Monday, 24 December 2007

Bev's Story

I may have been kept in the dark and fed on s**t but I am not a mushroom!

I have not been part of the ‘in clique’, drinking club or any other circle Nick gathers around him - so I simply digest what is placed before me, as do the vast majority of party members, our supporters and opposition alike. Some information I pursue, some I ignore as propaganda, and some I skip over – we all have our own approach to internal news/propaganda.

What Nick and his team of intelligence gatherers have overlooked is this very fact. We are in the dark, we only saw what was on our own BNP website, and we reacted accordingly. We are all free thinkers, and are not inclined to be easily led; the very reason most of us joined the party in the first place. In the absence of any other information I did not sit in a vacuum, I made the most informed decision I could – and that was based on our own web article.

The next most logical step for me was to ask Nick to explain things in person. This was duly organised, and the first ‘road show ‘was presented. I had expected a debate, an argument and even a few temper outbursts – the fiasco that unfolded did nothing to restore my confidence, and all I came out with was the knowledge that I had looked Nick in the face and told him how I felt.

In the aftermath of a very solid backlash of protest, the party leadership hasten to lay before us proof of all manner of intrigue and skulduggery. Trying to justify the illegal actions that the party has been involved in simply makes matters worse, and turns those ‘on the fence’ into members who resign, or resist.

I feel the current situation we are in appears to be based on unresolved internal conflicts. This combined with a succession of incidents have led members to feel dissatisfied with the quality of party management in the past few months. I believe there is too much emphasis being placed on the Collet/Hannam/Sadie/Kenny problem which distracts us from our real concerns, which include the following

1. The leadership challenge – I signed Chris Jackson’s nomination form, and was very surprised to be told by a fellow activist that this was a bad idea, because ‘nobody who signs Jackson’s nomination will get anywhere in the BNP’. I go out every year as a candidate, knock on the doors of complete strangers and ask them to sign nomination forms for me – am I to be such a hypocrite that I will not sign one for a BNP member? There are too many members who fall in to the whisper campaigns for fear of reprisals – even now, there are members who tell us that they do not want to resign, but support us privately – what kind of a party is this? Who are they scared of?

2. Jonathan Bowden’s resignation and the circumstances surrounding it left many members feeling uneasy - mostly because we keep losing members of his calibre .There is also a widespread belief that Nick could have intervened in the website that was set up to defame Jonathan. (Yes, even although the authors were not party members. Nick does after all seem to have a number of non members at his beck and call… our legal chaffinch for example).

3. The leadership victory – I felt the Identity magazine article, and subsequent blog comments about Chris Jackson and his supporters to be appallingly bad management and not worthy of Nick Griffin. We are a democratic party: we allow for leadership challenges in our constitution and when the election is over we all have to WORK TOGETHER. How do you achieve that by calling leadership challengers vermin, and having members feeling threatened?

4. The late submission of accounts to the audit commission – I had regular donors telling me they were not prepared to sink any more money in to the BNP while we accumulate fines by the day. There is a significant loss of confidence in the Treasury Department.

5. The road show/pantomime – the very fact we need one at all must be indicative of widespread grumbling.

6. There is no room for criticism of leadership decisions any more. Nick and his henchmen expect blind loyalty without question. Loyalty also lies with those who are brave enough to try and save you from your follies.

As to my membership suspension – I shall write to inform the party that I will attend a disciplinary tribunal – given that my expulsion has been publicised on the BNP home page, “I expect a fair and open trial before being hanged.” The resignation letter which I circulated is attached below.

Nick has claimed he undertook all of these actions ‘for the good of the party’. I claim the same privilege. Let’s clean out all of the rotten mess, kick out the thugs and thieves and move on as a decent nationalist movement.

I would like it to be known that party security does not have my permission to enter my home. Not even if the door is open. Not if the wind changes direction. Not if the cat blinks twice and definitely not if I am not there.

Commercial Plug

On to a more practical note – I did offer to help Arthur Kemp with the sourcing and distribution of the ‘Muhammad Bears’ – this was a brilliant political stunt, and I was delighted to hear that we had sold over 90 in the first day. Arthur was astonished at the sales, but together we arranged for the purchase of some more teddy bears and prepared to fill the order.

The unfortunate announcement by the BNP press officer that I am in the ‘hard line neo-Nazi’ clique somewhat diminished my desire to offer any further assistance (also the idea of being ‘set up’ also crossed my mind – funny how that happens when you are out on a limb).

I subsequently find myself the owner of rather a lot of fluffy bears! Now those I purchased on my own credit card, and have not been refunded for. They are mine (John Walker please note) and I would like to sell them on to raise some funds for the Family Defence Appeal. The protest bears are for sale via eBay at £4.50. For each bear we sell I will take £1 to cover my own costs, I will donate £2 to the appeal the rest is for p&p.

I join my peers in defiant exile.

