Monday, 31 December 2007

Expelled for exercising his right to free speech!

Mick Simpson (Leeds Branch) has asked me to pass on the following message. As you read it bear in mind that Mick is not only a nationalist of twenty years standing but he was also a member of BNP Security team protecting Nick Griffin and others for some time.

Having spoken out verbally against the top table at the recent ‘Griffin gang road show’ meeting in Leeds he has now received a letter stating that he has been 'expelled' from the party.

Mick told me that he would gladly have taken a bullet for
Nick Griffin, as he was proud to be part of the team looking after him. However, he is now angry and disappointed at the way he has been treated. He has been expelled just for exercising his right to 'free speech' within the party at a meeting that was supposed to be about being honest. His expulsion stinks, as surely this party, if no other, is supposed to defend 'free speech' not expel those who practice it.

There are rumours others who have spoken up for the BNP loyalists at meetings have also received letters expelling them too. If that is the case, please let Kenny or Sadie know about your ill treatment.

It now appears that if you speak against 'any' party official or party decision at internal party
meetings you are to be expelled for daring to do so. This is totally wrong. The BNP should be better than that, should we not? We are different to the other parties, we have nothing to fear from debate or have we?

To cap it all, Mick has this morning received a begging letter for cash for party funds, which
really rubbed salt into the wounds.

Tom Linden

A Proper Organisational Structure

It was a post put up on the Green Arrow website that finally tipped me over. This is the paragraph that did it.

" The BNP by all accounts committed the enormous sin of recovering some of their property from a disgruntled former employee. And having worked in the IT business, I can tell you this. Anyone facing the chop is allowed nowhere near their PC or desk. Anything could happen. Client lists go missing and bogus letters sent out. ""

I can’t let this attempt at a Ministry of Truth whitewash stand without answer. I tried to respond with a comment that was similar to what I say here, but Green Arrow has comment moderation on, and has not allowed my comment through. So instead of appearing as a Green Arrow comment to be read by a few people, it’s found its way here, cleaned up and properly posted where many more people will read it.

About myself: I’m nobody special. I’m just a minor party official – fundholder in a small BNP Group. I have never had any intention of seeking higher office within the party, or standing for any elected public office. I am content to make my own small contribution as a fundholder, with a little sideline as BNP Election Agent for my town, and the occasional talk at our meetings, leafleting etc. So probably, nobody will miss me when I’m gone. What I say now though still has to be said.

Where to start? … They bugged someone's private conversations. They used deception to gain entry to someone's home. Their HOME! They removed property the ownership of which is disputed. They read private correspondence (even IF the computer belongs to the party, the private correspondence does not) including correspondence between an elected councillor and her electors - nothing to do with the party. They published some of said private correspondence where millions of people could read it. This is ALL illegal. Any single one of those things can get you jailed.

Who’s “They”? Seemingly, our own party leadership and its Intelligence Department.

They (or somebody - personally I think the Security Department, but that’s just my opinion) wasted police time by alleging Matt Single had an illegal firearm and forced a pregnant woman to endure having her home and belongings gone through with a fine tooth comb. I’ve been on the receiving end of that; it’s not pleasant and leaves you feeling violated.

Then there's the bile Lee Barnes has been spewing out: Julius Streicher would have been proud of it. I fully expect to now be on the receiving end of some of it. C’est la vie.

But worse than all that is the lack of sound judgement displayed by the party leadership.They seriously misjudged by making it all so public. I spoke to Kenny Smith about this blog: up until the day the details were published on the BNP website, EisEn had had only a few hundred hits after a week in existance; since then it has had almost 30,000 visits, probably including every journalist in Fleet Street, the local press nationwide, and the BBC, Ch.4, etc. What does anyone think we're going to get hit with in next year's London elections? Same stuff again in the following year's Euro-elections; same again in the general election the year after. And every election as far forward as you can imagine. Do you think the media hasn't noticed it all? They haven’t said much, but that’s only because they’re saving it up to hit us with it all at more sensitive times. And they will.

And I'm not even going to try and defend Young Nazi and Proud on the doorstep or to journalists. There’s nothing that even can be defended about it or him. He’s an ongoing liability to the party. He opens his mouth, and, if there’s a journalist around he promptly puts his foot down his throat. He couldn’t discredit the party more if he deliberately set out to do so. What will you answer when someone asks you “If you don’t support him, why is he still part of your leadership?”

And how could anyone even attempt to defend an "Intelligence Department" headed by ex-S. African security personnel? Who knew the BNP even had such a department? Have you ever heard of Pastor Neimoller? Do you understand the implications of what he famously said? Just ask yourself: who's next?

It's not a matter of what you think, or what I think, or what any other party member thinks - it's what the British public is going to think when they read it all in their papers and see it on the television, at election time, which they will. They quite simply will not vote for us in anything like large enough numbers for the BNP to make any sort of difference to our country. The BNP is going nowhere for the foreseeable future, and it's going nowhere anytime at all as long as Naziboy is up there anywhere near the leadership.

Do we really want a BNP government, or are we just playing games? Because if you want to one day govern this country then you'll always be disappointed as long as people like Collett, the Intelligence Dept. and Lee Barnes are all high up in the party. And this is not restricted to just them: they are named as examples only. This party is not electable as it is - it has neither the structure nor the personnel in place. Kenny and Co. were trying to make this party electable, that's all - and look what they got and are getting for their trouble. There are some things the British people just will not vote for no matter how angry they are. Somethings they just will not tolerate. Go ask a German. What we've seen this past few weeks is one of those things. And we claim to be the clean party, the party of integrity. They certainly won’t vote for a party that looks like it has instituted a Geheimestaatspolizei. And it really will look like that once the press goes to town on us at election time. After all, it has the evidence.

Supposing the BNP did win an election, I suppose we can guess who would be Prime Minister (well, maybe); how about Chancellor, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Transport Secretary, Agriculture and Fisheries, Health, Defence, Education - and numerous other departments large and small? We don't have the organisation, or the people who know enough about either these departments of government nor about how the civil service runs. So people who know nothing will get appointed to all these and other positions on a cronyism basis - and the civil service will run rings around them. And nothing will change. The public isn’t stupid and can see this. Why vote for a new government if it isn’t going to lead to change?

So why don’t we have some equivalent of a Shadow Cabinet in place? People elected by the membership to form an inner core leadership of the party, at least one person shadowing every government department, a couple more studying the workings of the civil service? The elected party chairman to be no more than first among equals, with one vote equivalent to the other ‘Cabinet’ members when it comes to policy decisions? This would probably comprise somewhere in the region of twenty people, and elected not appointed by the chairman. Sure there would be arguments, sure there would be rows. Then they’d be settled on a ‘Cabinet’ vote, and all would then follow the party line. Collective responsibility. That’s how politics works. Look at us right now – just look: journalists have a question about defence policy – Nick Griffin answers; a question about environmental policy – Nick Griffin answers; Education – Nick Griffin, Immigration (Home Affairs) – Nick Griffin… do I need to go on? We are a one man band. Shouldn’t we have spokesmen and women for each policy area; these spokesmen to be the individuals shadowing each government department. Our experts. The people who will make us look like a potential government. I’m not even sure we should bother with general elections for the immediate future: not because we won’t win but because we’re not in a fit condition to win.

