Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Judgement Day Is Coming!

In April 2008, Nick Griffin and Simon Darby lost the first two parts of the case against Kenny Smith, Nicholla Smith, Steve Blake, Ian Dawson etc.

The third and final part was continued. However since then Griffin and Darby have tried every trick in the book, and indeed continue to invent new ways of delaying proceedings, to prevent the case they instigated at the Party's expense coming to trial.

Sadly for them, but happily for those who want to see justice done and the truth finally revealed in full, the trial has been fixed to start on Monday the 29th November 2010 at Newcastle High Court.

Kenny, Nicholla, Steve and Ian are all looking forward to their days in court and finally being able to expose Griffin and his cabal for what they are!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Membership List Leak – A Response

It is unfortunate that a response has to be made regarding the disgusting accusations emanating from the lie filled mouth of Nick Griffin, yet in order to set the record straight we feel that a response is indeed necessary.

Firstly we would like to point out that the publication of the BNP membership list is a treacherous act which will have repercussions for the entire Party and nationalism in general. Whoever has done this should be utterly ashamed of their spiteful actions. Whatever the reasons for the publication of the list, ordinary BNP members should not have to suffer because of the crass incompetence, flawed personality and arrogance of the Party Leader.

The BNP website carries an “urgent update” from the BNP leader, Nick Griffin. This update blatantly accuses those involved in the December 2007 dispute, which had its source concern expressed by several leading Party members and senior officials over the disgraceful protection by the Chairman of two individuals who had brought and continue to bring the Party into disrepute and heap embarrassment through their incompetence, immaturity and selfish behaviour. Griffin, a man who like so many contemptible politicians can be detected lying when his mouth open’s hardly conceals his ill-founded and thoroughly false suspicions that Kenny Smith, the previous Head of Administration, of being responsible for the publication. This is a disgrace and a downright lie. None of the six people involved in the April 2007 court case want to see the BNP suffer at all. Moreover, they certainly do not want to see the thoroughly decent members and activists suffer at the hands of filthy communist scum. Seeing Nick Griffin get his deserved comeuppance is one thing, harming the Party is completely different. Neither Kenny Smith, nor any of the other co-defendants who Griffin and Darby took to court leaked/published the database.

Nick Griffin has clearly landed himself in very hot water by alleging that the publication of the list proves ‘Contempt of Court’. He says that the web host’s legal department has been contacted by the BNP and that the BNP are liaising with their solicitors about how to use this against the six defendants in the ongoing court action.
We would dearly like to see the BNP find out who did this and we would like to see them brought to book. When the real culprit is found we will be expecting a full public apology from Griffin, with damages for the smearing of our names.

In reality, the publication of the membership lists simply shows the contempt in which Griffin holds the BNP membership. By allowing gross inefficiencies in BNP departments (which was the main reason behind the December crisis whereby sickened national officials could not take any more incompetence from two departments and were sacked for speaking out) Griffin is to blame. The fact that up to a dozen (possibly more?) people may have, or have had a full database is bad enough when the database is the BNP’s prize asset. However, the real problem is that Nick Griffin has such a terrible record for falling out with senior BNP officials who criticise him in any way that the list of his enemies is seemingly endless. Because of the way in which Griffin treats those who have given their all for the BNP, he creates a rod for his own back in that some people (in this case misguidedly) may do things which damage the BNP in an attempt to attack Griffin himself.

Further, the rather arrogant way in which the BNP web team and Griffin himself dismiss the membership leak as ‘a publicity bonus’ is truly shocking when you consider that many members and activists with a sensitive job have now been exposed to violent communist bully boys and their backers at Searchlight and UAF. We have already had calls from people who have had such threatening calls and our sympathies go out to them. For Griffin to brush this off, and to wrongly claim that ‘former employees’ were to blame is beneath contempt. Griffin has once again shown just how little he really thinks of the everyday BNP member.

We suggest that the Party Chairman:

1.) Immediately apologises to the six court defendants (who have never been found guilty of anything despite the malicious Griffin/Darby prosecution) and to Kenny Smith in particular.