Bev Jones


“Statement to North West Members and officials

Dear Friends

In the last week the BNP has been thrown into turmoil over the incredibly bad handling of an internal discipline problem. There are many tales, rumours and finger pointing doing the rounds and the opposition are using every opportunity to use this against us. There is much made of plots, sabotage, infiltrators, spies and secret agents – paranoia abounds!

In brief, Cllr Sadie Graham, the head of group development, and Kenny Smith, head of administration were removed from their posts following an investigation by the BNP's "intelligence team" which recorded a conversation on her phone and then tricked its way into her home (the neighbour let them in, thinking they were there to collect newspapers) and took away computers and other office equipment (some of which was her own personal property).

I do not know what the circumstances were that culminated in this action, nor do I believe it to be particularly relevant when assessing the damage caused to the party. Simply put, if we are the kind of party who resorts to bugging phones and stealing from our own members, then we are no different from the rest. The added stupidity of blazoning this across the front page of our own website is staggering. We then compound matters further by reading private emails that her ward members have sent her.

Nick Griffin was invited to an emergency meeting with North West officials last Wednesday to explain what has happened. I do not accept his explanation that we can justify these actions ‘for the good of the cause’. The cause IS good decent family values among our own kind.

I have decided to resign all of my official party positions to Mr Griffin this evening, but retain my party membership. In doing this I join David Jones, Richard Chadfield and more than 50 other organisers and officials who have decided to take strike action against this situation and demand that sacked officials are re-instated immediately so that the issues can be sorted out behind closed doors. We will then be able to continue our electioneering with a very strong moral advantage.

The ex- regional press officer, David Jones has posted this response on the Tamesidecitizen blog

The people named have NOT resigned from the BNP, they have resigned various party positions and roles but are still in the party. They have resigned in protest at the unacceptable actions of the party leadership. (see )

Question. When was the last time a member of the Labour Party resigned on a matter of principle in protest at unacceptable behaviour BY HIS OR HER PARTY LEADERSHIP?

They have plenty of unacceptable behaviour to go at!

Yours sincerely

Bev Jones

North West Fundraiser”


Anonymous said...

At last a sensible list. The legal chaffinch has gone mental with all his lists. Has he got an OCD?

north west fundholder - ex said...

Great post Bev. To the point and very factual. You are right that this situation is far bigger than any groups or factions of peple. This is about the whole mis-management of the party and the fact that Nick Griffin has allowed this to happen in front of his very eyes. Great idea with the bears I will certainly be buying one. Keep up the great work and well done for making a stand.

Anonymous said...

Bev you are a credit to the BNP! I'm with you, Sadie, Matt, Kenny and all the other BNP loyalists standing against Griffin's gang of liars and 'yes' men.

Angie. said...

Well doe Bev, remember the song 'All Stand Together' well it shows the strength within each of us to support each other in times like this.

bandicoot said...

A very decent and honourable post Bev.
I signed Chris Jackson's nomination papers and was impressed with Mike Easter's quiet and courteous honesty.

Please spare a thought for those nationalists and hardworking activists who woke up sooner and realised the structure of the party was flawed.
That there was NO internal democracy and that the most heinous of crimes was to question the finances.
These people who must now be a very long list of the disillusioned soon become forgotten.

At the moment it seems to be about Kenny, Sadie and Matt, although Bev has mentioned Jonathon Bowden.
Whilst others were being smeared, lied about and threatened I hope that maybe some who have now realised the depth that the leadership will stoop, will also rethink their views on others, who blazed a trail, but were not so fortunate to have the backing of so many of you good people.

Anonymous said...

Superb article Bev!

We've disagreed on many things in the past, but hope you and Dave have a Merry Christmas and a happy (and electorally successful) 2008!

Anonymous said...

How do i purchase a teddy bear?

Anonymous said...

If you're serious about reforming the BNP, I suggest a series of articles on 'Why They Must Go', looking at how Darby, Griffin, Collett et al have systematically destroyed the BNP locally, and wrecked its reputation nationally, in their mindless pursuit to hold power for their yes men. Yes, Griffin won the last leadership election - but only after purging the party of anyone who could put up a fair challenge. His role as chairman is consequently a sham, and his antics may already have doomed nationalism to failure, because we are living in the eleventh hour. The Tories will probably win the next election, but we have to win the one after that, and for that to happen, we need a credible electoral machine.

Bev Jones said...

The first lot of teddy bears will be posted out this afternoon, it has been a very dramatic response.

In my article, click on the underlined section and it will take you direct to the ebay store.I will ask the blog moderators to post a link near the donations appeal.

Hope everyone buying understands, but the first bear out will be sent to Mhairi Smith.

tonydj said...

Bandicoot is right.

Other good people went before us. Others must be reinstated besides the current expelled.....or there will then be future expelled.

By the way, any news on those who didn't take up the "Christmas Amnesty"?