That’s just a first draft sketch, if you like, and by no means a definitive prescription for what we need. But it’s a start. We need something because what we have isn’t cutting it. Why aren’t we at least talking about it? This has been and is a deficiency in leadership.

And what little structure and knowledge we were putting together has just been either removed from the party or has removed itself in disgust. Because the young men and women doing it had the temerity to tell the leader where he was going wrong.

I will be renewing my party membership in the first weekend of January. That same day I'll be resigning as a fundholder and election agent. Nobody will miss me. I’m not vital. But that’s the whole point, isn’t it: no single person is vital in any properly functioning organisation. Not me, not Mr Collett, not anyone. However, having a proper organisational structure is vital.

And we don’t have one. Most of the people capable of creating one, and who were trying to do so, have been expelled or have resigned.

Henry Morgan.

Nationalist, not Nazi.

Fundholder and Election Agent. Wigan. North West Region

Confusion reigns about membership status

We have been contacted by a number of Organisers and Fundholders who have publicly stated their support for the expelled officials asking where they now stand with regards to BNP membership.

An astonishing notice was posted on the BNP website on the afternoon of December 22nd, incredibly demanding that any official who had made a posting on the EiE blog or declared their support on this blog must phone Nick Griffin and pledge their allegiance by the evening of Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Whoever is advising Mr. Griffin these days clearly doesn't live in the real world. The poster failed to take into consideration the time of year. Most officials would have been preoccupied with preparing for the festivities, not glued to their screens for the latest diktats and threats to be posted by the increasingly irrational coterie of advisers. Furthermore the threat of expulsion has not been followed through which is a disaster for the leadership team.

To date no one has been contacted by the Party Leader or his cabal of advisers by post, phone, email or text confirming their status. Has the deadline been extended? What are the new terms and conditions? Will officials who posted their support on the EiE site but who have had a change of heart, have to bend one knee and kiss the back of Nick Griffin's extended hand, the cringing humiliation all to be captured on BNPtv? Perhaps the threat of expulsion has been completely rescinded as the cabal realise the gaping hole that would leave across almost every region of the country at a time when the Party is desperarlty needed by our kinfolk and our communities.

Hallmark confusion

It is yet another example of the confusion, muddled thinking and disastrous decision making that is the hallmark of the current administration who have made mistake after mistake in this whole sorry and totally avoidable debacle since day one. Starting with the unlawful removal of personal property from the home of Sadie Graham; the expulsions of other officials by email and text; fabricating evidence allegedly taken from the stolen computer which was posted on the BNP web site and blogs of Griffin's advisers; the rolling road show of the cabal which ended in chaos and scuffles at Leeds; the folly of the Party’s very own Press Officer announcing to 4 million BBC viewers that the BNP had quashed a rebellion of "hardline neo-nazis"; the attempted framing of Matt Single by getting the Police to raid his homes. It has been three weeks of utter confusion and mayhem and reinforces the growing view of many in the Party that there is a lack of leadership at the very top. Nick Griffin has been personally badly wounded by this debacle and the Party has suffered as a consequence, but there is still an opening for him to demonstrate his integrity and honour by acknowledging the mistakes made with a view to reinstating the memberships of those wrongly expelled, a commitment to overhauling the Party structure and dealing with the underlying internal issues. There is still a hope and furthermore a universal desire by the entire membership that the Party can survive this mess, draw a line and move on.

A Party dogged by uncertainty, Police investigations, expensive legal cases being drawn up, senior Party managers and officials expelled merely for trying to make sure the Party thrives and prospers; this is not how single sincere BNP member expected to see 2007 come to a close.

2008 promises to be an excellent year for our Cause with plenty of opportunities to show the British electorate that there really is a choice at the ballot box and that their votes should go to the BNP. However that promise can only be fulfilled by each and every card carrying member demanding answers from their “up-line”; their branch, unit and regional organisers, to the pressing questions of just what on earth is going on, why has the current leadership acted in a wholly tyrannical manner, expelled the very people who have helped build this Party to its current level of professionalism and acted completely against the ethos of the Party which, after all stands for democracy, freedom of speech and is opposed to tyranny.


Why has the current leadership refused to deal with the underlying key issues of Party (mis)management and constantly tried to defend the indefensible actions of individuals who have brought the Party into disrepute on repeated occasions?

What hidden secrets lie behind the relationship between these notorious individuals and the Party leader?

Do not the generous and trusting donors to the Party deserve to be told the truth?

Do not the hard working foot soldiers, those courageous and dedicated souls who knock on doors, leaflet in all weathers and suffer the brickbats as well as the bouquets selling the Party message at every opportunity deserve to be told the truth?

Many questions, but will any answers, truthful answers of course and nothing less, be forthcoming and if those questions remain unanswered it further demonstrates a thorough contempt by the leader towards the rank and file activists, the very same key people who have backed the leader time after time to advance the appeal of the British National Party to the wider electorate and who are now the ones on the front line of the tyrannical purge of those souls who dare ask questions and bring issues which have been festering for far too long into the open.

The widespread support for change has been truly phenomenal, caught those of us who demand and rightfully expect change, off guard and we have been briefed that the calls for change have personally wounded the Party leader. Whether those personal wounds can be healed and the leader emerges with some integrity and honour intact or whether those wounds have been mortally inflicted, the next few days will tell.

One thing we all know for certain is that imminent change is inevitable and nothing will be the same ever again.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Awaiting Leadership?

Thanks to all of the concerned people who have contacted me over Christmas to offer support and advice.

I would like to clarify my immediate plans, which may go some way to answering a few questions on this blog site. I will not join a new party, I will not join an existing party and I will not be bullied out of the BNP without a damn good fight. There is no plan to start another party, there never was. If I am expelled from the BNP (unless I already have been and the letter is on its way – anything goes these days) I will work in my ward as an independent nationalist. I will continue to help my friends obtain leaflets and training – and I will fight my campaigns with my good friends beside me.

I will make it clear to my voters that I am undertaking action to sort out the thieves and thugs in the BNP, and once that is accomplished, I will cross the floor and stand for the BNP, vindicated and assured that we are a party of decent values. Our ideology is sound, our plans good, and our goals sensible and achievable. In short, it is not the party we take issue with, it is the management (well mis-management).

To the supporters of common decency and a clean BNP – forget what names we call ourselves, it is irrelevant. Don’t look to Sadie alone for leadership, a proper and natural leader will emerge – now is not the time to pressure people into enforced positions. Look to yourselves. You should be taking the time right now to contact everyone you know and persuade them that we need to clean up the party.

You can show support as an ordinary member by sending Kenny and Sadie a message. You can donate to the Family Defence Appeal, or buy a bear in aid of it. You can start thinking how an independent campaign could work. For starters, I will be looking for some help to canvass my ward in Tameside (which I have never done, because I am usually too busy helping other candidates get leaflets, signatures etc.) – if you can help, or have any information that is useful then email me at

May I wish all of our readers a very prosperous New Year.

Bev Jones

Thursday, 27 December 2007

A Boxing Day surprise!

Nicholla and Kenny are delighted to announce the arrival of Mhairi Jean at 7.30pm on Boxing Day weighing in at 8Ib 6oz.

Beautiful Mhairi surprised us all by arriving fourteen days early, but everything went well with the birth and mother and baby are doing well today.

