Saturday, 29 December 2007

Awaiting Leadership?

Thanks to all of the concerned people who have contacted me over Christmas to offer support and advice.

I would like to clarify my immediate plans, which may go some way to answering a few questions on this blog site. I will not join a new party, I will not join an existing party and I will not be bullied out of the BNP without a damn good fight. There is no plan to start another party, there never was. If I am expelled from the BNP (unless I already have been and the letter is on its way – anything goes these days) I will work in my ward as an independent nationalist. I will continue to help my friends obtain leaflets and training – and I will fight my campaigns with my good friends beside me.

I will make it clear to my voters that I am undertaking action to sort out the thieves and thugs in the BNP, and once that is accomplished, I will cross the floor and stand for the BNP, vindicated and assured that we are a party of decent values. Our ideology is sound, our plans good, and our goals sensible and achievable. In short, it is not the party we take issue with, it is the management (well mis-management).

To the supporters of common decency and a clean BNP – forget what names we call ourselves, it is irrelevant. Don’t look to Sadie alone for leadership, a proper and natural leader will emerge – now is not the time to pressure people into enforced positions. Look to yourselves. You should be taking the time right now to contact everyone you know and persuade them that we need to clean up the party.

You can show support as an ordinary member by sending Kenny and Sadie a message. You can donate to the Family Defence Appeal, or buy a bear in aid of it. You can start thinking how an independent campaign could work. For starters, I will be looking for some help to canvass my ward in Tameside (which I have never done, because I am usually too busy helping other candidates get leaflets, signatures etc.) – if you can help, or have any information that is useful then email me at

May I wish all of our readers a very prosperous New Year.

Bev Jones


Dr Chris Hill said...

Well said Bev.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Bev.

As an old Tamesider I know very well that the borough is overdue honest political representation!

Anonymous said...

If you can force reform through in the BNP, great - even if it means Griffin stays, though with clipped wings and realistic authority. That would hopefully keep the party together. But in the big picture, there are plenty more peple out there who would join a credible nationalist party, with no Griffin, and a fair number who will never join as long as Griffin is Chairman - nominal or not. Please consider that. But if this effort to force reform doesn't work, I really hope you will start up a new party - sure, don't go head to head with the BNP in wards where they stand. There is plenty of virgin territory to go into (or reclaim) for nationalism. Time is running out and the thought of there being no credible party at all scares me. I hope the BNP is reclaimed, and honestly I hope that Griffin goes, because I think we can appeal to more people without him.

Fencesitter said...

Uh, I have a question? Why are you linking to Lancaster uaf in order to present the Mark Collett 'Young, Nazi, and Proud video, when it can be directly accessed at the source. Poor form to say the least. The video can be seen here:


Anonymous said...

Nice post Bev. I would like some information which perhaps you or some reader could supply.
Question 1. Who owns the BNP magazine 'Identity' and where do the profits, if any, from it's subscriptions go?
Question 2. Who owns the BNP paper 'Voice of Freedom' and where do the profits, if any , from it's subscriptions go?
Question 3. What is 'Vangard publications' and what is it's relationship, if any, to the BNP?
If any reader has answers to these three questions please post them.

Anonymous said...

Bev, I understand your sentiments entirely and believe, as you do, that it is in the best interests of the Party that an accord is struck with the BNP establishment in order to maintain party unity. Unfortunately it appears that Nick Griffin has embarked in a direction which will result in the Party being irreparably damaged in the eyes of the electorate and in the worst case of being split along the lines of the moderate / hardliner elements. I do not believe it will matter one iota to Nick Griffin which direction things move as long as he can see himself remaining the undisputed autocratic chairman of the party. Should it prove impossible to reach an accord then it is essential an alternative plan is available.