2.) Actually contacts Dyfed-Powys Police rather than just pretending so, in order to start the ball rolling as to who did actually leak the list.

3.) Actually contacts the web host’s legal department and gets them to shut down the offending websites.

4.) Starts to act in the interests of the members and not operate once more in a zone of self-survival which leads to utter contempt for the feelings of the average BNP member.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Darby says "F*$K Off" to constitution request!

The following quote comes from a man who recently resigned as new BNP Scotland webmaster. For those who doubt the bankrupt morals of the current BNP leadership this snippet should be rather illuminating.

"Friday, 20 June 2008

The British National Party
What have I learned about the BNP in almost a year of being a paid member and as a BNP Scotland official, that a lot of the rumours are true and the party is corrupt, and is not democratic in any shape or form. Infact one might go as far to say that its not necessarily British but more of lets follow Griffin and blow smoke up his arse!

The party is full of a lot of lemmings that think Nick Griffin/ Mark Collett are some sort of 'Gods' in the making. I suppose when you surround yourself with lemmings it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are the greatest person who walked the earth.

I had a person that wanted some answers with regard to the parties constitution. I didn't have a copy so I thought I would contact other officials for advice or to obtain a copy. The first person I contacted was Mark Collett who said he has never seen a copy and wouldn't know where to get one from. In the end he suggested that I contacted Nick Griffin as at the end of the day he was the one who wrote it.

Before I went that far up the official line I thought I would contact the deputy party leader, Simon Darby. His words on the subject were why do you want it? Just tell him to "F*$k Off!" He is only a 'red' trying to wind you up!"

I could add more to this but I will only be called a 'Red' or a 'Traitor'. Would I recommend joining the BNP? As it stands with the current lineup it would be a resounding NO! If the party changes its current team leadership and how its run then Yes! Only time will tell if the party changes for the better as currently it is stuck in the dark ages."

The quote can be found on Paul Johnson's blog here.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Lee Barnes is sent packing

There is some welcome news to report in that the main BNP website no longer carries a link to the deranged ramblings of the blog run by Lee John Barnes, the self titled BNP Legal Eagle.

The link was removed in the past few days, yet the main question is whether it was Griffin himself who ordered it to be removed, or as is far more likely, was it Simon Bennett the current web-editor who chose to do so? As Mr. Bennett appears to be a lot more rational and certainly more decent than Griffin, it would appear that Simon had simply had enough of the embarrassment caused by the joke 'legal adviser'.

Not only does the blog contain vile language and personal insults that can't be backed up in fact, Lee has also come up with these precious beauties:

  • There will be a second coming of Christ in 2012 - it is all in the stars!
  • Islam is not a threat to the West and any nationalist who suggests otherwise is speaking non-sense and in the eyes of Lee Barnes, may not even be a nationalist
  • Those people that support internal democracy in the BNP are all traitors (though he does not mention traitors to Great Britain so we can assume he means to Gri££in himself)
  • And let us not forget this piece of exceptional musical critique regarding Lee's top gigs ever!: Blind Melon Reading Festival 1995 - a week later the lead singer Shannon Hoon died of a heroin overdose. You could tell he was high on stage as he kept throwing the microphones into the ceiling rigging then snapping them, but what a show. A real classic performance.

We have been saying for a long time that Griffin surrounds himself with idiots and that this will be his downfall. It seems that Griffin has come to realise that Lee Barnes is nothing more than a complete and utter embarrassment for British Nationalism - yet this may be too late.

It also seems strange than when something big develops, Barnes is all over it like a rash spewing forth bile against good nationalists, like a kid who has just spat out his dummy and yet still no-one wants to listen to him or take him seriously. However, a few days later, after about 3 or 4 hate filled articles, he seems to shut up shop completely and go back to writing that anyone who may think that Islam or Zionism are a threat to the West is not a nationalist, and that the best gigs are those where the lead singer is junkie scum. What a strange world Lee Barnes lives in!

