought to be any substance in O'Hara's charges against Sadie, why did the Griffinites not investigate the issues before now?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I love all the "anonymous"s here that shout abuse and get all excitable so easily. My name will be at the end of this comment.
For the record, I have NOT resigned my membership of the British National Party, and nor do I plan to, despite what this blogsite says about people resigning in support of them.
I DO indeed stand side-by-side with Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham etc because I've known, worked with and trusted these people for longer than I can remember. I do NOT like the tactics used by the Party leadership in bugging phones etc. And I don't like this unequal use of the Party's disciplinary codes and constitution.
2008 will be my 12th consecutive year of membership of the BNP, and I have worked as hard as anyone else for the Party's success, perhaps moreso seeing as I provided the Electoral Commission with four years worth of precise audited figures for the Regions and Branches section of the Party.
I hope to see more success in the future, but we will seriously have to sort this mess out - and fast!
Mark Payne,
Former Assistant National Treasurer.

Anonymous said...

"Apart from anything else, if there was thought to be any substance in O'Hara's charges against Sadie, why did the Griffinites not investigate the issues before now?

11 December 2007 16:30"

I hear Collett has been slowly drip feeding people with O'haras story for a couple of months building up to being able to use it against Sadie. Collett is a manipulating piece of filth.

millie said...

One of the reasons I joined the British National Party was Sadie Graham.I found her to be a true Nationalist,honest and intelligent.
When I heard that Sadie,Kenny and Nicolla had been expelled from the party I was disgusted.I have heard so many distortions of the truth in the last two days I felt that I had to take drastic action.
I resigned from quite a few positions today.When I was asked to give my allegiance to party officials and go against the person I know is honest and sincere, that it when I decided that enough was enough.
I am still a Nationalist but wonder why the party we all fought so hard for decided to expel the true Nationalists and keep hold of the people who bring doubt into peoples minds.
Mary Clifton.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said


Oh really, and what about the responses on Darbys blog when the kacka hit the ventilation system. Seven! yes just seven posts. Simone must have deleted hundreds to try and fool the general readership rather than show what a glorious egg on face cock up they have all made at H.Q.(Hind Quarters) so get a brain and read between the lines with anything that is on the B.N.P. web site regarding this issue, they are on a damage limitation mission. The lies will come thick and fast, doccuments on Sadies computor will be altered and no amount of slease will be added. That's what people do when their backs are against the wall....

Anonymous said...

Regarding the notes from the Borderlands article and the implication Sadie is 'state',

There has been and still are similar allegations about Darby. How did Darby reassure NG about that?

Suddenly almost everyone in the BNP is state.

It has been suggested NG himself is too so why stop at dragging up old news about Sadie without balancing it with the same allegations about other people in the party.

Anonymous said...

I have today emailed Griffin resigning as E Mids Press Officer and Regional Education and Training Officer.

Also I have asked for an explanation to an email addressed to him headed "you reap what you sow"

I look forward to seeing his answer to this email.

Anonymous said...

My membership expires on Dec 31 and will not be renewed until a satisfactory resolution is agreed.
The Party cannot achieve success run as a dictatorship. The BNP Forum is being managed to stifle the truth.
Entering a private house and removing anything without the owners permission is not acceptable to me for whatever reason.
Therefore I resign as Fundholder for NW Leicestershire and declare myself Independent District Councillor from January 1 2008.

Graham Partner NW Leicestershire

Anonymous said...

The far left and their Islamic patsies are rubbing their hands in glee because of all this infighting. Oh well, I guess my new baby son will have to bail out Britain when he and the rest of his American class mates reach 18 and Europe is plunged into war again. I was hoping that the BNP would be a great choice for the UK. It's such a shame to watch a once great nation commit suicide. Why is it that whenever dictators, the islamic menace raises its ugly head in Europe the Europeans only act at the last minute? I may be blind but you just had 3 foiled islamic attacks, 1 mass attack in london and the far left are taking over every institute in the UK. You need to wake up, work together or you will lose a really great nation.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in not the far left. He is establishment Tory who is capitulating before the next election to allow a cameron win just like the wrecking of the NF before Thatcher was elected.

History is repeating itself aided by one Nicholas Gri££in esquire, the father of whom was an MI5 agent and a respected member of the political establishment.

It's hard for American observers to understand the quirks of old school tie British politics.