I have only been a “rank & file” party member for a few years. I am not an office holder or an activist and have only been supporting the party financially. The present situation has encouraged me to look more closely at the management of the party and I am appalled at what I have discovered. I do not intend to detail all of my concerns and discoveries here since most of you will be well aware of the short comings but I would ask that any BNP member who feels he still owes an allegiance to Nick Griffin to consider the following statement regarding the “Advisory Council” Which I have copied from the BNP web site:

“The Advisory Council
The Advisory Council meets no less than three times a year, and is made up of the National Chairman, Deputy Chairman, the national officers of the party, and the organisers of the party’s most effective regions. A minutes’ secretary, who keeps records of decisions reached and tasks allocated, also attends, but is not entitled to vote in the event of an Advisory Council vote being required.
The purpose of the Advisory Council is to inspect the party’s accounts, ensuring proper conduct of the party’s finances, and to act as a forum for the party’s leadership to discuss vital issues and carve out the party’s agenda, without hindering the Chairman’s ability to make the final decision on all matters.”
My interpretation of this is:

Membership of the Advisory Council. - Decided by the Chairman.

Usefulness of the Advisory Council - Zero

Democracy within the party – Zero

While I agree the nationalist cause is paramount I do not believe we should all cow down and follow the call of the party leader like lemmings when this is unlikely to result in us (the party) obtaining sufficient support from the electorate to achieve our goal.

Alternative Plan - I do not want to see a split in the party but will support such an event if that is what it takes to get rid of the excess baggage, achieve a democratic nationalist party, well managed and with sufficient credibility and standards to be considered selectable in the eyes of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing Bev says is "You should be taking the time right now to contact everyone you know and persuade them that we need to clean up the party."

Most ordinary members will find it hard to accept that the man who took the party out of the fringe of politics and turned it into a serious electoral contender, is now a liability, that some of the things our opponents have been saying about thieves and thugs in the party, and Nazis like Collett, are true and that we need to grasp the nettle and sort it out – clean up the party as Bev says.

NG will be relying on his record, his vote in the ill-conceived leadership election in summer, and the lethargy and loyalty of members. They have campaigned hard in their wards for the BNP under his leadership and won't like to hear that the party they have persuaded voters to support, needs some major changes.

It may be a long and unglamorous campaign, but we should be used to that – it took the BNP 25 years to get this far.

Anonymous said...

United we stand !The majority of West Yorkshire are at the side of us.

We must not forget that Nicholla has just had the baby and some emotion's will be there, however, there are plenty of us now to build on what we know! Together we can achieve what we want!!

Anonymous said...

Griffin offered the ultimatum that we would be expelled if we did not retract out stance by Christmas eve.

Lo and behold, a letter from the great man has arrived - not a suspension, as expected, but a begging letter!

Am I to assume he hasn't got enough stamps to send out my disciplinary letter?

For those ordinary members who are fed up with the leadership - why not send him a little message - print off his ultimatum, put it in the return envelope and send it back. With or without stamp, your choice!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes
Martin Brierley

Dr Chris Hill said...

This site still needs a link to Sadie's radio interview on You-Tube. I would also like to see a video of Sadie explaining her actions, and putting across the point that the EiE blog was the final straw after all else had failed. It was Nick Griffin who broke the rules (by closing the proper official channels for these complaints with threats of sackings) not Sadie & co.

After speaking to one of our West Yorkshire councillors this morning, It seems that rather than dying down as Nick Griffin was hoping, the pressure for change in the party will be gaining even more momentum very early in the New Year. But I don’t want to take the wind out of anyone’s sails, so I’ll say no more.

Link to Sadie’s radio interview:

Chris Hill

Fencesitter said...

As my user name would suggest, I am sitting on the fence regarding this so-called crisis within the BNP organisation. Call it cowardess or indecisiveness-but I call it cautious impartiality and good politics. I can tell you one thing. If either faction ever lets Sharon Ebanks back into the fold, I am done with Nationalism, because if Nationalists are that bloody stupid, we don't have a chance in hell anyway. If anything positive has come out of this whole painful affair, it is that Sharon has once and for all revealed herself as the mole she has ALWAYS been. On a more hopeful note; I can only pray for the good of the Party and the good of Britain, that this fratricidal rift can be healed before things have progressed beyond the point of any hope for reconciliation. If we have not indeed already reached that unhappy conclusion. God bless all who are truly well intentioned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bev for putting it into words what this is all about and the reasons for Kenny and Sadie doing what they had to do. This was not about new parties, splits, ego's, but about good wholesome values, British values we want the BNP to uphold in a British society.