Monday, 26 May 2008

The treehouse rules - with apologies to the estate of the late Enid Blyton

The atmosphere in the secret den in the treehouse was electric. Peter was in a foul mood.
"Oh whatever is the matter?" asked Janet

"It's that beastly oik from up north. He wants to become leader of the gang" replied Peter, sporting a brand new pair of elegant shiny black brogues which gave a slight squeak as he was pacing up and down with a frown.

"Oh no, not Cedric AGAIN, he is SO rude and SO poor" quipped Jack

"Yes, he doesn't go to a proper school like we do, he wears his father's hand-me-downs instead of flannels, brogues and a smart cap like we have do" added Colin

"Oh crikeys hand-me-downs, what a tramp" chipped in George, his queer accent suggesting he had come over from the colonies. "I'll wager he isn't even a boarder and has to go home each night to his hovel."

"A hovel without a bath" said Pam, holding her nose pretending to be offended by a nasty smell.
"And eat nothing but potatoes and cabbage" suggested Barbara

"Potatoes and cabbage" echoed the others as they roared with laughter,

"Woof woof" added Scamper.

The only person who wasn't laughing was Peter the leader of the Seven.

"No, shut up" Peter shouted, stamping his foot robustly. "No, no, no, Cedric is so very last year. Someone else wants to run the treehouse. Just when things were going so jolly well for us all. I mean we've got a jolly nice new treehouse now with a lovely larder. We have solved the mystery of the London Mayor and got lots of money from that case. We have added to our stash of equipment for all our secret missions and we have many new pairs of eyes to help us fight the forces of wickedness. Things have never been so good. Some peasant called Stan wants to take over and ruin all the good work we have done. He says he wants to change the rules of the treehouse to make it more open, wants to encourage new talent and wants to bring in those rotten rascals we kicked out of the club last year."

"Oh yuk" exclaimed Colin, "that sounds rather beastly. We don't want those rotters back in the club, they did say some ghastly things about me, they didn't like me being in charge of the store of invisible ink and postcards and the stamps we put on the postcards when we have to send secret messages to our spies in the field."

Peter looked on approvingly as Colin gave his comments. Was it his confident manner, the way he can always find the right word at just the right time, the way he gesticulated to reinforce his point, thought Peter, that boosted his spirits every time they met? Was it the way he groomed himself immaculately, the fresh smell he always exuded, the amusing choice of undergarments that was against school rules he saw Colin wearing when they were changing for rugger practice, or was there something else which both gave instant pleasure yet deeply disturbed Peter?

Peter was snapped out of his musings by Janet. They were supposed to be an item Janet and Peter but Peter would rather just get on solving mysteries and battling the forces of wickedness instead of being with a soppy girl all the time.

"Oh yuk," agreed Janet, "they were just beastly scroundels, very rude about my lovely Peter as well weren't they Peter dear. They said my lovely Peter was a bully and helped himself to money in the cashbox."

"Oh no, Stan, that's a really common name. Daddy has got a gardener called Stan, he has dirty fingers and wear overalls all the time and he smokes" pipped up Pam.

"I don't want a boy called Stan taking over the treehouse especially one who wants to open up the treehouse" said Barbara throwing Scamper a biscuit. "I want you to stay as leader Peter, forever and ever, you are the best ever Peter".

"So we need to come up with a plan" said Peter. "We must stop Stan from taking over the treehouse and throwing us out of the club".

"Yes" added Janet, "Let's open the ginger beer and the sandwiches and think hard to come up with a plan"

"Capital idea" said Jack diving for the ginger beer bottles, "I need a drink."

"Jack, you look after the money, so come on pray tell us, how much do we have" instructed Peter.

"Well chaps,.err.. bit sorry to say I don't really know. I've bally well gone and lost the key to the cashbox and well I think..oh dear, uhmm..oh dear I'm sorry you lot, I think I've lost the cashbox as well". He hung his head avoiding the expected onslaught of outrage.

"Oh no, you stupid idiot" chorused the other six together.

"Sorry" squirmed Jack and buried his face in his hands.

Silence reigned in the treehouse for several minutes as the Seven thought hard what they should do now. First the terrible news that Stan wanted to take over the treehouse and then Jack's admission he had lost the entire savings of the club.