Thank you to all those who have already sent in their love and good wishes. Nicholla, Kenny and Mhairi very much appreciate the fantastic support you are giving them.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Our Christmas Message

Dear Reader

Thank you for calling by. To mark the Christmas period as from today, 24th December we will not be making any further postings or publishing any comments on the subject of the internal issues facing the current BNP leadership.

We do so in order that peace and goodwill can descend on the houses of all involved over this special period that marks both the birth of Christ and the ancient pre-Christian festival of Yule. Whether Christian, atheist or pagan this is a time of reflection, celebration and joy, especially for those with young family, it should be a few days enjoyed by all.

As nationalists we should never forget what is at stake; the issues of the past few weeks are not about the jobs of a handful of individuals and their families, the career paths of aspiring parliamentarians and councillors, the issues are fundamentally how the BNP can survive every challenge and overcome obstacles thrown at the Party by the liberal-left opposition so that we as a unique people can not just survive but flourish and prosper in these our island homelands.

As 2007 comes to a close we face a mighty struggle. A cultural war is being waged in our classrooms and our media, a physical war is being waged in inner city housing schemes and a demographic war is being waged in the maternity wards of our hospitals. We haven't got the luxury of internecine battles while those that would destroy Britain and the British people are gaining strength every week, every month.

We call upon the BNP leadership to cease the character assassinations and spend the Christmas period in quiet reflection.

We further call upon the BNP leadership to postpone the threat of expulsions of office holders which was posted on the BNP web site on Saturday 22nd December. Many office holders will be spending time preparing for festivities with their loved ones and not avidly glued to their computer screens. There is no purpose to be served in demanding a decision on this of all days from those who have given many years service to the BNP and the longer term Cause. There is too much at stake.

We send our good wishes to every sincere, decent nationalist who strives towards a happy, secure and prosperous future for our kinfolk and our nation. Each and every one please have a merry Christmas and let's trust that we can all come out united in the opening days of 2008 to give the corrupt Old Gang parties a series of election battles in a year to remember.

The Enough is Enough blog team.

Bev's Story

I may have been kept in the dark and fed on s**t but I am not a mushroom!

I have not been part of the ‘in clique’, drinking club or any other circle Nick gathers around him - so I simply digest what is placed before me, as do the vast majority of party members, our supporters and opposition alike. Some information I pursue, some I ignore as propaganda, and some I skip over – we all have our own approach to internal news/propaganda.

What Nick and his team of intelligence gatherers have overlooked is this very fact. We are in the dark, we only saw what was on our own BNP website, and we reacted accordingly. We are all free thinkers, and are not inclined to be easily led; the very reason most of us joined the party in the first place. In the absence of any other information I did not sit in a vacuum, I made the most informed decision I could – and that was based on our own web article.

The next most logical step for me was to ask Nick to explain things in person. This was duly organised, and the first ‘road show ‘was presented. I had expected a debate, an argument and even a few temper outbursts – the fiasco that unfolded did nothing to restore my confidence, and all I came out with was the knowledge that I had looked Nick in the face and told him how I felt.

In the aftermath of a very solid backlash of protest, the party leadership hasten to lay before us proof of all manner of intrigue and skulduggery. Trying to justify the illegal actions that the party has been involved in simply makes matters worse, and turns those ‘on the fence’ into members who resign, or resist.

I feel the current situation we are in appears to be based on unresolved internal conflicts. This combined with a succession of incidents have led members to feel dissatisfied with the quality of party management in the past few months. I believe there is too much emphasis being placed on the Collet/Hannam/Sadie/Kenny problem which distracts us from our real concerns, which include the following

1. The leadership challenge – I signed Chris Jackson’s nomination form, and was very surprised to be told by a fellow activist that this was a bad idea, because ‘nobody who signs Jackson’s nomination will get anywhere in the BNP’. I go out every year as a candidate, knock on the doors of complete strangers and ask them to sign nomination forms for me – am I to be such a hypocrite that I will not sign one for a BNP member? There are too many members who fall in to the whisper campaigns for fear of reprisals – even now, there are members who tell us that they do not want to resign, but support us privately – what kind of a party is this? Who are they scared of?

2. Jonathan Bowden’s resignation and the circumstances surrounding it left many members feeling uneasy - mostly because we keep losing members of his calibre .There is also a widespread belief that Nick could have intervened in the website that was set up to defame Jonathan. (Yes, even although the authors were not party members. Nick does after all seem to have a number of non members at his beck and call… our legal chaffinch for example).

3. The leadership victory – I felt the Identity magazine article, and subsequent blog comments about Chris Jackson and his supporters to be appallingly bad management and not worthy of Nick Griffin. We are a democratic party: we allow for leadership challenges in our constitution and when the election is over we all have to WORK TOGETHER. How do you achieve that by calling leadership challengers vermin, and having members feeling threatened?

4. The late submission of accounts to the audit commission – I had regular donors telling me they were not prepared to sink any more money in to the BNP while we accumulate fines by the day. There is a significant loss of confidence in the Treasury Department.

5. The road show/pantomime – the very fact we need one at all must be indicative of widespread grumbling.

6. There is no room for criticism of leadership decisions any more. Nick and his henchmen expect blind loyalty without question. Loyalty also lies with those who are brave enough to try and save you from your follies.

As to my membership suspension – I shall write to inform the party that I will attend a disciplinary tribunal – given that my expulsion has been publicised on the BNP home page, “I expect a fair and open trial before being hanged.” The resignation letter which I circulated is attached below.

Nick has claimed he undertook all of these actions ‘for the good of the party’. I claim the same privilege. Let’s clean out all of the rotten mess, kick out the thugs and thieves and move on as a decent nationalist movement.

I would like it to be known that party security does not have my permission to enter my home. Not even if the door is open. Not if the wind changes direction. Not if the cat blinks twice and definitely not if I am not there.

Commercial Plug

On to a more practical note – I did offer to help Arthur Kemp with the sourcing and distribution of the ‘Muhammad Bears’ – this was a brilliant political stunt, and I was delighted to hear that we had sold over 90 in the first day. Arthur was astonished at the sales, but together we arranged for the purchase of some more teddy bears and prepared to fill the order.

The unfortunate announcement by the BNP press officer that I am in the ‘hard line neo-Nazi’ clique somewhat diminished my desire to offer any further assistance (also the idea of being ‘set up’ also crossed my mind – funny how that happens when you are out on a limb).

I subsequently find myself the owner of rather a lot of fluffy bears! Now those I purchased on my own credit card, and have not been refunded for. They are mine (John Walker please note) and I would like to sell them on to raise some funds for the Family Defence Appeal. The protest bears are for sale via eBay at £4.50. For each bear we sell I will take £1 to cover my own costs, I will donate £2 to the appeal the rest is for p&p.

I join my peers in defiant exile.

Bev Jones


“Statement to North West Members and officials

Dear Friends

In the last week the BNP has been thrown into turmoil over the incredibly bad handling of an internal discipline problem. There are many tales, rumours and finger pointing doing the rounds and the opposition are using every opportunity to use this against us. There is much made of plots, sabotage, infiltrators, spies and secret agents – paranoia abounds!