If Griffin is not up to the task of being open, honest and clean he can go in my books. Yes he is a good debater, and on a 1 to 1 basis is a likable chap, but he has this self destructive streak of lies that drags him down to levels that a party leader should not be. Well not in the BNP at anyroads, as we want to be different. Why cant he give his trust, and listen to good honest guidence from people like Kenny and Sadie, and the other decent members. But he has surrounded himself with self obsessed paranoid freaks like Collet, Barnes.
People that if they did support Nick as they say they do, would leave the party as to not damage his stature anymore. By staying they are showing that they do not care about the chairman but rather they care more for their own positions.
Nick has discounted the good advice given to him in favour of the afore mentioned nutters that are dragging the BNP down.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked for information on, amongst other things, Vanguard Publications. If you do a check on the Companies House web-site, you will discover there is no such company. So what are Collett's business interests....?

Anonymous said...

Blobbage said "Anonymous asked for information on, amongst other things, Vanguard Publications. If you do a check on the Companies House web-site, you will discover there is no such company. So what are Collett's business interests....?"

It doesn't have to be a limited company, which is what is listed on the Companies House website. Anyone can use a business name without incorporating a company. Not incorporating means you don't have to reveal any financial information publicly. How convenient.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that makes a resolution less likely is an increasingly strident language.

A reality check.

There are not "thieves and thugs" in the party. Only some sadly misguided, insecure and less than scrupulous people ... and they have made mistakes, mistakes they may now regret, only they can't lose face.

There are no "Nazis" in the party -only some damn idiots - mostly young - mostly foul-mouthed - sometimes aggressive .... and totally non-representative of ordinary BNP members. You can't really stop such people from becoming BNP members (not easily) -but if they have "baggage" - past form, criminal records (not unfair ones like Kevin Hughes I hasten to add!), etc., then it should be automatic they are not given positions in the party - no warnings!

Sharon Ebanks has not "proven herself to be a mole" as neither has Angela Clarke. Nor is Simon Smith for that matter.

Nobody's "working with the reds" or whatever.

It's a real shame - and part of the BNP's problems - that such people are forced out of the BNP on a regular basis. I've known very many others - forced out of UKIP - who've given up on politics altogether, or perhaps joined a major party - or, like myself, gone Independent. It's very difficult to trust again when things get so bad.

The trouble with politics is that personalities far too often get in the way of commonsense. It doesn't take much "Agent Sabateuring" to set it all off. The BNP can't work if everybody is always looking over their shoulders and not trusting each other.

Nothing is ever perfect. Griffin is probably about the best leader there is in the party. And Sadie may well feel such leadership is too much for her to take on in any case.

That's reality.

Anonymous said...

Griffin must go, simple as that. He has served a purpose and now he is holding us back dreadfully.

He is now only interested in himself and a nice Trafalgar Club Credit card in his back pocket as he is chauffer-driven around to listen to his own voice or others telling him how wonderful he is.

Get your coat Griffin and walk through the door before you are pushed through it!


Best of luck bev.
as for me...I've been a very loyal BNP member for a number of yearsand am at my wits' end with the current situation..The fact that Griffin refuses to do anything about Collett raises many questions...what must collett have on him ?..if anything.Such fierce defending of a man who is in my opinion an embarrasment to OUR party raises eyebrows.
I'm holding off renewing my membership 'til something is done.
and how about a full accounting of all things financialMr. Griffin ?

Anonymous said...

I think the problem here is that a lot of you guys have not had real jobs. In a real job you find that the boss is often an idiot who makes stupid decisions that defy logic. But he's the boss so get used to it! You can complain all day to your workmates but at the end of the day you have to do what your boss says or leave.

Anonymous said...

My personal view is


The wheels are carefully turning and we can do without spinning out of control. Just remember how you felt when Griffin lost the plot as well as his marbles. Hold onto those thoughts and that sense of injustice for a little longer. It will come right but 'A week in politics is a long time' and it don't half drag, especially when you're incensed.

Anonymous said...

In the time that this has all be going on, on countless blogs and postings, I have not yet read ONE that defends COLLETT, even from those anti EiE. Speaks volums does it not ????

Anonymous said...

That Green Arrow loser is really pissing me off by claiming that the sacked members have made peace with the Welshpool Wanker.

That's absolute bullshit. The rebellion is gathering pace, and will only end when BOTH GRIFFIN AND PAEDOBOY RESIGN.

Anonymous said...