"Jack. Don't be so upset old friend" said Colin, "I've remembered. A few days ago we had that jolly lemonade party and you brought that gorgeous girl Natasha, the one you met at the Pony Club Ball, you brought her back to our other den in your pater's garden shed. Well you definitely had the cashbox with you in your saddle bag on your bicycle. I remember you showing it to me. You said it was very safe in there and no one would find it".

"Oh how jolly stupid of me to forget" beamed Jack. "Oh course Natasha, she was helping me with my maths revision. I'll head over to the shed and find that dashed cashbox in the saddle bag. You chaps keep thinking about how we deal with Stan and I'll be back quick as a flash." Jack opened the trapdoor in the base of the treehouse and climbed down to begin his hunt for the cashbox. He thought how jolly capital it was having a chum like Colin who could always remember the very things Jack could so easily forget. He really liked having Colin as his friend.

"Could we just tell Stan we don't want him because he smells and we can't understand what he says half the time because he doesn't speak properly" suggested an earnest Barbara.

"Just not poss old girl" said Peter, himself thinking hard. "There are so many people like Stan who cannot speak the Queen's English properly. You see not everyone has parents who can afford to send their children to the kind of school we go to. We might not like the way these people talk and have to hold our noses because of their awful stink of boiled cabbages and beans. We have recruited lots of new spies to help us in our quest to defeat wickedness so I must be seen to be fair and not upset these jolly useful new spies even if they do smell a bit off and speak very queer."

It was George who came up with an answer. George was the newest member of the gang of seven and he had arrived at their school from another school a long way away. He spoke with an accent some of his chums thought jolly funny but was really very jolly clever and always came top of the class. The other boys would always go to George if they needed help with their prep. When the other boys were larking about in the cricket nets and jumping and throwing things on the sports field, George was pouring over books in the school library. George greatly impressed the other boys with his tales of big game, shooting rhinos and elephants and how he had seen men and women who he said were real live Hottentots. The other boys could only dream of such adventures, Hottentots and big game were the stuff of Saturday morning films at the town playhouse.

Peter could rely on George to have an answer for any problem and was really a jolly useful chum to have in the Club. George said he was jolly good chums with a lot of detectives and that helped the Secret Seven solve all sorts of mysteries and have spiffing adventures in the hols.

"Peter, I can't remember seeing the rules of the club. We must have some rules. If we don't have rules it all falls apart. If we don't have rules - why the poor children down in the village, those poor people in their hovels would take over the treehouse and steal our lemonade and kidnap Scamper here".

"Oh no.."shrieked a horrified Barbara tossing another biscuit to her faithful golden spaniel "not Scamper, please no..."

"Oh stop grizzling you silly girl" shouted Peter, his temper still not completely reformed.

"Yes George of course we have rules. We wrote them down years ago. Any of our new team of helpers can just ask to see the rules to make sure they don't come in and steal our spying equipment, drink our stash of pop and eat all our chocolate bars, squat in our treehouse and ruin everything."

"Good can I see them please" asked George. "I can't come up with a brilliant wheeze unless I see the rules can I?"

"Barbara, you are the secretary of the Club, where do you keep the rules"? enquired Peter.

"Uhm..err..well. I thought you had them Peter" Barbara sheepishly replied.

"NO I don't" shouted Peter with rage. "I wonder how we ever manage to get anything done. Jack loses our cashbox, you lose the rules, I despair I really do, you are all so useless. Except you George oh and you Colin, I didn't mean you are ever useless."

George smiled in his usual way and silently licked his lips.

"Sorry" the others shouted in chorus. "woof woof" barked Scamper.

"Here you are chaps" shouted a delighted Jack as he popped his head in through the trap door. He hauled himself in and sat down. I've got the cashbox here. I think I deserve a drink for that, pass me the ginger beer Janet there's a good girl."

She handed him a bottle of pop from which he took a great whoosh of the cold fizzy liquid.

"Jolly good Jack, so how much is there in our funds? We can't go on fighting wickedness without being able to hop on the omnibuses and trains and buying invisible ink and postcards and stamps to put on the postcards without a fighting fund" said Peter.