In brief, Cllr Sadie Graham, the head of group development, and Kenny Smith, head of administration were removed from their posts following an investigation by the BNP's "intelligence team" which recorded a conversation on her phone and then tricked its way into her home (the neighbour let them in, thinking they were there to collect newspapers) and took away computers and other office equipment (some of which was her own personal property).

I do not know what the circumstances were that culminated in this action, nor do I believe it to be particularly relevant when assessing the damage caused to the party. Simply put, if we are the kind of party who resorts to bugging phones and stealing from our own members, then we are no different from the rest. The added stupidity of blazoning this across the front page of our own website is staggering. We then compound matters further by reading private emails that her ward members have sent her.

Nick Griffin was invited to an emergency meeting with North West officials last Wednesday to explain what has happened. I do not accept his explanation that we can justify these actions ‘for the good of the cause’. The cause IS good decent family values among our own kind.

I have decided to resign all of my official party positions to Mr Griffin this evening, but retain my party membership. In doing this I join David Jones, Richard Chadfield and more than 50 other organisers and officials who have decided to take strike action against this situation and demand that sacked officials are re-instated immediately so that the issues can be sorted out behind closed doors. We will then be able to continue our electioneering with a very strong moral advantage.

The ex- regional press officer, David Jones has posted this response on the Tamesidecitizen blog

The people named have NOT resigned from the BNP, they have resigned various party positions and roles but are still in the party. They have resigned in protest at the unacceptable actions of the party leadership. (see )

Question. When was the last time a member of the Labour Party resigned on a matter of principle in protest at unacceptable behaviour BY HIS OR HER PARTY LEADERSHIP?

They have plenty of unacceptable behaviour to go at!

Yours sincerely

Bev Jones

North West Fundraiser”

Kenny's Story

So far I have not given my side of the story in this whole sorry mess. I haven’t needed to because my reputation for financial probity, dedication to the cause, professionalism and hard work precedes me in parts of the country I haven’t even visited yet.

This is not a big-headed boast but a reality borne out by the testimony of so many other well-respected and dedicated party officials and members as well as quite a few people who have argued or fallen out with me in the past whether for ideological or management reasons. In fact, the majority of people in that later category are people who have been miffed at my pedantic and fastidious ways when it comes to financial matters.

I have also held back because I don’t think the party’s dirty linen should be aired in public and I hoped that a resolution could be reached in short order. However given the dirty tactics employed against Sadie and Matt, more than me and the others who today stand accused and expelled for speaking out against management and leadership failings and the deranged and conflicting lies thrown out this week by people I once called comrade, I now make this statement.

I have been a loyal BNP activist since 1992, a local official since 1995, a regional one since 1997 and a national one since 2004; though strangely left off the list of national officers in the 2006 statement of accounts. My efforts have always been to improve the performance and electability of the Party and I believe I have been successful in every post I have held in this respect. I was also the first party publication editor to openly endorse Nick Griffin as a potential leader of the BNP after Scott McLean and another BNP Scotland official convinced him to join the BNP and help us breathe new life and a modern way of thinking into the BNP. I still believe we did right in that respect.

The Problem

However, somewhere along the line Nick has become beholden to one individual who has caused more bother among colleagues and embarrassment for the party than any other figure in modern British nationalist history. Many colleagues of more wisdom and experience than I have tried as I have to get this situation – as well as other internal failings – sorted within the mechanisms that exist in the party i.e. the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, the Advisory Council, the Party Manager and more recently the new Central Management Team. Regardless of the evidence presented or the judgements of these bodies and individuals, Nick has always attempted to protect this plague on our party.

I don’t know the reason why Mark Collett seems to have Nick by the short and curlies, but it is the reason for this current situation.

In September Nick gave Sadie Graham and myself ultimatums to stop presenting evidence of Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker’s incompetence, lies, failure to work with other colleagues, deliberate attempts to hinder other colleagues and general negative behaviour internally and at public events. We were basically told that they are protected and if we didn’t like it we could clear off.

This was despite the fact that he thought that we had been excellent employees, with unblemished records and work hours that would exhaust your local second generation corner shop proprietor. To say I was stunned was an understatement, but after discussions with him in my living room it became clear that he did not understand the situation fully and when he and Arthur Kemp left both Nicholla and I felt it had been a positive experience and that many of our complaints were going to be addressed.

Sadly two days later we came crashing back to reality when Nick reversed his own decision from the Saturday and that of the CMT to back Collett when he refused to send me items I needed for my work. Since then I have felt that there has been a concerted effort to have me pushed out of the party.

Sadie has already explained the situation regarding the cancelling of our double-header seminars at Conference in November, but her modesty stopped her revealing what Nick told us on the Friday night there and confirmed in front of witnesses on the Saturday night. Just as I’m not shy to speak my mind regardless of the company, I don’t think I should be bashful in repeating them here. Nick said that despite the fact that my department was almost 100% effective and Sadie’s not far behind and despite the fact that neither of us had hampered anybody else’s work within the party over the years or brought negative publicity upon the party, that he would get rid of both of us and keep the other three regardless of the fact that he admitted that the three were either incompetent, liars or both. Such a statement defies logic, but that is what the man said on the Friday and confirmed to others when it was repeated on the Saturday. Such logic, in my humble opinion, suggests that he does not have the best interests of the party at heart.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

So where does somebody go from there? You know there are problems and they are mounting but you are being forbidden from bringing them to the attention of those who could and should act to fix them. In frustration I chose to gather public information highlighting the negative impact of Collett and Hannam on the party in one place. I weeded out the lies and misinformation and just left the facts. I did it anonymously and did not broadcast my efforts beyond a select few.

Then the knock at the door from 3 cowards from Cumbria at 10.40am on that Sunday morning as I prepared for the Scottish Regional Council Meeting that was due to take place nearby later that day. They issued my heavily pregnant wife our letters. We read them and told them we rejected the accusations, the sackings and requests made in them for us to co-operate with the goons on our doorstep. The three accusations made against me were not the same as those made against me on the new BNP website, which appeared shortly after the knock at the door. I told Griffin’s goons they should leave. They threatened to force entry to retrieve goods they could not identify and were told that I would protect my home, my wife and my unborn child. After a call to Martin Reynolds, Clive Jefferson then told me they would not try to force their way in because of Nicholla’s condition. By this time however they were under surveillance by a BNP Scotland security team who would have ensured the thugs ended up in custody had Reynolds' conscience not been pricked.

As the events of the day unfolded I could hardly believe what was happening. Sadie’s home had been bugged. Her home entered by deception and her personal belongings stolen. Our alleged communications broadcast on the main BNP website for the entire world to see. The abusive and insulting texts I recieved from Hannam and Walker.

If we ignore the illegal bugging, home raid and theft – hard I know but let’s pretend – if officers of the BNP had been caught breaching the code of conduct by setting up an anonymous blog then the party should have acted in the same way it did when Collett and Hannam were disciplined for bringing under-age girls back to the Conference Hotel in 2006 and demanding that they have sex with them or f##k off! That is to say the matter is dealt with internally and the accused given a disciplinary hearing! The last thing that should have been done is for the matter to be broadcast to the world via the party website.