How the hell can Griffin keep a scumbag lowlife child abuser/groomer in the bnp?

It makes a mockery of the supposed pro-family credentials of the bnp, and is the reason i and many others have refused to renew our memberships.

Anonymous said...

The poster who said that "GRiffin is the best leader in nationalism since sliced bread" must surely have been Griffin/Collett/Green Arrow in disguise, trying to undermime the forces of change at such a critical moment in the history of the bnp.

Griffin will never again be welcome in Yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

Returning dissidents will be neutered like docile feral cats, enticed into the catbowl of corruption by the lying fiend and the pervert.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the problem here is that a lot of you guys have not had real jobs. In a real job you find that the boss is often an idiot who makes stupid decisions that defy logic. But he's the boss so get used to it! You can complain all day to your workmates but at the end of the day you have to do what your boss says or leave.

I think you'll find that unlike Collett (joined staff straight from Uni) every one of the sacked staff had real jobs before the started working for the BNP. The likes of Sadie, Kenny and Nicholla also took pay cuts to do it.

Part of the problem has been that the likes of Sadie and Kenny have been trying to make the BNP more professional. Talented people don't just shut up when the boss makes mistakes or they spot other incompetent idiots in the management structure.

Your post marks you out on a par with Hannam who was a was before he became staff. You are happy to do your job, working under the radar, without responsibility or accountability, playing no part in really trying to improve or push the business forward.

If you take your suggestion to its logical conclusion why have you bothered to get involved with politics at all? Surely you got involved because you saw that something was wrong with the country and you wanted to change things.

Wake up and smell the coffee? Do some research and then post something sensible instead of running your mouth off making accusations you haven't even bothered to check out first.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Kenny took a pay cut to join the staff and I also know he only earned £1,100 a month before tax and NI. How many people would put in the hours and the effort and put up with the hassle he did for that kind of pay. Not many I'd wager! Griffin might save on his wages but he sure won't find a harder worker than Kenny in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I should have mentioned he only got that much after Nov 2006. Before that he got £1,000 a month before tax and NI!

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Anonymous said...
I think the problem here is that a lot of you guys have not had real jobs. In a real job you find that the boss is often an idiot who makes stupid decisions that defy logic. But he's the boss so get used to it! You can complain all day to your workmates but at the end of the day you have to do what your boss says or leave.

Well even in the Army the good Bosses, Officers listen to the advice of sometimes more experienced but lower ranked individuals.

Also in Civi street if your boss through his sheer ignorance was going to see the firm go bust, and you lose your job and income as a result I am pretty sure the workforce would speak up. Unless you were of cousre thick as shite and a dumb idiot.
Also I am sure the stakeholders/shareholders would quite quickly take the so called boss to task.

Anon your comments are from someone that I suspect has a very yellow streak running down their back, you sound like someone happy to stay at the back of the flock incase the wolf marks you out.

Remember this is about our childrens future, and possibly if Islam takes a more deep rooting in Britain their lives. This is no time for silent sheep.

Please Please wake UP

P.s I do not post anon
Says a lot about you anon

Anonymous said...

Posters on this site may be interested to know that I have had a number of very sincere, very supportive emails from key BNP activists who have not 'declared in public'.

Obviously I have, and it would add weight to our argument to have more officials resign and go public. However, I will not be doing a speaking tour, I will not canvass my circle of contacts, I will not raise this issue with anyone who calls me unless you ask about it first.

This is largely a matter of personal conscience, basic common sense and a clear idea of what is right and what is wrong. I am sure in my own mind I have made the right decision, you must be sure in yours without anyone else puting pressure on you.

Keep in mind we need to save the bnp, not destroy it - there will be some collateral damage, but we must have a thorough re-think and re-shuffle before we can carry on and get elected.

Bev Jones

Anonymous said...

The BNP will only ever be Griffin's toy so long as Griffin remains in the party, which he will until NaziBoy Collett takes over.

A brand new party (whatever the name) will not have the baggage of the bnp, and will not contain toxic Griffin and Collett.

Forget the talk of pulling together when "making peace" means kiss griffin's arse.

Sticking with the bnp isn't for the sake of the party, but for the sake of Griffin's job security. If everybody deserts the bnp and starts again without Griffin, the only people who will lose out are the crooks.