Jack tried pulling open the cashbox from the lid. He felt in all his pockets. His face was growing redder and redder. "Oh dear sorry chaps. I've only just gone and lost the key."

"Don't worry old fellow" chimed in a helpful Colin, "my guess is that it must have fallen out of your pockets when you climbed the tree to get back in."

"Oh no, you stupid idiot" chorused the other five.

"Well you had better go and look for it" fumed Peter

"Oh don't be cross with me everyone" Jack shouted back as he descended through the trapdoor to begin his hunt for the lost key.

"So we don't know where the rules are" said George. The others nodded in agreement.

"Well, gives me an idea."

"Oh please George let's hear it, you are the clever one" said Janet

"Well if we don't have a copy of the rules, then the answer is very simple, we make up the rules".

The others gasped at the capital simplicity of the idea.

"You see" George went on, "We just write down the new rules so that Stan the oik cannot stand as a candidate against Peter. We write the rules to say whatever we want. We write the rules so that Peter can stay leader of the club forever and ever. We write the rules so that no one else can come into the treehouse unless we invite them in and then they must not drink our stash of pop, help themselves to our larder of biscuits and chocolate bars."

The others gasped once again as they took in the stunning simplicity of it all.

"Can we have a rule that no one can feed Scamper except me and Pam" said Barbara as she nuzzled her rosy cheeked face into Scamper's fur.

"Woof woof" barked Scamper approvingly.

"Barbara dear girl, the beauty of my plan is that we can write anything we want."

"Actually, George" quipped a very happy Peter, "you mean anything I want", adding heavy emphasis on the word "I".

"Yes yes of course" chorused the other five, "anything YOU want".

"Here you go, I've found it" shouted Jack scampering back into the treehouse.
"Right now, once and for all how much do we have to buy our invisible ink and our postcards and stamps to put on the postcards?" asked Peter

Jack fumbled with the key, turned it in the lock of the cashbox and pulled the lid. It opened.

"Gosh it looks rather full" said Pam sitting next to Jack.

"Splendid news" said Peter already thinking of their next mission, the masterly plan to defeat the boss of a criminal gang based in Brussels. That would take a lot of money.

"Ah, well, look chaps don't get angry with me. Err.you see the cashbox is full. Take a look for yourselves" ..as he turned the box around so the others could see inside and see the bundles of paper in the cashbox."but I'm sorry to say ...err..they are all IOUs, look there's one here from Barbara - IOU 5 shillings for Scamper's biscuits.

"Scamper looked in a very sad state last week" replied Barbara, her voice showing she was close to tears. "I bought him some extra biscuits to cheer him up."

"You stupid girl" roared Peter pushing Barbara over the edge into a flood of tears. "You jolly well know you can't just help yourself to the money in the cashbox. Jack has to give you permission for that."

"There is one here from Janet, an IOU 4 shillings and threpence for Boots the Chemist, it doesn't say what it is for".

"Janet, you jolly well know you can't just help yourself to the money in the cashbox. Jack has to give you permission for that. What was it for?"

"Uhmm, err, I'd rather not say, It's private, a girl's thing, you wouldn't understand" replied Janet biting her lip so she wouldn't blush.

"It was dated last Tuesday, the day before the Pony Club Ball" said Jack.

"Probably some make-up" suggested Colin, "that's a girl's thing."

"Lacy knickers said Jack, a line of dribble forming down the right side of his mouth "they are very much a girl's thing".

"You're being horrid Jack" shouted Janet, "just shut up you rotten beastly boy you."

"Yes get on with the job Jack, what are all these other bits of paper" instructed Peter.

"Pam has one here, 10 shillings and sixpence from Smith's bookshop".

"Comics I bet" quipped Colin, "Pam can only read comics."

"No they were not comics, you rotten liar, they were proper books, educational books. But don't worry Daddy will pay it back with interest. My daddy can buy every book in Smiths if he wants to" Pam assured the others.

"One from Colin, 3 guineas and 17 shillings for a million postcards".