Then in the days that followed the lies increased, I was a thief, a red, a neo-nazi, the person responsible for the Treasury problems, the ringleader of a ‘palace coup’, the architect of a plot to shut down the AC and the voting membership scheme, attempting to destroy the BNP and set myself up as the leader of a new party in Scotland. For the record, each and every one of these accusations is false. They are lies and smears spewed out by a cabal of yes-men - and in some cases individuals working to their own agenda - on the orders of Griffin, because I dared to stand up and speak out against management and leadership failings within BNP that are holding us back.

One in particular is so damaging I am still find it almost incredulous that it was done. Simon Darby went to BBC Newsnight and told the world we were Nazis. How can reconciliation take place after such a smear? Earlier this week attempts to resolve the situation and bring about a return of the BNP loyalists to the fold broke down, but can you imagine the field day the media would have about the BNP re-admitting Nazis to its fold. I do hope for an amicable resolution to this current situation to ensure the BNP continues, but somebody has got a lot of explaining to do on that one first.

As I said before I do not know what Collett has on Griffin, though it must be good when even a threat of turning Queen’s Evidence at the first Free Speech trial didn’t dull Griffin’s defence of him, but I do know that the sacking of Sadie and I, our partners and the other brave people who have spoken out about this situation are being made scapegoats for events that took place at the start of the month and which would have gone someway to resolving the problems we and others have been complaining about for three years in some instances.

On Tuesday the 4th of December the CMT recommended the sacking of Collett and Hannam after Griffin had agreed to them receiving a verbal warning for their latest transgression of the code of conduct. The reason they recommended expulsion was two-fold. Firstly, because under the terms of the Constitution and the terms of the ‘final warning’ they received for their failed attempt at paedophilia [The offence was not mentioned in the confirmation letters to avoid bringing embarrassment to the party, though as it is now in the public domain I need not hide the fact now] and secondly, because it was Griffin’s big chance to get rid of the millstone that had been holding the party back for some time now and creating problems within the internal management structure.

Griffin’s reaction was not unexpected. He slapped the CMT down and laid the blame at the feet of Sadie and myself instead. My letter of sacking was actually dated the 6th though it was delivered on the 9th and despite communications with him during that time, he didn’t even have the courage to bring the subject up with me in person, just as he had never mentioned two of the issues he cited in his letter sacking me either.

I should mention at this juncture several points that should be stated here on the Collett and Hannam ‘final warning’ which was meted out to them for the disgusting behaviour at the 2006 Conference. They only got final warnings because Griffin refused to let them be expelled. The disciplinary panel of Scott McLean (then Deputy Chairman and Disciplinary Officer), Nick Cass (then Party Manager) and Steve Blake (then Web Editor), AC members all, accepted the pairs guilty pleas after the evidence was stated. Now however the Griffin cabal are claiming the confirmation letters were never sent and that the word files are manufactured and therefore the findings of the panel are invalid, so his permission to give them a verbal warning should mean their expulsion. Well according to ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), the important factor is that a disciplinary procedure took place – even you cannot deny that one. The letter matters not a jot. In fact, the only way the decision of the panel could have been reversed was if a formal grievance procedure had been raised by the guilty pair in reasonable time after the decision was made and ACAS also say that a year later is most definitely not reasonable time. So the pair should have been expelled on the 5th of December 2007 according to Griffin’s verbal warning decision, the CMT, the code of conduct, the Constitution, the BNP disciplinary procedure and the advice of ACAS!

What now?

I have taken legal advice and therefore cannot comment in great detail on the accusations made against me. However I can assure members that I was not to blame for the late accounts. I did not steal any money and no party money was used to produce any bulletin. I am not a nazi – indeed I was winning cases via the PCC against newspapers refute this allegation against the BNP before Griffin even joined the party, I am not a red and I have never co-operated or dealt with reds. I am not an agent provocateur. I don’t want to be the leader of the BNP or become the leader of a separate party in Scotland, in fact at the Scottish Regional Council meeting organised that Sunday the agenda had proposals to re-appoint Scott McLean as Regional Organiser and Gary Raikes as Regional Secretary with me having the role of Regional Fund-holder, which would effectively have meant me dropping down two levels in rank in Scotland. I do want the legislative and the executive parts of the BNP to be separated though, with no dictatorial powers given to just one man. I don’t want the Advisory Council disbanded or the Voting Membership system binned, though I have always campaigned against there being a financial aspect to it – but thanks to Treasury incompetence that didn’t get enforced this year anyway!

I have evidence to back all of the above up and will be happy to co-operate with any of the alleged Police or Electoral Commission investigations Griffin’s cabal say they have instigated against me, but I have yet to be questioned about. I have made some evidence available to some national and regional officers and will make more available too if the need arises or time allows prior to any such investigations. I have raised a formal grievance with Griffin and the Party over my sacking and expulsion.

I have fought for the cause for over 15 years now, withstood attacks, threats and insults from left-wing opponents as well as right-wing extremists. I have bent the knee to nobody and will not do so now. I have always stood up for myself, the party, the members and our shared cause. I will continue to do this and more, because I will fight tooth and nail to clear my name and also to expose those prepared to lie and smear innocent comrades to meet their own selfish ends. A bad taste has been left in my mouth but that does not mean the situation cannot be resolved. I pray that it can be because I have worked too hard for too long to see the BNP destroyed by charlatans, deviants and liars.

The public support we have received has been fantastic. The enormous amount of private support has been in truth frustrating, because if everybody who agrees with us privately came out and joined us publicly, Nick Griffin may just realise that resistance is futile. That said I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart and particularly those who have supported the Family Defence Appeal at such a difficult time of the year.

Remember we are the majority, we are the membership, we want change and we must have it soon or this party we all love so dearly will crumble into the dust. For the sake of our children and those like my own yet to come I beseech you to be brave, to be bold like our ancestors and enter the fray. You can save the BNP with decisive action now.


Kenny Smith

(Former British National Party Head of Administration and Advisory Council Member)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Griffin’s political coffin nails

There has rarely been a time in my life that has made me feel so angry that I thought I was going to explode, Thursday 20th December was one such day.

Sadie and myself live in a very pleasant and traditional English village called Brinsley in Nottinghamshire. It has some exceptionally genuine and decent people living there whose down to earth warmth and humour remind me so much of my roots back in South Essex. The community of Brinsley, for which I am very happy to say I am now a part of, extends into official office in the respect that my fiancé, Sadie, is a serving Borough Councillor on Broxtowe Council. I naturally support her fully wherever I can with the hard work she has always, and will continue to put into the community that she loves so much. Part of her area of responsibility is to liaise with the local police bobby and the police community officer, to discuss the concerns of the people in her constituency. These gentlemen, whom I have met several times are hard working and a credit to the Force. Usually these officers turn up on the spur of the moment to chat with Sadie; the last time I spoke with them was when they called and Sadie was out. We ended up discussing the local youth and police football team and whether or not I could make a worthy contribution to it. After I explained that I had all the footballing finesse of an obese blacksmith, the offer cooled slightly. I explained that of course if it were rugby we were talking about, it would have been a different matter entirely.

It was no surprise to me then, when at about 2pm last Thursday 20th December, on hearing a knock at the door, I saw the uniforms of two police officers through the frosted glass of the front door. On opening the door I did indeed see what I had expected to, two uniformed policeman standing there; although these officers I had not met before. The first officer requested firmly but politely to come in, I of course had no problem whatsoever with this request and so stepped back to let them in. I immediately suspected that this was not going to be a friendly chat however; these guys were here strictly on business. The first officer in, a Sergeant, ushered me towards the living room and with that another half dozen police officers entered the house through the open front door. ‘Mr. Single’ He said, ‘I have a warrant to search these premises’.