The others gasped. Scamper growled.

"Quiet" roared Peter, "it is very obvious that Colin was doing something very special here. Gosh, a million postcards for just 3 guineas and 17 shillings. That sounds like a very good bargain to me. But I have to admit that 1 million is a lot of postcards. Come on Colin spill the beans old chap, it must be a roaring idea."

"Well I am not one to go around blowing my trumpet as you know but I've been very busy of late, working night and day." Colin answered breezily.

"Splendid, I thought so" approved Peter.

"You see I didn't want everyone else to know about my cunning wheeze, just in case the forces of wickedness got to hear about it. You see we need many more spies to defeat the forces of darkness so I've been up day and night writing thousands of postcards to not just our existing spies but many others. I borrowed the telephone book from pater and I have copied names and addresses of every one in the phone box. I plan to send out a million of these postcards you see to add to our growing ranks of spies who will help us defeat the forces of wickedness."

"What a brilliant idea" said Peter.

"Actually I have to tell you all that it was George's idea all along. The difference between me and George is that George has the brilliant ideas and I just do all the hard work. I don't want any thanks for it. I'm just doing what I know to be right."

"Wizard stuff" said Jack, beaming at his trusty chum.

"Gosh, that really is clever" added Pam. "How many names and addresses have you done so far?" she enquired.

"Why do you want to know that, it's none of your business how many postcards I have written" snapped Colin.

"Oh calm down old chap" said George, Pam has a right to know.

"Actually George, Pam doesn't have a right to know. Do you ask Pam about her work? Stop having a go at Colin on this matter." Peter banged his right fist down on the wooden box he was using as a table.

"No, no, it's perfectly alright, Peter, if Pam is so inquisitive about my work perhaps she would like to give me a hand this evening after supper. We need to get more telephone directories from other towns and villages of course. It's early days but I'm half way through the alphabet..

Gasps all round - "what a hard worker you are old fruit" said Peter

"err no sorry when I said alphabet I really meant to say the letter A." Colin quickly corrected himself

"Well maybe I can see what I can get from the school library. They might just jolly well have telephone directories we can borrow" added an enthusiastic Pam. She liked being asked to do useful work for the Club.

Peter however didn't hear Colin's correction, he was drifting away in thought, it was the spring hols and he was chasing Colin down the lane towards the apple orchard, Colin was just wearing his baggy undergarments printed with the faces of smiling snowmen, fragrant white apple blossom was floating through the air....

"Peter, Peter, hello Peter" it was Jack bringing him back into reality.

"There are.ahem a few here from.. err..you Peter" stammered Jack handing over a bundle of paper.

Peter slipped off the rubber band and looked at each one. "Yes" he answered, "all above board old chap, travel on the omnibus to town, travel to London on the trail of the case of the London Mayor, travel by steamer to see Monsieur Brocard, the Chief Inspector in Calais on various matters. Then I had to pay some of the bigger boys in the sixth form to accompany me down to that place only last month on the case of the kidnapped schoolgirl you know to make sure I wasn't popped off by one of those Johnnies over from Arabia."

"So brave of you dear" chimed in Janet lustfully.

"You...err....didn't......err tell me you were going to be taking money......err....out of the cashbox" trembled Jack, he suddenly felt very queer, his stomach had butterflies.

Peter didn't say anthing but threw Jack a very dark stare which said all that he needed to say.

"So ..err..when can we.err.. get the IOUs repaid Peter" ventured Jack, keeping his fingers crossed underneath the cashbox that Peter wouldn't roar with anger.

Peter was now smiling.

"Well, I've a wheeze of an idea, Colin I know you have done a jolly decent number of your invisible ink postcards but here is a marvellous addition to your idea, can you ask the person to send in some money so we can continue to fight the forces of wickedness. The Secret Seven needs your help, you can make a difference, don't leave it to someone else. That kind of thing".

"Gosh it's simply splendid to have such a clever leader" murmured Barbara.

"I'm jolly well on the case already" replied Colin in his confident manner.

"Well what's left" enquired Peter.

"Just a couple more"

"What's this" asked Peter picking out a half dozen remaining bits of paper.

"Cherryade, lemonade, ginger beer, dandelion and burdock, cream soda. This looks like a drinks bill from the man from Corona" said Peter. "Jack, what have you gone and done, you know we already have our own suppliers, Mummy and Daddy get the housekeeper to order our supplies. Where did all this go? It looks enough to refresh a small army of our spies."

"Err, yes, that's it, treating our spies.. yes, well..err., no actually, I'll be honest, Sorry, just that I felt like a drink and so stopped the man in the Corona lorry when he came through the village last weekend. It was jolly hot..err a very hot day, just needed a drink that's all. I'll pay it all back soonest..I err..promise."

"Don't worry old bean" Colin leaned over and patted his good friend Jack on the shoulder "I'll help you pay the bill. You know I've got some of my trust fund coming through jolly soon. You have nothing to worry about."

"Oh cor thanks, what a terrific chum you are" said Jack.
"A splendid cove indeed" enthused Peter who thought he could just catch a sniff of apple blossom on the air, he imagined smiling snowmen dancing in front of his very eyes.....he gathered his thoughts in a commanding style.

"Right then, here is what we do. George, you and I will work on the new rules. Barbara you will take the notes and make sure the oiks get to learn of them so that jolly well scuppers that commoner Stan from barging in here changing the furniture and getting his hands on the cashbox.

"Pam, you can help our hard working chum Colin here after supper. Jack you see if you can come up with the correct wording of an appeal to our spies for money and Janet, you be a jolly girl and fetch us up some more cake and sandwiches. It's going to be a long afternoon in our fight to defeat wickedness. Are you with me old chums?"

"Hurrah for Peter" shouted the six in unison.

"Woof woof" barked Scamper.

THE END....................

Friday, 23 May 2008

BNP Constitution on sale again… at long last!

The ‘Constitution of the British National Party’ has long since been removed from the Party website in typical dictatorial fashion. It has not been reprinted or been made available to the membership for at least two years now either.

However, thanks to the generous donation of a longstanding member - who has sadly become so disillusioned by the current leadership that they have not renewed for 2008 – we now have many original copies we can offer up for sale.

These sixteen page booklets are the current Ninth Edition, published in September 2005 and are available nowhere else that we know of, and it is unlikely that the current BNP leadership regime will start selling them through Excalibur as was the norm in previous times.

This is your chance to find out why so many current and lapsed members and officials spoke up for democratic change and how the current leader was able to purge so many of them from the Party they loved.

Order your copy today
1 copy = £3.00
4 copies = £10.00

Make cheques and postal orders payable to ‘Family Defence Appeal’ and send to FDA, P.O. Box 21684, Falkirk, FK1 9BB.

Alternatively, you can buy your copy online using the payment button below:

N.B. All monies raised will be allocated toward the legal defence of those fighting the vexatious court case brought about by Griffin and Darby using BNP members money.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Leadership Challenge 2008

This article has recently appeared on the Leadership 2008 blog - challengeforleadership.blogspot.com

We applaud the fact that a well known and well respected Nationalist is going to oppose the tyranny of Nick Griffin. Best of luck Cllr Colin Auty.


We are all aware that under Nick Griffin the British National Party has made some positive inroads into local politics. However, many Party officials and members have realised that the time has come for a fresh and democratic structure.

Change is needed to take the British National Party forward onto serious electoral success. A structure that will give priority to making sure that the BNP is financially solvent, politically astute, credible and electable, truly represents family values in everything that it does and maintains democratic management of the Party in a fair and transparent manner.

Councillor Colin Auty will be standing this coming summer as the leadership contender representing reform and change of the BNP. Colin was elected as a District Councillor onto Kirklees Council back in May 2006 and has proved to be an extremely hard working BNP Councillor.

Colin is married with two daughters and believes that the time is right for important changes to be made within the British National Party for it to become a serious challenger in elections and for the future of this country.

Colin has gained a great deal of experience into the inner workings of a local council, especially as he currently sits on various committees including Planning and Health.