Sadie came downstairs and we were both instructed to sit on the sofa, the Sergeant then went into detail about why they were here and what they would be doing. It transpired that the police had received, very recently, from two corroborating informants that I had an illegal firearm in my possession, and that they would be now carrying out a thorough search of the house, all outbuildings and vehicles. I was handed a copy of the warrant, it clearly stated on it that the search was to include every area connected with ‘Single’. This was personal and very specific.

Systematic search

What followed was a thoroughly mortifying and debasing experience as the eight strong police search-team and sniffer-dog systematically searched literally every single square inch of our home from top to bottom. We had to remain seated with one officer monitoring us, so were unable to observe what was happening, as police officers brought in a bewildering array of equipment. The sergeant with us was not an unpleasant man and clearly preferred to talk than to sit there in stony silence, as his colleagues rifled through our home. He explained that they had a job to do and they did not want to cause us unnecessary stress and said that they would make as little mess as possible. After we had begun to talk and I had explained that I knew who was behind this, he said to us ‘So we are being used as pawns in a political game then?’ I said that I was sorry to confirm that he was.

The search was a deeply distressing experience for Sadie as we watched from the sofa, officers take apart the kitchen and even search through the teabags. Considering the level of stress she has endured over the last two weeks I was amazed at her composure. This was in fact, the second time in two weeks that uninvited people were in our home invading our privacy which made her calm state all the more impressive.

After two hours sitting on the sofa with Sadie, I needed the bathroom, and was informed that this would not be a problem, except that a police officer would have to stand behind me. I made light of the situation as best I could as I have always found that humour, even under duress is often the very best way to help oneself through a tense situation. While I was upstairs relieving myself, I could see using peripheral vision the police in our bedroom going through our clothes and personal effects with plastic gloves on. I felt my blood boiling, but I never once let it show; I kept telling myself that these guys simply had a job to do and it was in everyone’s best interests, especially Sadie’s just to try and let it flow over me.

Four and a half hours later the search was complete; the Sergeant sat in front of us with a bag of items carefully labelled in evidence bags ready to be transferred to the station. I was placed under arrest on suspicion of having in my possession a pressurised canister containing a possible noxious but unidentified substance, handcuffed and led out to a waiting police car. After being processed at the station, I was led to a cell where I spent the next two hours waiting for an interview.

The interview started with my background and involvement in the Party, before moving onto questions relating to the contents of the numbered evidence bags that he began taking out of a large grey sack. Each bag contained one item of the many I use to train British National Party security recruits. These were all the items necessary for vehicle and personnel search training to equip security members with the necessary skills for events and functions such as the Red, White & Blue festival. I have used these training-aids countless times as many people will testify to. In fact I have trained Mr Griffin himself in how to search a car for improvised explosive devices. I clarified that all these items, along with radios, body armour vests, scanners and a quantity of other equipment, I had a legitimate reason for possessing. My interviewer was satisfied with my answers, and the interview was terminated and the bags of equipment removed. I was informed that the spray canisters are going to be sent away for testing to identify what they contained, because although some contents are perfectly legal, other substances are not which would then constitute an offence. I was released on bail to return back to the police station at a later date to see if I am going to be charged. I am confident that all the training-aids that the police seized are all perfectly legal and therefore I am not at all vexed or worried about appearing back at the station. The police were aware that I have a completely clean record with not so much as an outstanding parking ticket; and they realised that I was clearly not the gun-tooting thug that someone had led them to believe I was.

I spoke to my solicitor and he confirmed that police had certainly not found what they had been told by an unidentified informant I had in my possession. I finally got back home after 10pm, tired, very hungry, totally and utterly appalled that someone had stooped to such a level in order to put us through this ordeal. On my inspection, it was quite obvious that the police had gone through all our letters, photos, books and literally everything else. Although they had been good to their word and not trashed our home, it was very clear that not a single shred had escaped examination. Even one of the floorboards had been ripped up, although fair to say they did replace it afterwards once they were happy that I didn’t have any illegal material lurking under it. The only real mess was in the loft where chaos now clearly reigned with our belongings literally piled up everywhere.

Set up

It is my belief that whoever had contacted the police had set us up and had a clear and obvious objective; they wanted Sadie and myself as much to experience as much torment and humiliation as possible. Whoever it was has a good knowledge of the law and knew exactly what to say to the police in order to manipulate them into raiding our home. They knew they needed two or more people to substantiate such a claim to lead to a raid and so they would have needed to have used someone else to help them. It would clearly be a person that would know I would have quantities of security training equipment kept at home and I could therefore possibly fall foul of an overlooked law if I were raided by the police that would obviously scrutinise all my equipment.

It would have to be a cowardly person, without the bravery to confront me themselves, but they instead chose to waste hours and hours of police time that could have been utilised in making the streets a little safer somewhere. It would have to be a person so desperate to shut Sadie and I up that they would resort to the lowest and vilest tactics in order to try and do so.

Sadie was, until unconstitutionally sacked by Griffin, one our most successful councillors and Party activists and whoever orchestrated this spineless act against us obviously couldn’t care less about the impact it would have on her council position or the Party. To have a large police van, dog unit and two squad cars outside your home for four and a half hours with police everywhere, was also distressing for our neighbours and friends. They couldn’t get through to us to find out what was happening because during the lengthy search the police prevented us from answering our phones. I couldn’t actually be contacted personally until the following day as the police had seized my mobile, and only once they were satisfied that they had extracted all the information they wanted from it I was able to retrieve it from the police station.

Miscarriage risk

Whoever is behind this attack on us couldn’t care less for the fact that the amount of pressure on Sadie has been so great she risked, as any midwife will tell you, a miscarriage and losing our baby. Something this traumatic could have easily have turned our greatest fear into a reality.

Whoever is behind this is clearly a very desperate and sour man. He is not a ‘Red’ because I do not believe that they would stoop that low, as they have never made this type of attack before, and potentially others could do likewise to them in retaliation thus making it utterly futile. Whoever did this is not a ‘mole’ because such a person wouldn’t benefit from doing this as it would not provide a third party with any information because all seized items and paperwork remains strictly with the police. It was not committed by the ‘State’ to find out information because of the details the police told my solicitor and I after my interview. This attack I know came from one man, and he knows we know who he is.

Top suspect

So we know who you are; now listen to me.

It has come to pass that for years you have bullied, lied to and intimidated people into getting what you want for yourself. You have used tactics including character assassinations, lies and slander to rid yourself of your internal political critics, and those that offer any future threat to your position. This is the reason why you have actively sought to surround yourself with weak-willed sycophants and people who you can easily control and offer no threat to you whatsoever; people like John Walker, Dave Hannam and Mark Collett, even psychologically disturbed characters such as Lee Barnes.

However, the day you thought you could avoid for evermore has now actually arrived for you. You made a serious miscalculation when you chose to turn against us for doing nothing more than wishing to save the future of this Party. You are not a nationalist nor a man with any honour whatsoever.