Many of you will know Colin through his involvement in Great White Records and his latest album ‘Truth Hurts’ has sold more copies than any other artist from GWR. Colin is a very well respected and popular councillor, activist and artist within the BNP. He regularly tours the country speaking at meetings and singing to help groups raise vital funds.

Constitutional Change & Internal Reforms

The BNP at present has a great deal of potential which is simply not utilised to its full extent and this is largely because the current leadership runs the party in a very dictatorial manner. These are just some of the reforms that should be implemented:

* The Party Chairman should deal with the political affairs of the Party, but a separately appointed Party Manager should manage the internal affairs.

* Scrutiny Panel of regionally elected officials to scrutinise the inner workings of the Party, who everyone is accountable to.

* The establishment of an Executive, Judiciary and Political Wing of the Party.

* A Shadow Cabinet to set up specialist policy departments.

* A Working Party to be set up to scrutinise and re-draft the BNP Constitution which at present gives sole power and control to the Party Chairman.

* Total financial overhaul of the Party, reallocating the power of the National Treasurer to a professional chartered accountant.

* All office holders should be made fully accountable.

* Far more support for all of our Councillors.

* A review of all those expelled due to lack of a fair and proper disciplinary procedure being in place.

* A concerted effort to target the seriously damaging negative image that surrounds the BNP.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Help the Family Defence Appeal

On the 14th of March at Manchester High Court the current BNP Chairman Nick Griffin launched proceedings against six expelled BNP officials. Mr. Griffin is taking civil legal action against Steve Blake, former web editor; Ian Dawson, former Group Support Officer; Sadie Graham, former Head of Group Development; Matt Single, former Security Training Officer; Kenny Smith, former Head of Administration and Nicholla Smith, former Head of Excalibur operations. Mr. Griffin is claiming that items held by the defendants have not been returned to the Party. He is also claiming misuse of BNP membership lists. He is also seeking damages to a maximum of �50,000.

Because the proceedings are now sub judice we are not at liberty to publish any further details of the proceedings.


The defendants are all challenging this vexatious action and invite BNP members to question whether this is good use of the hard won funds of the Party. Mr. Griffin seems prepared to gamble thousands of pounds of donors' money in an act of spite and revenge.

The most obvious comment is that the Party leadership has managed to bring loyal party activists to court for alleged misuse of Party data while refusing to do so when such proven misuse was carried out by the real enemies of the Party.

Guardian journalist Ian Cobain got away with exposing Simone Clarke as a BNP member in 2007. Andy Sykes passed dozens perhaps even hundred of names and addresses on to left-wing organisations, some of whom wrote to the BNP members. No action was taken against Sykes or his BBC accomplice, Jason Gwynne.

Members could well ask why this is the case? Could it be that the VoC people are seen as a soft touch, lacking the financial "clout" of The Guardian, the BBC or the Trade Unions?

Or is Mr. Griffin under instruction to do this?

Whatever the reasoning behind this decision the contrast between his lack of action against the establishment media and the VoC members has been noted.

The Family Defence Appeal needs your help to support the huge cost of defending the six BNP loyalists in this case.

Please use the button below to make a donation by Pay Pal or credit/debt card.

You can also send postal donations to FDA, P.O.Box 21684, Falkirk, FK1 9BB.

FDA standing order forms can be requested from fda@voiceofchange.org.uk.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Voice of Change forum now open

The Voice of Change website has now launched a forum and is open for business.

It is a Nationalist - specifically - Pro-British Nationalism community. If you object or are offended by the concept of a European having a Nationalist domestic or world view; you are dutifully advised to avoid this site.

Lurkers will not tolerated. e.g. Individuals who register and then repeatedly log into the forum but never participate.

Such users' accounts will be summarily deleted without prior notification. New registrations are expected to make at least an introduction post within 2 weeks of registration.

This is intended to be a Nationalism oriented online community of quality and merit dedicated to the principles and committed to the aspirations of Britons who love and wish to preserve the integrity and viability of the respective English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish National and ethnic identities that are collectively 'the British'.

Those of you who arrive in the spirit of this mandate will be made most welcome.