We have not left the Party without a struggle as you hoped we would, unlike so many others before us. You underestimated our fortitude and the love we have for the cause of saving our land; and you grossly underestimated the level of support we have and are attracting daily. This support is not just from active Party members today, but many others you have wronged in the past; and there are a great many indeed.

Ordinary members and activists are now realising the lies in your words and are starting to see the true nature of the beast. Your ‘amnesty ultimatum’ is a perfect example of the inept, lumbering and condescending methods you use to ‘deal with malcontents’ that dare not bow down to you. You have thrown at us, the so-called “rebels” the most contemptuous insults such as ‘Hard-line Nazis’ and ‘Leftwing/Searchlight moles’ when it is clear that there has only ever been one extremist operating throughout this entire episode, and that is you. Even if a handful of people are duped and intimidated by your threats to unconstitutionally ‘purge’ them from the Party unless they grovel down to you by Monday the 24th December; I’ll guarantee that over the following months you will personally see to it that they are all ‘picked off’ one at a time, like the spiteful creature you clearly are.

I call all members and supporters of the British National Party to treat this insulting threat with the contempt it deserves and totally ignore it. Together we can stand, fight and win back the honour and integrity of this Party once again. If we are divided Griffin will one at a time quietly snipe and ‘purge’ us all. We have all witnessed him in action before, and we will see it again, only this time it will be with even more venom, as he witnesses his power and cabal of weak yes-men finally begin to lose their purchase in the tower of cards that he has built for himself.

One final note to Mr. Griffin - We will not go quietly, we will not yield to your treacherous backstabbing, lying and intimidation. We absolutely will not stop until you have been shown in public without your mask, so all true nationalists and patriots around this country can see just how truly despicable you are.

Matt Single

Dubious receipts

Thanks to our friend who demonstrated yesterday how easy it would be for some South African flatfoot spook to alter the user identity and registration on a stolen personal computer, in an attempt to con people into believing that they were right to enter a home by deception and remove it while the owner was away, we now have another picture for you to mull over.

This picture shows the same jpg image as displayed on the BNP website, but in light of the date anomaly highlighted yesterday, our friend suggests there may have been an alternative end user!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Latest BNP website post proves nothing!

The BNP website claims today that Sadie's PC belongs to them based on a few screen shots and an incomplete receipt.

Maybe somebody could explain what has happened here to our friend's computer?

"It appears from this 'evidence' below, my PC belongs to Ronald McDonald and is registered to Ronald too...

But then it suddenly has changed ownership to Nick Griffin? What’s that all about?

Not only that, Nick’s PC is registered to Enough is enough!

The conclusion… well draw your own conclusion to the validity of the evidence presented on the BNP website."

Dates just don't add up
Another point of note is that the full date of the receipt is missing. Warren Bennett resigned as Head of Security in mid-January 2006. Sadie Graham took up the post of Group Development Officer in March 2006.

Given the vitriolic lies - later admitted to be false my Griffin before a sitting of the Advisory Council later in 2006 - put out by Mr Griffin against Mr Bennett, it is inconceivable that the BNP would have purchased him a camera after he quit. Mr Bennett told EiE that he received the camera in 2005 from a company in East Yorkshire and it was returned with the rest of the security equipment when he quit his post.

Therefore the full date would need to be 8th March 2005; a full year before Sadie took on a national role. She did do dispatch work for Excalibur, but you don't need a home computer in Nottinghamshire to package merchandise at a unit in Yorkshire. Do you?

Another point of note is that Bev Jones has never been given a computer by the BNP!

Fascist warning to expel dissenters
The fight is far from over. The sacked/expelled BNP loyalists are far from finished. In fact 2 more people today added their names to the list on the right. Mr Griffin added to more people to the expelled list too without notifying them first and now he is issuing ultimatums for those who support the BNP loyalists to come back and apologise by Christmas Eve or face the boot! So much for defending free speech!

Only two of those on their list of returning people have changed their minds about standing down from office and both have told us they still support us privately.

Sadie's Story

My Background

I joined the BNP in 2000, became Regional Organiser for the East Midlands in 2004 and Group Development Officer in 2006. I also became the parties first Parish Councillor in 2005 and was elected as a Borough Councillor in May 2007.

I don’t need to go into the work that I have done within the Party since then as most of you will be well aware of the things that I have organised and improved.

I would like to tell you all that I have not been earning huge amounts of money for this. In fact for a year I have been contracted by the Party as self-employed so that they can save on paying my tax bill. Something I was not happy about at all, but had no choice. I have been in receipt of £1,250 per month, out of which I have to pay my own tax and national insurance. I also received remuneration for direct expenses incurred during my Group Development work. I put 45,000 miles on my hire purchase car whilst driving it on Party business. I have never claimed for any expenses for my home, I pay my own landline phone bill, internet, and all other bills; everything. I had a Party mobile phone but that was it.

When the problems started

I could write an essay on the problems caused by the two individuals that have been the cause and centre of all this, but most of you are well aware of the issues by now.

I do want to say that we tried for nearly two years to raise these issues with Nick Griffin. We finally got to the end of our tether with it and after sending many emails to both Nick Griffin and the Party Manager. Ian Dawson and myself had a meeting with Nick Griffin in May 2007 about changes that were needed internally. Nick Griffin did concede that there were problems with treasury and that something would be done about it. Yet nothing was done.

The problems continued until a further meeting at Nick Griffin’s house with quite a few hand selected people with business skills, who met to discuss making some internal changes. However after this meeting the problems still continued, with no real changes being made, apart from the formation of the toothless Central Management Team and a National Fundraiser being taken on to help with treasury work.

On September 17th, just 2 days after the summer school I received a letter from Nick Griffin which was a written warning for what he describes as stepping outside the boundaries of my job and effectively doing his job. This was a mistake because he simply hadn’t read an email that I had sent to him. He had in fact asked me to phone around and suggest names of potential Deputy Treasurers, when they could start and if we could possibly afford them. I found several people – whom I won’t name here - and I spoke to Micheala Mackenzie on the phone to explain what Nick was looking for. Then just 3 minutes after the conversation I sent an email to Nick Griffin telling him that she would consider it and suggested that he speak with her. Nick never read this email and very oddly gave me a written warning for offering someone a job, which I never did. I was annoyed about this and his jumping to a conclusion without even bothering to speak to me first about it. However, when I posted him a copy of the email that was sent to him along with a very strongly worded letter he quickly retracted it and sent a text saying that I ‘probably’ deserved an apology.

On the 28th September, just after Ian Dawson had resigned, I received another letter from Nick sent via email from Simon Darby’s account which was telling me to back off from complaining about Mark and Treasury. In it he said that Mark was far more competent and skilled than myself and that I was easily replaceable. I was once again taken aback by this and it then became very clear that he was trying to push me out of the Party simply for trying to raise concerns. He said in it that it would be better if those who had a problem with Mark went now along with Ian so that he could replace us all at once. He had also sent a similar email to Kenny Smith. He said that I was hard working and he wanted me to stay but only if I wouldn’t raise issues about Mark.

In the run up to the Annual Conference 2007 I was working and preparing hard for it, including two seminars that Kenny and I were due to give entitled ‘Organisation and Structure’ and ‘Administration and Regional Development’ as agreed with Nick in September. We had prepared departmental flow charts but Mark Collett refused to put them into the Conference Handbooks because we had not put him as a head of a department. Our decision was based on correspondence with people who are part of the publicity machine and asking them whether Mark was their direct line manager and whether they were answerable to him. It was clear from the answers that this was not the case and this is the reason that Mark was not put as a department head but instead put as part of the ideology and policy department headed by Nick. There is not a single official who directly answers to Mark as their direct line manager so he cannot possibly be a departmental head. Mark’s refusal to put the notes of our talks into the handbook resulted in Nick and Mark privately deciding to pull one of our seminars, change the title and scope of the other without either of us knowing until the afternoon before the Conference. They did this on the Monday before the handbook was printed. We were so totally appalled by this and not having any time to prepare our ‘new seminar’ we both decided we could not talk at all. I could not get over how completely outrageous this was when I had organised and worked so hard on getting the itinery and the conference itself prepared. This was just yet another example of Nick bowing down to pressure from Mark at the expense of the efforts of other staff and the party overall.

Theft of Computer

I cannot go into the precise details of the theft of my property by the security department because it is now part of a Police investigation. In any case the full details have already been posted on this blog for all to see. I see from the BNP site that they have posted up a receipt claiming to be for the purchase of my computer. I will be speaking to the police about this and why Nick was claiming initially that the computer I had was from an employee, now sadly deceased, and now suddenly there appears to be a receipt for it!

If the party wanted party property returned then they would have only had to provide an inventory of what was theirs and they would have got it. There is no doubt that security entered my property illegally and used deception to tell a friend of mine that they had spoken to Matt and me and that we had given permission for them to enter my house. This is certainly not the actions of a lawful and legitimate political leadership, which is why the police are taking this so seriously.

I can say that I am absolutely appalled that the Party that I have worked so hard for on both a voluntary and paid basis has treated me in this way. I have never wanted to run this Party, but I was in a position to see the changes that needed to be made to the internal construction of the Party. This is only ever what we were trying to do.

Nick is now touring the country with Mark Collett, Dave Hannam and John Walker setting up meetings to give their stories. It is strange that at the time of writing the Party’s accounts still have not been submitted yet they all find time to drop party work for over a week to do this tour. None of us are being officially invited to these meetings to counter the lies and allegations being made against us so this is why I am writing this statement to put across my side with what I can say is written with 100% honesty, something often not found very often in politics.


Nick Griffin has stated at North West and Leicestershire meetings that steps had to be taken by the Party’s internal intelligence department to prevent further leaks of emails. When asked directly about the bugging of an official’s home and that this contravened the Party’s stance on ID cards and freedom of speech, he did not deny that a bugging device was used. It is likely that he will now change his stance on this given the overwhelming outrage amongst the party membership of this kind of illegal and unwarranted behaviour. This is again a further matter for police investigation. Nick has no evidence that any emails from any of us have been leaked to any organisation at all, this is pure slander.

Unfair Dismissal

I have received no formal written notification that I have either been expelled or sacked from the party or my employment – I learned about my expulsion from the website. The party appear to think that they have reasonable grounds because I have been illegally employed by them for over a year now as Self Employed. They are entirely wrong and according to no less than four solicitors I have a very strong case against the party. Once again this is a last resort but is a serious option unless this is remedied immediately.

Breaking of Privacy Laws

Nick Griffin and the others have without doubt broken very serious Privacy laws by trawling through my computer. They are then claiming to be putting up emails from my computer online, on blogs and reading out emails at meetings which all contravenes various laws. This includes my private and personal ntlworld email address. My computer has been in their hands for over a week now, date settings can be easily changed and anything can be put onto a hard drive that was not there originally. The world of politics has been stunned by the actions of the party in the past week and comments have already been made in Parliament of the hot water that the party is getting itself into by purporting to be posting up things from my computer. It is quite incredible and something that we as Free Speech Nationalists should not condone.

Smears and Lies

I have received emails and texts forwarded to me by supporters that Nick Griffin has been sending out to people. The lies are blatant and do not corroborate each other. To some people he is saying that I am a neo-nazi crank and to others I work for Labour and am a UAF infiltrator. He is telling people that I was wrongly amending bank statements that I distribute to fundholders at each regional council meeting. This is ridiculous, why on earth as an RO would I want to do this, when all I want is accurate and up to date statements for everyone. I would frequently tell Dave Hannam about problems and errors on the accounts, money not being banked or going missing, being overcharged for leaflets etc, yet the corrections were never made despite reminders. I gave up asking anymore and decided just to send out the statements that Dave had said he had amended.

Simon Darby has now stated on Newsnight that we are ‘Neo-Nazis that they have purged from the Party’. This is an outrageous slur. If I was a nazi then why has the press never reported this, why was I elected as a councillor with a huge majority, why has Nick celebrated the work that I have done within the party like organising conferences and training events, and even only at a meeting last Saturday stated that I had done great work for the party? What terrible irreparable damage does this do for a party that has been working so hard – my own efforts included - to shake off this image, when our own Press Officer says something so stupid on national television?


Another lie that is being peddled is that we were trying to set up a coup to oust people from the Advisory Council and replace them with our own, even to disband the AC altogether. This is certainly not the case at all, in fact I strongly support AC meetings and have organised at least three of them. Councillors at the Blackpool Conference voted in Cllr Chris Beverley onto the AC as the Cllr Rep. Chris Jackson was nominated to be the NW Regional Organiser by a majority decision, which has now been overruled by Nick Griffin at the recent NW meeting and instead placed himself in that role. I went on a trip to Sweden with Nick Griffin a few years ago to discuss the Voting member scheme that they have in Sweden with a view to implementing something similar within the BNP. Upon our return I had a meeting with Ian Dawson to discuss measures to implement it. Therefore if I was instrumental in helping to establish the Voting member system then why would I want to dismantle it? In fact, I have been raising concerns to Nick that it has been only part established because Treasury had done nothing with the financial contributions despite this being voted upon at Conference in 2006.

In Conclusion

This past week has literally torn me in two. I have had to deal with friends of ours stealing our property, my home being bugged, I have lost my job, there are traitors trawling through my private and personal emails, posting lies about me over the internet, and the thought of never having my computer returned which has irreplaceable holiday photos, scanned photos of our unborn baby and photos of the day we got engaged.

There is no doubt that the Party has acted illegally. They cannot justify the actions that they have taken because the party was never under threat, neither was Nick Griffins position as leader. The action that we took was simply about preventing further internal damage from the actions and behaviour of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam. Nick’s actions over the past week have amounted to paranoia of inexplicable proportions. He has now damaged his reputation as Party Leader beyond repair. This situation has reached the wider public, Parliament and the National Press. I really cannot understand why he is resorting to these lengths to keep just two members of staff. He has already lost some of his hardest working members of staff and very senior and important regional and local officers. He is claiming that this will all be over within a couple of days but that is simply not happening. The party is now in a crisis that Nick has created. I honestly and sincerely believe that Nick is no longer fit to lead this party. He has shown the desperate lengths that he will go to stifle criticism of his leadership, these are not the actions of a democratic leader with the interests of the party membership as his number one priority.

In the past 24 hours there have been serious and very sinister developments that any party member would find shocking. Unfortunately we are unable to release this information at this time. However, as soon as we are able to it will be reported on this blog.


Sadie Graham